Video iPods what you need to know!

ipodTaking electronics to a new level, the video iPod is the biggest and bestest in the world of digital audio players.  It totally has the smack down on all the other gadgets out there today.  So listen up to all of it’s great qualities.

Although the iPod video started out with three models, one version got the axe pretty quickly.   So the two main models are the 30 GB and the 80 GB version (the 60 GB is the one that got axed).

What do 30 or 80 gigs mean to the world?  It means taking videos, TV, photos, songs, and music videos every where we want to go!  That’s right, buy all your favorite movies on iTunes and keep them handy for viewing pleasure in the iPod video.  How rad is that?

The 80 GB iPod is really mind boggling.  This sucker can hold like 20,000 songs; who can even name that many songs?  It holds 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video.  Mixing and matching songs, videos, and photos is no problem either.

Didn’t catch the last episode of 24?  Dying to know who was kicked off on American Idol?  Get it on the iPod video and watch it on the way to school!  What could be more cool than that?

It is really jaw dropping that so much power can weigh so little.  What’s with these textbooks that are warping our backs?  iPods carry five times the information and they fit in the palm of the hand!  Someone should get on top of this.

Just in case you were wondering, iPods don’t have to speak English all the time.  They come in several other very handy languages.  If you are tired of English, try the iPod in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, or maybe Turkish.  They thought of everything when they designed this dazzling device.

Accessorizing an iPod video has never been so great.  This little gadget can turn into a sweet stereo system that fills the whole house with those 20,000 songs that it’s storing.  There’s also the camera connector.  Use this accessory to easily transfer all those sweet shots from summer vacation right onto the iPod.

In case your iPod gets cold, they do offer brightly colored socks to keep it warm.  What’s up with that?  They come in purple, green, orange, pink, blue, and gray.  They are available on the website.

Perhaps your iPod is a little higher class than a knit sock.  If so, maybe your iPod prefers a little more stylish look.  You should seriously consider choosing to dress it in a leather case instead.  Those are also available on the website.

Any down sides to the video iPod?  It’s hard to find them, but if we looked real hard we might be able to drag something up.  It only comes in black or white, which is not the end of the world when there are cool brightly colored socks to put it in instead.

The 80 GB model will set ya back $350.  It’s a little pricey, but the escape it offers from boredom en route to school, work, home, and from parents is well worth it.  Besides, everyone has birthdays right?  And Christmas comes around once a year too.

So all in all, the video iPod is a killer cool device and well worth its weight in gold.  It has so much storage space it’s really unbelievable.  It is totally hot for vacationing too.  Long car trips or long lines at the airport can be a whole lot more fun with a little video iPod action.  Get your hands on one asap!

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