How to avoid razor burn or get rid of it

woman shaving her legsRazor burn is not attractive, whether it is on your face, your bikini line, or your legs, razor burn is not something anyone wants to suffer from. The following are some great tips for how you can avoid razor burn, or treat it if you get it:

  1. Scrub the area you are going to shave BEFORE you shave it. This is going to help rid your skin of dead cells, and bring any ingrown hairs to the surface so that they can be shaved off.
  2. Use a gel or cream to help lubricate the skin and reduce friction when shaving. If you can reduce the friction you can reduce the irritation, or in other words, the burn. So, do what you can to keep the area moist.
  3. Shave after you shower or wash with warm water. You want the skin and the hair to be soft and pliable so that you can avoid razor burn. So, do not shave in the shower, or before it, shave after it while your skin is soft.
  4. Shave after you exercise. This will keep sweat from irritating the shaved areas, and will clean out the pores to avoid infection or other problems in the skin after you shave.
  5. Shave with the grain of the hair. Shaving against the grain means a closer shave, but it also causes irritation, ingrown hairs, inflamed skin, etc. So, use short, deliberate strokes, and shave in the same direction the hair grows.
  6. Keep your blade sharp. A dull blade is going to drag at the hairs, and cause inflammation and irritation of the skin surrounding the area. This is going to lead to razor burn for sure.
  7. Rinse your blade between each stroke. If there are any hairs caught in the blade it will not cut the other hairs as easily, and will cause irritation.
  8. Wash the skin after you shave. You do not want to use a harsh cleanser, but you do want to wash off any residue left by a shaving gel or cream, and rinse of any hairs or dead skin cells so that they do not clog the pores or cause any sort of irritation.
  9. Try to only shave each area once. Each pass over the skin removes a small layer, and too many passes over the same area can cause redness and burning.
  10. If razor burn is common, apply aloe vera to the shaved area when you are done shaving.

Tips for getting rid of razor burn:
Tea tree oil, creams, or aloe vera applied to the shaved area can help reduce or rid you of razor burn.
Use a Vitamin E oil after shaving.
Use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and swelling