Rocking out the right way, choosing the right guitar for you

girl with her acoustic guitarRocking out is never complete without a couple of hot guitars.  Here’s the question though, what guitar is right for you?  What should you be looking for?

First things first, there are a couple of different styles of guitar for different styles of music.  If it’s classical guitar that really frosts your cookies, then a classical guitar is the right choice.  On the other hand there is the standard acoustic guitar and finally there’s the electric guitar.

It’s easy to pick out a classical guitar by checking out the look of the headstock (a fancy word for the top of the guitar).  The hip classical guitar has two long holes in the top where the tuning keys for the strings are.

If blisters on finger tips don’t sound appealing, a classical guitar may be the way to go.  That’s because the classical style usually sports nylon or plastic strings.  These suckers are much more soothing to the fingertips.

Keep in mind that a truly classical guitarist rocks out with a little foot stool.  One leg is on the ground and the other is propped up on the stool.  This is so that the guitar can sit at a better angle and let the musician reach all of the frets.  It may sound totally weird, but that’s the way they rock out.

If finger picking Brahms and Bach isn’t your thing, then check out the standard acoustic guitar.  These beauties are made of wood, like a classical guitar, but don’t have the little holes in the top.  Acoustic guitars generally have some fingertip shredding steel strings that can really make learning to play a drag (until some sweet inch deep calluses form!).

Rocking out with an acoustic guitar is totally awesome and it doesn’t require any extra equipment like an amplifier or anything like that.  There are tons of hip guitars out there, so just head to the local music guru and ask around to find out which guitars are the sweetest.

After the classical and standard acoustic, there’s always the sleek electric guitar for busting out serious rock n’ roll.  Rocking with a sweet electric guitar will require an amp to hear any tunes.  These obviously add a bit to the cost, but they sure can make rocking out that much more loud and fun!

Electric guitars also have a little something extra called electronics (totally original eh?).  These knobs and such allow for volume control and tone control.  Electric guitars have tons of cool accessories too.  They have all sorts of plug ins and such for making cool sound effects.

Some hip guitar companies have actually started a really sweet line of acoustic electric guitars.  These suckers make rocking out super easy and flexible!  There’s the acoustic soft melody side of life, and then there’s the bustin’ out loud electric side of life.

Washburn makes some great models of the acoustic electric guitar.  These babies come all set up for making sweet sounds flying solo, but the also come ready to plug in to an amp and rock on.

Rock out the right way, and pick out the best guitar by deciding on what style of rockin’ really gets ya going.  Classical is super hip and everyone knows that classical music increases brain power.  On the other hand, the sweet melodies of acoustic are very hot.  And finally, no one can resist really letting it all out with some phat amps blasting out a rockin’ tune.  Maybe your best bet is to have a little of both world with the acoustic electric guitar.

Whatever it is, pick your style and find the right guitar for you to really rock on.

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