Life should be fun, how to balance work, social, and school 

As a teen, balancing work, school and a social life can be tricky.  But if done well, it can teach you important life skills that will always be with you.  Like every other teen, you want to have an active social life and also do well in school.  You want good grades so that you can get into a good college in a year or two.  You also need to work so that you have spending money when you go out with your friends.  But how can you juggle such a busy schedule?  You should be able to enjoy your teen years, right?  Life should be fun!  So here are some ideas how to balance the three most important part of your teen life.

First of all, you need to determine your priorities.  Although work, school and social life may be equally important to you, you must be able to determine which one has a higher priority at any given time.  For example, if you’re approaching term exams, perhaps school should become the number one priority for you until you’ve finished them.  Or if you have a busy time at work, maybe your social life will have to take second to work.  Your priority can change from time to time, but you need to be able to determine what should be most important at any given point.

The easiest way to determine your priorities is to do the following each week:
1.    Write down all your important events for school, work, and social activities (write down when your schoolwork is due, when you are scheduled to work and any activities planned with friends).
2.    Next, star the events that are most pressing in your schedule.
3.    Third, write out a schedule for each day, listing your tasks that must be accomplished by a certain time and then inserting the less important tasks.
4.    Finally, arrange your schedule with the other activities or tasks that you need to do but that might not be on the list.  Make sure that you’ve allotted time to get your homework done but still have time for your friends.
5.    Remember to stick to your schedule to get everything accomplished.

Maybe you’re just thinking about getting a job but are worried that it might impose on your school and social life.  But did you realize that in getting a job you’re opening yourself up to a whole new social group?  Your coworkers at work can become good friends that you never would have had if you hadn’t decided to go get a job.  Work can also be a blessed relief from school work.  Most people aren’t able to sit for hours upon hours working on school projects- ever once in a while, people need to take a break.  Work can be a break to let your mind rest during the day.

Remember that school can also be a place where you have fun with your friends.  You may be able to hang out at lunch or during study halls.  You can form study groups with your friends where you study and learn a topic, but where you also are able to have a good time with your friends.

Finally, you need to know your own limits.  Life will never be fun if you allow yourself to be pushed around by your friends, teachers or bosses.  If you’re only scheduled for a certain shift, but your boss is always trying to make you stay late, talk to him/her about it.  If your friends are dominating your life and you never have time alone to get your homework done or go to work, you need to tell them that you need more time alone.  If you’re able to effectively balance your work, school and social activities, life as a teen will be a fun and memorable experience.