What sport team should you join to stay in shape and have fun?

track runnerPart of the fun of school is the opportunity to join different sports teams and clubs. You don’t have to be a star athlete to enjoy the benefits that sports provide. If your goal this school year is to stay in shape and have fun, sports are a great way to do it.

Maybe you’d like to join a sport, but you’re not sure which one. With tons of options available, it can be tough to narrow down. Consider asking yourself the following questions to help you decide which sport you should join:

  • Do you prefer team sports, or more individual sports like tennis or running?
  • Do you like to run?
  • Do you like choreographed moves, like those in dance teams and cheerleading?
  • Do you like water sports like diving or swimming?

Once you’ve thought about this a little, try narrowing down your options to some of the following:

Team sports
Sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer thrive on teamwork and communication with each other in order for the players to play their best. Joining a team sport will provide you with great exercise as well as a chance to bond with your teammates and forge special relationships. Volleyball and basketball are good sports for people with good hand-eye coordination, where as soccer is great for those who are quick on their feet. All are excellent ways to stay in shape.

Individual sports
While your school probably has a tennis team or a cross country team, these are sports you participate in individually. Tennis is a great full-body workout, and you can play either singles or doubles. Cross country is also an excellent workout, and those who enjoy running and working to beat their own best times as well as others’ will most likely excel in cross country. Keep in mind that while these sports are individual, you’ll still be able to socialize and practice with your teammates.

Dancing sports
Cheerleading, color guard, and dance squads are important parts of any high school – think about how boring a football game would be without its cheerleaders? If you enjoy dancing and are enthusiastic, a dancing sport might be a good option for you. They are also a great way to socialize with not only the people you’re cheering with, but the ones you’re cheering for as well.

Swimming sports
If you’d much rather be in the water than on dry ground, check out your school’s swim and dive teams. Some schools also have water polo and synchronized swimming, so there are plenty of options for you if you like to swim and want a great full body workout while having fun at the same time.

These are just a few options for sports you can join at school that will help you stay in shape and have fun. Keep in mind that you don’t always need to try out for a sport to make the team. There are JV spots, as well as club sports, that you can just walk on to and try out to see if you like it. And remember to never limit yourself to a sport just because you don’t think you’ll be good at it! Practice makes perfect, and you don’t need to be an all-star to contribute to a team.