Make your Zits Disappear

Have you got really bad acne?  Everybody’s skin type is different, and sometimes things that need to be done to get rid of your zits sometimes can only be determined by a dermatologist.  However, there are a couple of basic skin care steps which usually can help make your pimples disappear.

1) Wash your face in the morning and night with a facial cleanser.  Regular bar soap really doesn’t cut-it for your face.  There are different kinds of facial cleansers available, and you might need to experiment with a couple to see what works best for you.  There are two main ingredients which you can find in acne facial cleansers.  Some cleansers, like Proactiv Solution and Clearasil use the main ingredient benzoyl peroxide.  Depending on the skin type, this often can work really well in making your zits disappear.  However, for some people it can also prove a little irritating, which is why some other cleansers have salicylic acid (or a salicylic/beta-hydroxy acid combo) instead.  NuSkin’s Clear Action Foaming Cleanser and Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne wash both contain salicylic acid.  Other over-the-counter pads like Stri-dex also have salicylic acid.  So, if a benzoyl peroxide cleanser like Proactiv doesn’t work for you, try a cleanser with salicylic acid instead.

2) After washing your face, use a toner and moisturizer on your skin.  Toners are a great way to make your zits disappear!  They prevent future zits from popping up by wiping away any extra dirt and oil on your face.  Use a clean cotton ball when applying toner to your face – using tissue or toilet paper can leave tiny flakes of paper which can irritate your skin.  Then, make sure that you put a moisturizer on your face as well.  If you have combination to oily skin, use a light moisturizer for your skin type.  Your skin needs to have the right balance of moisture – too little or too much moisturizer on your face can cause zits too.

3) Use “spot treatments” on your zits!  There are acne “spot treatments” that you can use to help shrink your zits down too.  NuSkin has great treatments for the day and the night.  The Day Treatment is clear so that people can’t tell you’re wearing it, and the Night Treatment is a more concentrated formula that has a yellowish color.  These spot treatments also contain salicylic acid.  Other spot treatments can also be found at local drugstores and over-the-counter.

4) Oral medication also can help make your zits disappear.  Sometimes your acne is so bad that you need to have some type of oral medication or antibiotic to help get them to leave!  In this case, you will probably need to see a dermatologist to find out what the best thing is for you.  One other thing you can try, however, is a product called Nature’s Cure.  This homeopathic product comes with all-natural ingredients in tablet form.  These tablets come with a type of “spot treatment” for your face, and there are formulas for both boys and girls.

Above all, one of the most important things to do to make your zits disappear is not to pick and them or pop them.  This can not only cause scarring on your face, but it can further irritate you skin and cause new zits to also appear!  Plus, the oils from your fingers also can cause more zits when your touch and pick at your face.  It’s better to just not mess with your zits that way, and just let the treatments do their thing.  Hopefully some of these suggestions will help your pimples to disappear!

How to get rid of zits

woman with facial maskZits are a common problem in teenagers, especially those going through puberty. However, this does not mean you have to live with zits, or be okay with having them. Just because they are common does not make them any less frustrating to have. The following are 8 tips for things you can do to reduce and get rid of your zits:

  1. Stop popping them. It usually leads to them spreading because the bacteria that was in the pore that caused it to be blocked and a zit to form in the first place is spread when you pop the zit.
  2. Use mild soaps and exfoliate regularly. Your skin is going to need a little help. Basically you have millions of pores, and sometimes oil, dead skin, or bacteria block the pores, and then a zit forms. The best way to stop this from happening is to help your skin have the right amount of oil, to clean away dead skin cells, and to kill bacteria. A mild soap is best for this. If you use too strong of a soap, you might throw off your skin’s natural oils, and it will have to over-produce in order to keep the skin from being too dry. You do not want to irritate skin.
  3. Use toner. Toner is not just some expensive ploy to get you to buy more product. Toner helps clean off any excess residue from your cleanser, and it tightens your pores up so that they are less likely to get debris and bacteria in them. You can purchase a toner, or use lemon juice, or witch hazel. The toner you use should depend on the oiliness of your skin. The more oil you have, the more alcohol you want, or the more medicated toner.
  4. Stick to a routine. Inconsistency in either frequency or product can cause problems for your skin. For the best results and fewest zits, using the same routing each day can result in significant improvement. It gives your skin a chance to balance out and rid itself of pollutants naturally.
  5. Keep hair off of face. Your hair has oils in it, and this can make too much oil on your skin, causing pores to clog, and acne to form.
  6. Get enough sleep. Sleep is the best way to kick stress, and stress leads to hormone imbalance and zits!
  7. Drink lots of water. Being well hydrated is going to help your body rid itself of toxins, waste, and pollutants far better. If your body is not hydrated well enough, your skin can’t do its job of sweating and carrying waste out of the body as well, and so zits form.
  8. Change your pillow case regularly. You sleep on it, and it gets oil, dirt, etc. on it, if you change it regularly you are not plaguing yourself with zits by putting your face on a dirty surface.

