Avoiding at home color disasters

So you want to color your hair without paying a fortune at a salon?  Before you slam that box of dye on your head and get it all over your bathroom, read these important tips on how you can color your hair but avoid at home coloring disasters.

We’ve all seen the at home dye job disasters.  Splotches of dye here and there, but with some blonde showing through that strange red color.  To avoid looking like you just dipped your head in Kool-Aid, and to make sure that you actually get your dye through all of your hair, including the back, and the roots, it’s important to follow these no-nonsense tips.  Good luck, and happy coloring!

Don’t take the plunge—yet

There’s a little secret about dying your hair yourself.  This secret is especially important to know if you like to experiment with your hair and your style.  You don’t have to go permanent.  That’s right—there are tons of different semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes that you can buy at your local grocery store.  Going with a temporary color, or even a semi-permanent, is a great way to test drive a color.

Temporary hair color usually says that it will wash out in a certain number of shampoos.  But if you’ve never dyed your hair before, chances are that it will come out way before then.  But at least you will see what your hair looks like dark brown, or bright red, or black, or even blue, for a little while!

Do your research.  It’s homework time!

So you really want to take the plunge into a permanent color change.  If you’re afraid of commitment, this is not the place for you!  A permanent dye job is going to last a long, long time, no matter what.  So make sure that you are choosing a color and a dye that is going to be right for your hair and your complexion!

It’s time to start researching.  Look online or talk to a stylist about what colors will look good with your complexion.  For example, my skin is pretty olive in color. If I’m not tan, then it’s yellow.  There are certain colors that look pretty awful on me—like red hair, for example.  And during the winter, when I get pale, really dark hair makes me look like some sort of crazy Goth.  I’m better off sticking with my natural blonde.  Talk to pros about what colors will look good with your own complexion.

Find out what you need to do to get the color you want.  If you want to go lighter, for example, you will probably have to have more chemical processing than if you just want to dye your blonde hair black, or your brown hair darker.  The wilder the change, the more complicated the procedure is going to be.  If you’re going for a really extreme change, then you might want to think about actually going to a salon for the dye job.

Dye away!

Now that you’ve chosen a gentle dye and the right color, it’s time for your dye job!  Here are some tips to follow to avoid disaster at home.

n  Don’t leave the dye in too long!

You might think that the longer you leave in the dye, the stronger the color will be.  But the truth is that the longer you leave in the dye, the more damage you will be doing to your hair.  And you might end up dying your scalp.

n  Rinse, rinse, rinse!

One of the top rules: rinse your hair all the way!  Otherwise the dye that you leave in will change colors, and it can damage your hair and your scalp.

n  Wear gloves.

n  Follow all of the directions.

The manufacturers know what they’re doing.  Some steps might seem silly, but it’s important for you to follow them.

n  Don’t mix dyes.