How to remove split ends without cutting your hair

girl using her hair as a mustacheWhen the hair cuticle is removed, the hair will split, and this is damaged hair. Hair that splits can not be repaired, instead it must be cut off. If you do not cut it, it will continue to split higher up on the hair. So, to keep healthy hair, give yourself regular trims, or take regular trips to your stylist for trims.

Because regular hair cuts can get expensive, the following is a how to do it yourself look at removing split ends between cuts:

First, take a small section of hair. Your hair likely has split ends throughout it, so divide it off into sections, and work around your head a small section at a time.

Second, take the section you have chosen, and gently twist it until you see the split ends sticking out. You want to twist it downward, and you want to be careful not to cause undue stress as this will add to the damage. By doing this you will see how far up your hair you have split ends, and thus how much you should cut off to get back to healthy hair.

Third, get your hair cutting scissors, and carefully snip into the twist. You are not cutting it off completely, you just want to snip into it where you see split ends to remove those damaged cuticles and leave you with healthy hair. By cutting into the twist, you are going to give yourself natural layers, and they will not look like you did your hair yourself.

Fourth, continue around your head using the same three steps, but as you do it, be careful to cut the same amount from each twist so that you do not end up with uneven or unsightly hair.

Self cuts are relatively simple, and while you should not do this on your own to style your hair, it is a great way to remove damage and lengthen the time you can go between cuts to maintain healthy hair. In addition to removing split ends without going in for a cut, you can do things to avoid split ends. The following are some tips for split end avoidance:

Things to do to avoid split ends:

  • Condition regularly. Split ends are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair. So, give your hair a chance to retain moisture by conditioning regularly, and deep conditioning about once a month.
  • Do not brush your hair too rigorously. If you brush your hair too hard, it can cause strands to break, or the outer cuticle to be stripped away.
  • Be careful about how much you use hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs). The heat can damage the hair.
  • Avoid the overuse of chemical treatments. These include things like relaxers, perms, or the most common, color-treatments.
  • Use high quality brushes, combs, etc. If you use cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush rollers, etc., they may snag your hair, break it, tear it, etc.
  • Brushing your hair while it is wet can cause the strands to stretch and not be as strong, thus they break more easily.
  • Washing your hair too much can dry it out, so be careful to use a moisturizing conditioner if you intend to wash daily.
  • Do not use too much product.

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