How do I know if he likes me, or just wants to get some?

happy teen laying on the floorWhen you start liking a guy, and the relationship starts to develop, many girls wonder if he really likes her, or if he just wants to get some. Let’s get a guys perspective on this question.

Question: How do I know if he likes me, or just wants to get some?

Answer: This is a simple one. The only way to know is to upfront not give them any. If you already have put out some, stop for a while and judge the reaction.

On your first date, do not do anything, not even hold hands, and especially do not give them a kiss. On the second date, maybe hold hands, but do not do anything else. If you start slow, and he is okay with it, and keeps coming back for multiple dates without getting any, then he likes you for you. Do not talk yourself into thinking that he is just interested because you are a challenge, and that after you give him some he will stop liking you. This happens, but in most cases, if he come back for multiple dates without getting some, and keeps coming back for more, he likes you!

Guys do not spend their time and money a girl that they only are interested in getting action from. There are too many other girls out there that will put out, so why would they keep taking you out? Calling you? Hanging out with you? If that was all they wanted?

You have to be confident in yourself though, or he will notice, and then he will not be as attracted to you, and his reasons for being with you could start to change. Insecurity is not an attractive quality.

If you are already giving him some, and you are wondering if he likes you for you, or for the action, then the only thing you can do is to stop things, or at least slow things down and judge his reaction.

If he is cool, still calls, still invites, is fun when you are together, and does not push for action too hard, then you know he likes you for you. He likes the action too, what guy doesn’t? But, he likes you first and foremost. You can’t expect him to stay with you forever with out action though. He is going to think something is wrong if you just cut him off totally, but try a date or two without anything, and see what happens.

If he starts acting pouty, is moody, not fun to be around, or starts being a jerk, then no, he does not really like you, he just wants some. Don’t make excuses for him, or try to chalk it up to a bad day, or a problem at home, etc. If you take action away, and he reacts negatively, face the music, he just wants to get some. If when you spend time together that is not physical, how does he act? Is he as fun, friendly, complimentary, nice, etc.? If not, then you are just some one he uses to get some. But if when you are just hanging out, seeing each other in passing, etc. and he is as cool as when you are together, then he likes you.

Don’t ask, the answer won’t mean anything. A guy that wants some is going to tell you he likes you. If he doesn’t, you will stop putting out.