Longing for long locks? How to get your hair to grow

girl with long brown hairAre you longing for longer locks?  Well, the number one way for you to get longer hair is simply to wait for your hair to grow out.  But there are some other steps that you can take to make your hair grow longer faster.

1.  Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis

Does this sound counter productive?  Don’t you want your hair to grow?  Then why on earth would you cut it regularly?  Well, because getting your hair trimmed cuts off all of those damaged ends.  And having healthy hair will help your hair to grow faster.  Cutting off just a little bit on a regular basis will encourage the rest of your hair to grow faster.  And your hair will look better the entire time that you’re growing it out also.

You should be getting your hair trimmed every six weeks.  This will stimulate your hair growth and it will keep all of those nasty ends off.

2.  It’s time for you to get a massage

To get your hair to grow into long, luscious locks even faster, it’s time for you to start getting serious about your massage time.  Stimulating your hair follicles will stimulate your hair growth.  So every time you condition your hair, gently massage all over your scalp.  You don’t have to do it for a really long time, but make sure that you get a good massage in!  This will increase the blood flow to your scalp.

Added benefit to scalp massage: scalp massages are a fantastic way to cut down on your stress levels.  So if you feel overwhelmed with your homework, your friends, your track meet that’s coming up, and whether or not that guy in your math class likes you, along with trying to make your hair grow faster, then a scalp massage will be just what the doctor-and the stylist-ordered!

3.  Start taking your vitamins

Good nutrition is key to the health of your hair.  And great nutrition can help your hair grow even faster. So start taking a multi-vitamin every single day.  The best multi-vitamin that you can take for your hair is actually a prenatal vitamin.  You can find these at your local supermarket.

The great thing about this approach to making your hair grow faster is that taking a multi-vitamin every day is important for your overall health.  You need lots of different vitamins and minerals to grow, from iron to calcium to Vitamin B to folic acid.  A multi-vitamin will do your body, and your hair, a world of good.

4.  Scheduling a dye job?  Cut down on your time in the salon

While coloring your hair is a fantastic way for you to change around your look and to achieve a killer hair do, hair dye also seriously damages your hair.  This doesn’t mean that if you want to grow your hair out, you have to go back to that mousy brown that Nature cursed you with!  Instead, just make sure that you cut back on how many times you let that dye get near your hair.  Stylists recommend that you don’t dye your hair any more than every eight to twelve weeks.  And while your hair is colored, make sure that you use really good shampoo and conditioner that will restore the moisture that is lost every time you dye your hair.

And stay away from the bleach.  Bleach is one of the hardest things that you can do to your hair.  And while it might look good for a day or two, you’ll just end up with dead, dull, and frizzy hair.  And it’s going to take you a lot longer to get those long locks that you want!

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