Becoming A Better Friend

Do you long to become a better friend? Have you seen other people in your life develop friendships that last for their entire lives? If you have the hope and desire to make friends that will be with you through your entire life, you need to learn how to become a better friend. Becoming a better friend is a self-determination that you need to follow through. You must be able to learn how to reach out to other people and to be the type of friend that you would like to have in order to get other people to respond to you. Becoming a better friend can come down to many different factors but here are some of the key elements that can help you to become a better friend.


A good friend is one that knows how to listen. You do not always want to be the friend that is talking all the time. You have to start listening and getting your friends to see that you are a great person to vent to and a person that really does care. When you learn to listen, your friends will be able to appreciate you more and they will realize that you are always kind and thoughtful in your listening abilities.


What is a great way to show a person that you care about them? Pay them a compliment! A good friend is one that can recognize things about their friends. You will notice when they get a haircut or when they look nice. It is a good idea to focus on giving a nice compliment to your friends in order to see them flourish and to love being around you. Compliments are great ways to let people know that you do notice them, and we all want to be noticed right?

Thank Them

A great way to become a good friend is by taking the time to tell your friends that you appreciate having them in your life. Teen girls need to have good friends to help them through the ups and downs of the teen years. Make sure you are thanking your friends that always stand by you and always support you no matter what. Having a good support group is one of the best things to have as a teen and you need to be there for your friends in the same way they are there for you.

Give them attention

When they are talking or when you are hanging out with your friends, do you give them attention? It is important that you give them your eye contact when they are talking and that you are present with your friends. You need to give them the attention that they need and crave. If you are always on your cell phone and playing on your iPod when they are talking, you are not offering them the type of attention they need and deserve.

Be available

It is common to have a lot of things get in the way in life and can cause you to become busy. When you are too busy for your friends, you may notice that your relationships start to fade. You need to make time for your friends and to be available for them if you hope to have strong relationships with them for the rest of your life. Try to plan nights where you can hang out with them. If you are busy, consider getting together to do your homework together. It’s the little ways that you get together and hang out that will have an impact on your friendship for many years to come.

A Step By Step Guide To Making Friends

It’s never easy to step out of your comfort box and to make friends. As a teen girl you may find that making friends can be one of the biggest challenges you will face. How can you look for ways to make friends and to be a good friend to others? You need to be able to learn how to have confidence in yourself and to start taking the first steps! Here are some easy steps to follow that will help you in being able to make lifelong friends.

Step # 1 – Know yourself

What qualities do you have that will make you into a good friend? You need to get to know yourself and to be able to trust yourself to be a good friend. It is a smart idea to take time to look in front of the mirror each day and give yourself a pep talk. Point out all of the great qualities that you have and that you really like about yourself. This is a great way to have confidence in yourself and to know that you are an amazing and talented person and you can make friends! If you have confidence, you will find that it is a lot easier as the friendships will be able to come to you naturally and you will not need to force them.

Step # 2 – Speak up!

How can you make friends if you just sit in the corner and never talk? If you want to make friends, you need to make the first move and start talking! You may be surprised to see that a lot of other people are dealing with the same hesitation about making friends and they are also scared to speak up. By taking that first step, you can easily make them feel at ease and you will both be able to find a number of different things to talk about. Finding something that you have in common with another person is one of the easiest and best ways in which you can make friends.

Step # 3 – Smile and be kind

A great way to make friends is by being a nice person. When you have a warm smile on your face and you are always polite and nice, people will gravitate towards you. Treat others the way that you want to be treated as a friend. When you have kindness and warmth, it will welcome many others and you will make a lot of great friends.

Step # 4 – Listen

If you want to be a great friend you need to learn how to listen. People want to see that you are actually interested in what they have to say. A good friend is one that knows how to listen and understands the importance of just listening. Always give your friends your complete eye contact so they can see you are invested in the conversation. You need to show your friends that you are listening to them as this will be able to really make an impression on them.

Step # 5 – Be true to yourself

A good friend will love you for who you are and they will not ask you to change for them. You need to be true to yourself and accept yourself for who you are. As you do this, you will be able to gain more confidence and self-esteem. You may also find that other people easily gravitate to you as they can see what a great person you are and that you do have confidence in yourself and you want to be a good friend to others.

Should I try to make him jealous to get his attention?

girls showing-offIf you want his attention, what do you do? Some girls think that they should try and get him jealous to get his attention? Is this a good tactic? Find out from the guys.

