Why being VL is not a bad thing

gorgeous smiling young womanHaving virgin lips is not such a bad thing even though you may feel like it is. I know you may have friends that have been kissed, maybe even been kissed more than once and by more than one guy, but you should be proud that you choose to be kissed by someone special-someone that you can look back years from now and smile just thinking about that first kiss event. You don’t want to think about the person you first kissed and feel sick, do you?
Many times having VL makes guys want to kiss you even more. They don’t want to be kissing on a girl that has kissed their friends or half the school. I am sure you know of girls that have kissed over half the guys in your school, but is that something to be proud of. Think of it like this, when you are a little old lady with grand-kids is that something you would be proud to tell them?  Sounds a little funny, uh? “When I was your age, little Sue, I made out with half the guys in school”.
Lots of guys will want to kiss you even more just because no one else has. You have virgin lips and that is something many girls don’t and guys like being “first” especially when it has anything to do with a girl.
Maybe you feel being VL is a bad thing because everyone thinks that no guy wants to kiss you, maybe you feel like that too. Don’t! Try to think of it like you haven’t met any guy that you WANT to kiss yet! The more you think like that, the more it will show in your attitude. Of course, there might be that one cute guy that you would “kill” to kiss, the one you daydream about kissing, you know the one. Do you think he would really want to kiss a girl that everyone and their dog has kissed?
Being kissed for the first time is special but it is the beginning of the end of your childhood. You have probably had adults tell you “don’t be in such a hurry to grow up” or “you’re only a kid once”. And as much as I hate to say it, they’re right. Growing up bites! I am not even kidding you. When you grow up, you find yourself working some lame job eight to ten hours a day, you have tons of bills. And when you do get paid from that lame job that you have spent hours and hours working at, you are too tired to spend your money or have too many bills to pay and can’t have fun anyway. But when you are a kid, you spend six to seven hours a day at school, you get money from your parents that work that lame job, you have tons of energy and you get to make mistakes and its all part of being a kid.
Of course just because you have had your first kiss doesn’t mean you are going to need to get a job or anything like that, I am just saying, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. You will get your first kiss and you will grow up. So relax and be choosy. If there is a certain guy you have the “hots” for smile at him, make eye contact, flirt a little, maybe even say “hi”. You never know he may like you too.
Above all try to be positive, self confident and proud of your virgin lips.

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