How to tell him he has bad breath

How can you tell your boyfriend that he has bad breath? This is a common problem, and something that many girls struggle with. Do relationships really end over something like breath? Yes, sometimes. Teen boys are often ego driven. They are constantly flaunting themselves, their skills, their manliness in front of other men and in front of girls too. It is similar to the caveman beating his chest. The problem with this is that while it can be cute and endearing, it can also make it very difficult to talk to them about a flaw. On occasion these teen boys have something they could be working on, and their ego and pride gets in the way of letting them hear what you are trying to say. So, what can you do?

The first thing you have to do is take their pride into consideration. Teens in general have a lot of pride issues. If he told you that your hair stunk, how would you feel? Pissed probably. So, recognize that he is going to have pride in the way, so you have to be careful so he does not feel attacked.

The second thing you have to do is forget subtlety, most boys are immune to it. Giving him breath mints, gum, or mouth wash is really not going to work. Most of the time he will just be glad for the gum, and not think twice about why you offered it to him. So, the only way this works is if he says, “Why?” Then you can tell him, and hopefully he will recognize you were trying to be tactful, and he will credit you for the effort and not be upset. But, as a rule of thumb when dealing with teen boys, avoid hints and being subtle. It is not really their communication style.

The third thing you have to do is prepare yourself for backlash. If you tell a teen boy something that is wrong with them, you can almost always expect a return insult. You may not mean it as an insult, but it will usually be taken that way because their pride will bristle. So, prepare yourself for this response so that when they say something hurtful or mean in response, you can ignore it.

The fourth thing you have to do is prop them up. Tell them how wonderful they are. If you are going to tell them something that might punch a hole in their pride, you have to make sure they know you recognize all of the good things about them too. So, do not be too lavish, or ridiculous in building them up, but make sure they are feeling confident and good about themselves before informing them of their breath situation.

The fifth thing you have to do is be straightforward and tell them the problem. This is hard to do, but do not put it off. Simply say something like, “You are so awesome, and I love being with you, but I was hoping you could maybe brush your teeth because I can smell your lunch.” This eases them into it, and still gets your point across. “Your breath is rank.” Is straightforward, but unkind. So, put the blame on their lunch or dinner, not on them.