Why putting out is a bad idea

teens kissingPutting out is a bad idea because. UMM… there are a million reasons, but let’s just take a look at some of the top. In fact, here are 3 big reasons why you should not put out.

Number one: You get a reputation.
If you are the type of girl who is willing to kiss on the first date, and go further on the second, or even the first time you meet, that says something. What it says is never good. Sure it might get you some more guy attention, but it is not the right kind of guy to be attracting. You will have a reputation for being easy, or being someone to go to when someone is looking to get some. This will be fun at first, but after a while it will start to be really upsetting. You will never know if a guy likes you for you, or if they are just interested in you because you are known for putting out.

Also, along with this reputation come people treating you poorly or differently. Girls will hate you because you throw yourself at a guy, or at least are easy, and so you will get more attention. But once again, let me remind you, this is not the right kind of attention to be getting, and it is not the kind of attention that will make you happy.

Number two: You are in danger of health risks, STD’s etc. When you put out, and you gain a reputation, you become a magnet for other people who are open with their sexuality. This means you may have sexual partners who have had several other sexual partners. This means your risk for disease sky rockets. There is not full proof way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases except to not have sex, or limit your sex to one partner who also limits their sex to only you. Even if you are only making out and stuff, not having sex, you still run the risk for getting sick, diseases, mouth herpes, etc. Putting out is a bad idea. Bad for your self image, bad for your health.

Number three: It becomes extremely difficult to get into a good relationship. Some girls put out because they are not yet interested in something serious, but want to enjoy some physical contact. This seems logical. The problem is, if you are always putting out, and never making any commitments, then you become undatable. Sure you are great for a hook up, but as a girl friend? Not a chance. What guy would want to date a girl who has been around? Most guys find this really unattractive. So, when the time comes that you are ready for a good relationship a couple things happen: you question if the guy actually likes you for you, or just wants to get some, so you are very insecure in your relationship, which is not attractive. Second, you have a hard time attracting the kind of guy you want to date because you are not the kind of girl he would want to date.

It is so easy to think short term. You want physical contact, so put out on a the first date. However, thinking long term is so much better for you. If you want meaningful relationships later with out the insecurity and doubt most girls face, then be selective about who you engage in physicality with. Even if it is just a kiss.

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