Question: Should I try to make him jealous to get his attention?

Answer: The answer to this question is sort of complicated. It really depends on the guy.

Guys like competition, the chase, and all those other testosterone fueled thing. But when it comes to making him jealous, it really depends on the guy, and how much confidence they have in themselves.

If the guy is not very confident, not too athletic, etc. he would probably say, “No, not at all otherwise I would think that she doesn’t like me.” For this guy, there are better ways to get someone’s attention then by trying to make them jealous.  If he sees a girl that is flirting with other guys around them, they will think that she is really not into them, and in turn they might just give up trying.  Who wants a girl that is going to be flirting with others other then you? This guy won’t. You could get his attention by giving him clues that you are interested in them that will catch their attention big time especially if they are interested in you.

If the guy is confident, popular, athletic, etc. chances are he will like the chase, and he will see you making him jealous as a challenge, or a competition. It will give him the chance to prove himself. You showing that you are a hot commodity, and that others are interested in you, and you do not have to settle for him, will make him try harder for your attention. You will be giving him something to prove.

However, with the above thought, it is important that as you make him jealous to get his attention you do it innocently. Like the guy who is not confident, what guy is going to want a girl that will flirt with any and everyone? So, to be a hot commodity innocently, you have to be social, but not give the impression you are playing it. Do not hook up with other guys, just spend time with them. You can flirt, but do not be too touchy feely. This will give the impression you are going to be too much.

So, sure, make him some what jealous. Go out with a lot of guys, have a lot of fun. But, be careful in how you act, and what impression it leaves. If you are dressed really revealing, and you are flirting with every guy around, then you are going to give him the impression that you are skanky, and easy, and not interested in him. However, if you entertain attention from a lot of guys, spend your time in several circles, and look nice, but not trashy, he is going to see you as someone who would be worth pursuing.

If you lay it on too thick, or try too hard to make him jealous, you may have the overkill effect, and instead of turn him on to you, turn him off. So, consider the guy, and play it right, with an air of innocence, and making him just a touch jealous will get his attention.

Have fun!

How to get POSITIVE attention through your fashion choices

In girl world, fashion rules supreme. We all have a fashion icon, someone we could dress like, and be like. We all wish we were better at pulling off outfits that get great positive attention. Well you can. How can you get positive attention through your fashion choices?

  1. Dress well. This means be consistent in your style and taste of clothes, and do things that make people look at you and say, “She dresses well.” These things are matching your shoes to your outfit, choosing great accessories like handbags and purses that are fun and go with your clothes. Layering your shirts is another way to make people feel you dress well, and wear cardigans, sweaters, and blazers to make your outfits look planned and put together. You should also add good jewelry and earrings. People who dress up their outfits with accessories, and who make plan and simple look great, get positive attention.
  2. Go for classic looks. This means that unless you are unique and create your own style and fashion, do not follow the trends too closely. You can certainly use accessories to give your outfits a more trendy look, but stick with classic good clothes and fashion styles, like jeans, white, black, and fitted skirts etc. If you stray too far, you may get attention, but it is not necessarily going to be positive attention.
  3. Stylish clothes. Huh? Isn’t that the point? It is, but it is important to know that when you wear stylish clothes you get positive attention because of your fashion choices. Wearing the newest and hottest items from classy or top of the line stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. will keep you stylish, and get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  4. Conservative. Dressing conservatively is an important part of getting positive attention through your fashion choices. If you have great legs, by all means show them off, but not with a mini-skirt, try a pencil skirt, or a fitted through the hips skirt that flares at the bottom and hits just below the knee. If you have a great chest, wear a cute camisole, but wear a sweater buttoned on top of it with just a little glance peeking through. If you look good enough to get noticed, but leave something for the imagination, you will get positive attention, and not because your breast is hanging out.
  5. Well tailored clothing is a great way to get positive attention through your fashion choices. Your clothes should all look like they were made just for you. There is no reason to wear something that does not fit right. So, get pants hemmed, get jackets altered, have your clothes tailored so that they fit right, and you will be surprised the response you get. A perfectly fitting blazer can really get you a lot of positive attention, but the same blazer that is ill fitting will make you look sloppy.

Things not to do when looking for positive attention through fashion choices:

Do not wear really revealing attire. Only show off one body part at a time or you will look trashy. Too revealing means negative attention, not positive. If you can keep these rules and ideas in mind, your fashion choices will become ones that get you noticed, and for the right reasons. People will make you their icon, instead of thinking “what a slut” etc.