Popular teen fashion looks

Part of having style is having a signature look, or sort of themed wardrobe. Eclectic styles where you jump from preppy one day to hippie another can be hard to maintain. In addition, it often leaves you feeling unsatisfied and wondering who you really are. Style defines you. It is like an outward expression of what you are feeling on the inside. Are you bold? Are you traditional? Are you a free spirit? Choosing a look or at least a type of look you want to go for will help you make fashion choices, and be more comfortable in your own skin and clothes.

The following are some popular teen fashion looks that are easy to adopt, and fun to wear:

The Grunge Look: This is one of the easiest looks to pull off, as it does not require a whole lot of money. It is also popular because it reflects a laid back personality that is more concerned with inner beauty than outer. To achieve the grunge look, go for straight hair, longer is better, flats, sneakers, converse, etc. usually in bold colors, and possibly with writing on the soles. You want cotton t-shirts, or flannel checkers. You can wear trousers, like Dickies, or other brands that are informal. You want to wear things with holes, fraying edges, cut offs, hoods on shirts, sweatshirts that are cut off, etc.

The Layered Look: Layers are a great way to take some basic pieces and give them life. This is a fun look if you have a large wardrobe, and aren’t sure how to put it to the best use. To layer you need shrugs, sweaters, vests, jackets, short sleeved and long sleeved shirts, shirts with different lengths and necklines. The options for tops are endless. You can wear a tank over a T-shirt, you can wear a shrug over a tank, you can wear a t-shirt over a long sleeved or ¾ sleeved shirt. With the bottom half you can add leggings under a skirt or shorts. You can wear boots over leggings, etc.

The Gypsy Look: To achieve this look you need lots of colors, prints, and flowing clothing. The most popular is the flowing long skirt, but you can also wear peasant tops, and bright scarves. In addition you want long earrings, and chunky jewelry. This is a great look for the girl who loves to accessorize. To get the gypsy look right, you have to add accessories, from bangle bracelets to dangle earrings.

The Hippie Look: This look is making a comeback, but with a twist. Bright clothing, tie-dye, wrap arounds, etc. are all popular, but instead of a tie-dye shirt with bell-bottoms, pair it with skinny jeans. Instead of a wrap-around skirt with an oversized shirt, pair it with a tight t-shirt and razor back vest.  Add in headscarves, long necklaces, bandannas, strapped and flat footwear and flowers around the neck and you have the hippie look down pat.

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