“One time my family was moving, so we had a whole bunch of extra “For Sale” signs in my garage.  My friends and I went around at night and stuck “For Sale” signs in our friends’ lawns, so when they woke up in the morning their house was up for sale!”

“We had a lot of extra spaghetti at our house, and it was starting to get old and hard.  My friends and I took the huge bowl and went driving down the street, screaming and throwing spaghetti at people!  We hit some people right in the face!  It was hilarious!”

“My friends and I were watching Billy Madison and thought that the scene with the flaming bags of poop was hilarious!  We wanted to do something like it, so we filled up some paper sacks with chili!  We drove over to my crush’s house, and left a flaming bag of chili on his porch.  We hid in the bushes and watched him try to stamp out the fire.  It was so funny!”

“This girl in my class didn’t like me very much, because I was dating this guy that she liked.  My friends and I took some ketchup and placed it on her chair at school.  She didn’t notice, and the rest of the day people were asking her if it was “that time of the month” for her.  She never found out that it was us that put the ketchup there!”

“I was running for student government, and there was a lot of construction going on at my school at the time.  They were putting in a new soccer field and building a new lunchroom.  When I stood up to give my campaign speech, I said, ‘If I get elected, I promise that I will put in a new soccer field and a new lunchroom in this school!’  I listed off all of the projects that were already being put into place!  It was so hilarious – and I got elected!”

“My boyfriend asked me to prom by putting a wading pool full of water on my front porch.  He then got a frozen fish from the deli and put it outside the wading pool, with a sign that said, ‘I’d be a fish out of water if you didn’t go to prom with me!’  It wasn’t the most romantic way to get asked to prom, but it was so funny!”

“My dad was running for office in our town, so my friends and I wanted to make sure that he won.  We drove around the town and grabbed all of the signs of his opponents off of people’s yards.  We put all of the signs in our garage. My dad found them later and made us give them all back.  But I think that our prank worked – my dad got elected!”

“We grabbed all of my friend’s clothes out of her gym locker and turned them all of them inside-out.  When we got of out of P.E., my friend was in such a hurry that she didn’t even notice that her clothes were inside out!  We let her walk around with inside-out clothes for about an hour before we finally told her!”

“My friends and I went to the mall to check out the guys that were there.  We brought with us my older brother’s belt.  When we saw a cute guy, we would go up to him from behind and say, ‘Did you drop this?’  A lot of guys would actually check to make sure they were still wearing their belt!  They would start talking to us after that, and my friend even met her boyfriend that way!”

“Before we went swimming one day, my friends and I decided to cut a little hole in our friend’s old swimming suit.  She had wanted to buy a new one for a long time, but she hadn’t gotten around to it.  So, we thought that cutting a little hole would help her to finally buy a new suit.  She didn’t notice the hole, and while we were swimming she went down a waterslide.  The hole ripped really wide open on the slide, and we had to grab towels before she could even get out of the water!”

When are you ready to have sex?

guy kissing girl with roseHow do you know when you are ready to have sex? Well, there are two parts to being ready for sex:

Part one- Your body:
If you have not gone through puberty, you aren’t ready for sex. This is obvious but important. Even if your friends are having sex, if you have not started your period yet, your body is not ready for sex, and you could hurt yourself by having sex.

Part two- Your emotions:
The emotional part of being ready for sex is much more important to consider than the body part. Sex is a big emotional commitment, and you need to have an understanding of what engaging in this level of intimacy means.

