When are too many accessories too many?

Accessorizing is a fun part of fashion, and there are a lot of options out there for how you can accessorize. This makes accessorizing a great way to give yourself a style, and put a trademark on your sense of fashion. However, in some cases, because of the endless amount of options, it can be difficult to determine when you have enough, too many, or not enough accessories. The following is a look at when are too many accessories too many:

First, you have to consider your accessory options:








Hair clips


Hand bags




Some good rules of thumb:

Choose to enhance your outfit. When it comes to accessories, you want to add to an outfit, not steal the spotlight, or detract from the outfit. So choose your accessories wisely, and pick items that will go with multiple things so you can get plenty of use out of them. Accessories become too much when they are so bold, bright, or large that they take all of the focus. Your outfit is still the thing that matters, accessories just make them better, or make them fit the occasion. For example, a strappy sun dress is perfect for the pool if you wear it with flip flops and sunglasses, and great for a night out if you pair it with a long necklace and some strappy sandals.

Follow current trends with your accessories more than with your clothing. Accessories are a great way to stay hip. Throw out the small sunglasses and bring in the over-sized shades. Get rid of your jellies, and get some gladiator sandals. The idea is to stay current with accessories, and not to overdo it. Just because chunky bracelets, big shades, large hoops, cute hats, and large belt buckles are all in style, does not mean you should wear them all together. You have to realize that an accessory can really enhance  your look and fashion, but if you combine too many elements you take away from it. So, choose less than 3 items to wear. It is a good rule of thumb. If you have a hat, wear earrings and sunglasses, but not a necklace, belt, and bracelet too. If you want to wear a watch, add a few bracelets around it, and a cute pair of earrings, and forego the necklace.

Go for a signature look. When you accessorize, you want to use one piece that you can be known for. Whether you are known for your cute earrings, your scarves, or your hats, it is good to choose one thing you like, and wear it regularly. Then change up how you use the look. For example, if your signature is a scarf, sometimes wear it as a head wrap, other times as a neck scarf, other times as a belt, or maybe just tie it on your handbag to add some flair.

Hair accessories

One of the biggest assets or drawbacks to your personal style and fashion sense is your hair. As a teenage girl, your hair is going to be a great way to express yourself, and to dress up an otherwise basic look. The following is a look at some of the options for hair accessories, and how they can change your look:

Headbands: When it comes to headbands your choices are virtually endless. You can do a thin, stretchy headband used to give you a little lift in the front, and hold your bangs back. You can go with a thick fabric headband. A thick plastic headband. A headband that goes all the way around your head, or one that sits on top. Besides the actual materials and styles, you then get a whole host of colors, prints, and width choices. A headband is a great way to dress up a pony tail, or to get your hair out of your face while still looking hip. A headband can break up the colors on your head, adding visual interest to your look. Headbands are a big plus if they fit your head, and if you can wear them all day without getting a headache.

Flowers: A flower is a great way to make basic hair look fresh, fun, or flirty. You can clip a flower in with a side pony tail to make your hair look really pulled together, not just pulled up. You can clip a flower above your ear on hair that is left down to add some visual interest, or to change up an otherwise common look. The other great thing about flowers for your hair is that you get a whole range of colors, sizes, and even types. You can also choose clips with rhinestone centers of the flowers, or use live flowers. The possibilities add a lot of flair to your hair.

Clips: Clips are functional, but they can also be fashionable. You can clip your hair half up with a designer clip and get a good looking do in a matter of second. You can clip your bangs back to keep them out of your face, and have a fun, interesting piece to draw they eye. Clips are fun, functional, and fashionable, depending on how you use them.  A clip is a great hair accessory for someone with short hair.

Ribbons: Ribbons can make a basic do into something cute, whimsical, or fun. On the mornings when you just do not have time to spend doing your hair, pulling your hair into a pony tail, and tying a ribbon around it to add interest can be huge. When you can’t find a headband that works for your outfit, a ribbon can take the place, and give you all the benefits.  Ribbons can be used in many ways, and almost always enhance the look, whether your hair is short or long.

Scarves or bandanas: Scarves and bandanas are not just for the neck. Tied into your hair, or as a head wrap, they act as a great way to add interest, cover hair that needs washing, or just add style to an otherwise boring look. A scarf or bandana can be folded to whatever width looks and works best with your head shape and style.

Staying trendy without breaking the bank

The following are some tips for staying trendy without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy staples: when you buy clothes make sure the money you spend is not worthless by making sure that the clothes you buy will stay in style. Buy staples first, like jeans, black pants, plain skirts, and solid colored shirts of common materials, a great blazer, trench, and some sweaters.
  2. Longevity: think longevity when buying clothes. You will spend more per item, but less long term because you will buy higher quality clothes. Also think longevity in terms of cut and color, will you like it a few months down the road, or are you impulse shopping?
  3. Base: when you want to be trendy, you start with a base to your outfit. This is like a plain black skirt, or jeans and a t-shirt, and you dress it up from there with accessories. So, make sure you have the right kinds of clothes for starting your base. These are like your staples, and do not have to be super expensive. You can find a great white shirt at Target for under $10.
  4. Fun: part of staying trendy is keeping your clothes fun. So, get the classic cuts and styles, but integrate in some fun colors, bright reds, pinks, greens, and yellows are sure to make even a boring, outdated look more trendy and fun.
  5. Accessorize: the best way to be trendy without breaking the bank is to be trendy not with your clothes as much as with your accessories. Buy the chunk jewelry, the big hobo bags, and the fun colorful headbands, and wear them with the jeans you have had forever, and a plain shirt. No one will notice that your base clothes aren’t as trendy.
  6. Bags: handbags, clutches, wrist-lets, hobos, over the shoulder, satchel, you name it, bags are in, and it is great! Bags are so handy. They hold all of your stuff, and they spice up your outfit and make it look much trendier. So, invest in a collection of bags, and simply wear your staples with a new fun or colorful bag. Bags can be pricey, but you can find good deals, and you will be able to buy less clothes, so you save.
  7. Shoes: make yourself more trendy by wearing the newest line of shoes. Shoes are great for looking in style without breaking the bank. Go to Payless during BOGO and get a couple of pairs. Make sure you have some variety, but never spend money on shoes you won’t wear regularly, or shoes that hurt your feet.
  8. Earrings: this is an accessory, but the style of earrings changes frequently, so choose to buy new earrings instead of whole new outfits.
  9. Buy quality, not quantity: one mistake most girls make is that they buy a bunch of cheaper clothes that are in style now. But, they do not last, they go out of style fast, and what do you have? A whole bunch of out of style, or worn and ragged clothes. So, instead buy a few quality pieces that will stay in style, and add to them with accessories, belts, jewelry, etc.
  10. Trade clothes with friends and bargain shop: you can stay stylish and not break the bank by trading clothes, and looking for great deals. If you update your wardrobe only once or twice a year, get a credit card for the store, and get the 20% off, and then pay it off, cut it up, cancel it, and toss it. You save 20% and you don’t have the temptation to over spend.