How much make-up is too much?

girl with makeup bagAs a teenage girl you are probably familiar with, and wear make-up on a regular basis, but sometimes it is hard to know when too much make-up is too much. So, how much make-up is too much? The following is a guide to make-up so that you do not find yourself in the position of wearing too much make-up.

Before you can understand how much make-up is too much, you have to understand the purpose of make-up.

Makeup is there to cover zits, pimples, and dark circles. We all get them, and make-up, concealer, foundation, translucent powder, etc. are all wonderful tools to help our face look clear and refreshed even if it is not.

Makeup is there to enhance your features, and show your best self. Some of us got blessed with outstanding cheekbones, beautiful eye color, long lashes, etc. Others of us did not. Make-up can help bring out the vibrancy in your eyes, draw attention to your cheek bones, or to full lips, etc. It is a great way to enhance your existing beauty. Not create it.

Make-up is too much when you are using it as a crutch, or as a way to create beauty. It should be use to enhance and cover blemishes, not create a look that does not exist.

So, how much is too much? It is too much when it does not do what it is supposed to. If you only need a light foundation to cover your zits, do not put on a heavy foundation, it is too much, and leads to the expression “cake face”. If you do not have zits, and your skin tone is even, you do not have to wear foundation, and avoiding it is best. If you have naturally dark eyelashes, you may not need mascara to darken them. You get the idea. However, even knowing this it can be tempted to put on a lot of make-up. It seems like today that a girl who doesn’t wear make-up has something wrong with her. It is a common thing in our culture, and girls are wearing make-up younger and younger. However, too much is too much. So, look in the mirror and ask yourself if your make-up looks natural. If you answer no, then you probably have too much on.

With make-up it is best to look at natural as possible, then add a little spunk and color for fun. If you love purple, add some purple to your eye-shadow, but don’t paint your face for no reason or to make yourself look different then you are.

Most people would agree that you have done your make-up really well if when someone looks at you they have to ask themselves whether or not you are even wearing make-up.

Sometimes you do not have too much on, you just have the wrong stuff. To make sure you always look your best, find foundations and concealers that match your skin tone as closely as possible. If you are not sure how, get some help.

Hiding acne or zits

girl looking at her reflectionIf you suffer from acne, or have a lot of zits the first thing you want to do is find a treatment option that will help clear it up and rid your skin of the problem. However, while you work to clear your skin up, most teens want a way to hide their acne or zits in the meantime as it is unsightly, and in many cases ugly or embarrassing. The following are some tips for hiding acne or zits:

  1. Start by washing your face well. If you are going to hide your acne, you need your face to be clean to start. Make sure you use an oil free cleanser.
  2. Use a moisturizer, but find one that is oil free. You do not want your face to be too dry, or your make-up that you use to hide acne will not work very well.
  3. Choose a concealer. If you are not sure how you can go to your local mall, and visit the make-up counter of a high end make-up brand. The person working the counter should be able to test out various tones on you to help you match a concealer to your natural skin tone as best as possible.
  4. Apply your concealer by dabbing a small amount to the blemish and red areas surrounding it. You want to use a make-up sponge or finger, and dab gently. You want to blend it as best you can without rubbing it off the blemish.
  5. Now you want to put on a light weight foundation. A spray foundation might be your best option. Spray it onto a make-up sponge and dab it on blending it outward to the outside of your face. Be sure to get even coverage, and that you choose a foundation that once again matches your natural skin tones. Again if you do not know how to choose it, visit the make-up counter and get some help.
  6. The last thing you are going to do is set your foundation so that it does not rub off part way through the day and show your acne. The best way to do this is use a large makeup brush, and apply a layer of oil-free translucent powder. Again, these come in various tones, so choose the one closest to your natural skin tone.

There are a few other tricks for reducing redness, etc. One is to put shaving cream on the area overnight, then wash it off well. Preparation H works well for reducing redness if you only have a few minutes to spare. The idea is however to not put anything on your skin that will make your acne worse. So always choose oil-free products, and be sure to clean your face well at night so that your make-up does not clog your pores.

Does birth control really help your skin clear up?

gorgeous face of a womanMany teen girls have heard that birth control can help to clear up their skin and get rid of acne, and thus it becomes an option they consider. However, sometimes, asking your parent to put you on birth control to help with your skin can be embarrassing and difficult. This is especially the case if they suspect alternative motivation. So, before getting a prescription for birth control in an attempt to clear your skin, make sure that birth control actually can help clear up skin.

So, does birth control really help your skin clear up?

The answer is yes, in many girls it does. However, it really depends on why you have acne. Often times acne is caused by changing hormone levels. The changes in hormones can trigger oil glands to produce too much, or not enough oil, and this can lead to clogged pores, oily skin, and acne.

Birth control pills are very effective for changing the hormone levels of the body and regulating them. Thus, if your acne is hormone related, a birth control pill that helps regulate those levels can be very effective. In short, birth control can reduce the acne causing effects of testosterone. Basically the body has both male and female hormones, estrogen and testosterone. Birth control as acne treatment is an attempt to regulate hormone levels. If you have an overactive sebaceous gland, that is producing too much sebum, which leads to acne, there is a good chance you have high levels of the male hormones testosterone and androgen. These cause acne. So, the way a birth control pill helps is that it contains artificial female hormones, which counteract the male hormones, or cause the ovaries to stop producing them, which means that you will have more estrogen and progestin, not the acne causing hormone testosterone.

