The latest and greatest in the cell phone world

pile of cellphonesFinally ready to get into the text messaging loop?  Well, then you’ve got to get the latest and greatest in the cell phone world.  Why not check out the Motorola Razr with a TMobile plan?

The Motorola Razr is a sweet phone.  It is super thin and easily fits into the front pocket of your fav jeans.  No one wants to carry around a cell phone that makes them look like they’ve got a tumor growing on their leg.  So check out the Razr for a sleek chic connection.

The Razr comes in awesome colors too.  Some phones stick to the same old boring black and silver.  Not the Razr.  This “it” phone comes in the hottest shade of pink.  It’s got glitter and glam written all over it.

Speaking of glam, this phone also takes awesome pictures with a 4x zoom.  Sneak a shot of the boy of your dreams and put him on the phone wallpaper.  Flip it open and enjoy a 2.2 inch color display of the hottie in your dreams.

If that’s a little too bold for your style, have no fear there are plenty of wallpapers to download online.  Yup, the phone connects to the internet.  Connect up and grab the latest and greatest ring tones, wallpapers, songs, voices, and music.

Oh, and of course the phone is the king of text messaging.  Get this, you can even type out a message and then send it to everyone in the phone book at the same time if you want.  Now that’s getting in on the text messaging loop.  Gotta love the quick and quiet way to stay in touch.

If AOL instant messaging is your thing, have no fear the Razr can handle that too.  Just hook up and you are set to go.  Stay in the loop with text messages and AOL instant message.

The Razr is a flip phone, but don’t worry the external display makes it easy to screen phone calls. When you hear the phone ring, check who’s calling before flipping.  Don’t flip it if it’s not worth it!

If something cool is going down, bust out the video clip action.  That’s right, the Razr takes video!  How cool is that?  What a great way to capture those unbelievable moments.

The Motorola Razr also comes with all of the other standard features like an easy to use phone book for all your contacts, an alarm clock for early mornings, a calendar for important dates, and voice recording for easy dialing.

Are the parents worried about phone usage while driving?  Well, the Razr has speakerphone and Bluetooth technology. And that means lots of hands free for better driving.

Speaking of parents, if you need a little extra ammo to convince them..fill them in on the TMobile fav five plans.  These plans let you pick five friends who you can talk to nonstop for free.  Yup, unlimited minutes to five friends and you can change them every so often.  So when you boyfriend gets the boot so does his spot in your fav five.  Awesome.

If that isn’t enough to convince the enforcers, then try a batting your eyes, saying puh-lease, and telling them about the pay as you go plans.  These are sure to parent-pleasers.  There’s no worrying about the dreaded “overtime” minutes, because there aren’t any!

So, the moral of the story with cell phones is get the Motorola Razr.  It’s got everything you could want, and it’s durable, functional, and all that important stuff.  Bust out all the stops with the parents, or grandparents, and get into the communication loop!

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