Ask yourself:

  • How long have you been together? If you have only been together a few months, you are definitely not ready for sex. Sex is a big commitment, and there is no way to know someone well enough to trust them enough, and give them the emotional tie that sex creates. There is no such thing as meaningless sex. So, don’t lie to yourself and think that there is.
  • Are you married? In most religions it is believed and professed that sex is an act that should be reserved for marriage. Why? Because it is an extremely intimate and sacred act that leads to the creation of life, and can create unbreakable bonds. If you are not married, there is a good chance you are not in the kind of relationship that has the level of trust and commitment as well as that deep intimacy you should have with someone before you have sex.
  • Would you be comfortable using the bathroom in front of this person? If not, then you aren’t ready to be having sex with them.
  • How do you feel your relationship is balanced? Physical versus other aspects? If when you do an honest review of your relationship you find that more than 25% of it is based on being physical, you are not ready for sex. Too many girls fool themselves into thinking that the physiological response…in other words, the way their hormones make them feel, when they are physically engaged with their boyfriend, is love. But it isn’t. It is a chemical reaction that leads to an attraction. So, you need to have emotional, spiritual, intellectual, as well as physical parts of your relationship. You need to have a trust established. Without that, you are not ready for sex.
  • What would you do if you broke up after having sex? One of the best ways to determine if you and your boyfriend are ready for sex is to ask yourself how you would feel if he broke up with you shortly after. Would you feel used? Or would you feel like you had a real relationship? This is very telling. If you had sex with him, and he broke up with you a few days later, you need to be able to say that there are other reasons you were together besides sex.
  • When are you ready to have sex? When you have matured physically, and you have the maturity necessary in your relationship to handle the emotional ties, and deeply intimate experience sex should be. This is not something you should share with anyone, and definitely not everyone. You should be married, or have an extremely serious, lasting relationship. Most girls are not emotionally ready for sex until after high school, and having sex before you are ready can be very hard on you psychologically, and often results in low self esteem.

Say no to drugs! And boys? How to tell your boyfriend no when he goes too far

boy and girl separatedIt is hard to tell a boy no. Especially one you like. You do not want to risk hurting their feelings, offending them, or annoying them. You may have some insecurities and wonder what they will think about you if you say no. Every one else does it, if not you, it will be some other girl. But, that is the point, it won’t be you! So, how do you tell your boyfriend no when he goes too far? Try this.

First determine what too far is for you. If you do not know what too far is, then how is your boyfriend supposed to know? Exactly. So, decide before it happens what level of physical intimacy is too far for you.

Once you have determined how far is too far, tell your boyfriend that you are not comfortable with anything past that certain level of intimacy. Explain why, is it a religious reason? Is it your family? Is it that you do not want that level of commitment? You decide why and let them know.

Ask for their respect in that. You are going to want to tell your boyfriend what is too far before you are on the brink of it. So, sometime when you are not physically engaged, let him know that you have thought about it, and that you are uncomfortable after kissing, etc. Then, after explaining it in a mature manner, ask if they can respect that? By asking it in a question form you are making them accountable for their actions. This is very important. They need to agree to not go too far.

Then if it happens anyway, do the following.

Pull away. As soon as the line is crossed stop, and pull away. Touch creates a physiological response. So, to best tell your boyfriend no, you need to not be touching him, or it may be too hard. So, pull away.

Say that it makes you uncomfortable. You have to vocalize that he went too far. If you just pull away and sit silently, leaving it up to him to figure out, chances are he won’t. So, say, “I am uncomfortable with going that far.”

Let them know your standards, or at least your feelings about it. You have already let him know where you stand on the issue, now it is time to reaffirm that. Say that you are sorry you let the moment get so heated, and that you would like to remind him where you stand on physical intimacy.

Ask them not to do it again. This is the hardest part, especially if you liked it. However, you need to tell your boyfriend that he went too far, and ask him not to do it again.

He may respond in a manner that means he was just trying to please you, or show you how he feels. You need to let them know what you enjoy, and that he can do that in other ways.

What if he goes too far again?

Pull away, again.

Then ask him why he would disrespect you? He may ask what you mean, and simply state that you have told him before that that level of intimacy makes you uncomfortable.

Then remove yourself from situation. Leave the car, the room, go home, end the date, whatever.

Decide what to do, break up, or give one more chance. This is up to you, but remember, if you let him get away with it, he will likely try it again.