However, with this in mind, not every teen girl’s acne is caused by testosterone, and thus, taking birth control will do nothing to treat it. So, before you get on any medication, which is what birth control is, you will want to see a dermatologist. They will evaluate your skin and your acne problem and determine the most effective method for treatment.

Birth control can help acne, but it can also make it worse. In most cases it will only worsen while the body regulates its hormones, and until the estrogen and progestin levels are higher than testosterone, but in some cases this takes months. In addition, because various birth controls have various amounts of hormones in them one type may work better than another. Ortho Tri-cyclen is the only oral contraceptive that has been approved by the FDA for treating acne.

Chest or back acne

woman stretching on beachAs a teen going through, or on the tail end of puberty, you are probably facing the embarrassing problem of acne. Acne on the face is bad enough, but what if you have chest or back acne? No one wants to be the person with zits, puss, and sores on their chest or back. The following are some tips for combating chest and back acne.

Tip one: Avoid chemical solutions to treat your acne, the bacteria causing the acne will just mutate and adjust, and the chemical solutions you are using will no longer be effective. So, save your money, and use other methods to help teach your skin to naturally fight bacteria.

Tip two: Find an all-natural skin care system that uses essential oils and all natural ingredients, not things derived from natural sources. If you have suffered from acne on the chest or back for some time, you may have scarring or other skin damage, so consider something that heals skin as well as prevents and treats acne. Aloe vera is a great skin healer.

Tip three: Stay hydrated. One of the best ways for your body to fight acne is to have the needed things to keep the skin balanced so that it does not get too dry or too oily. Staying hydrated is going to help your skin have the pliancy and elasticity it needs without being too oily. So, get your eight glasses of water a day. In addition to keeping your skin healthy, it flushes your body of toxins and impurities, that often lead to the bacteria growth that causes acne.

Tip four: Shower, but do not use harsh soaps or cleansers. If you work out, sweat during the day, etc. you want to shower as soon as you can in order to give your pores some help at cleaning out dead skin cells, bacteria, etc. however, do not use harsh soaps, as they can dry out the skin, which then encourages it to produce more oil, which leads to acne. So, wash with just water and a clean wash rag, or use a mild cleanser.

Tip five: Eat better. Often chest and back acne is a way for the body to rid itself of impurities and toxins, often that you add to your body through your diet. If you avoid too much junk, processed foods, and fatty foods, and instead eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, your skin will clear up better on its own.

Unfortunately there are a lot of reasons people develop chest and back acne, and often the glands are simply producing too much sebum, and your back and chest are full of pores with the potential to clog. So, if your back or chest have unsightly acne, one of your best options is to simply see a dermatologist, they can help you treat your chest or back acne based on the specific cause.

Cheap tricks for getting rid of zits

girl using exfoliating padZits are a common plague of the teen years, and unfortunately all of the products designed to get rid of zits can be pricey. Many teens can’t afford to buy the expensive products to rid their skin of zits, so instead they live with them. If you or your parents can’t afford expensive acne treatments, or if your parents won’t or don’t buy acne treatment for you, do not be discouraged. The following are some cheap tricks for getting rid of zits. Most of them use items commonly found in your home, and with a little effort on your part you can rid yourself of, or at least diminish the look of pimples, zits, or acne.

Tip one: If you have areas of your face that have breakouts, try smashing one tablet of aspirin in a small bowl, then adding a little lemon juice to the mixture to create a paste. Then apply the paste to your breakout area, and sleep on it. Wash it off in the morning. Aspirin is acetesalicylic acid, which is very similar to salicylic acid, which is a common  ingredient found in acne treatments. It should speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal, and will reduce redness, irritation, and swelling at the same time.

Tip two: If you have tried everything, and feel like you are out of options, or if you just do not have the money for typical treatments, consider drinking four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water daily. It works very well for some people and while it does not taste very good, it is worth the discomfort if it works.

Tip three: Take some toothpaste (the paste kind, not gel), and put it on your problem areas, and cover it with a bandage. Keep it on over night, then in the morning, wash it off. Your acne should look better. The astringent and surfactant nature of the toothpaste will help diminish the appearance of pimples. If you have sensitive skin this option may not work for you.

Tip four: Rid yourself of bad zits with some shaving cream. You just have to apply it to your pimple and it should dry it up, you will want to sleep with it on it, and wash your face in the morning. It should be gone, or at least shrunk down.

Tip five: If you get zits regularly, and want to lessen their frequency, a great thing to do is take aloe vera gel fresh from the plant, taken orally, however, this can give you diarrhea if you are not careful.

Tip six: If you are in a pinch and need to disguise a pimple fast, get some eye-redness relieve eye drops and use a Q-tip to apply the solution to your pimple. You will want to hold it on the pimple for about 10-15 seconds. It should lighten up.