Top 5 items you have to have in your closet

You can make any event in style if you have these 5 items in your closet:

  1. A good pair of dress pants, preferably black. These are great because you can wear them to just about anything, a funeral, a night on the town, a day at school, or even a party. Or, if you have a job, wear them there too. Black pants are so universal, you can dress them up with a nice blouse, or dress them down with a jean jacket. The point is, you can take your look from day casual to night dressy in a matter of seconds if you have a great pair of black pants. Just make sure you keep them in good color and that they are cleaned properly.
  2. A sassy skirt, mid calf length. This is the perfect length for a skirt because it works all year round. You will want to get a skirt that looks good with a variety of styles and colors of shirts and shoes, one that flatters your body, and one that can be classy, fun, and dressy or casual. How do you get all of this out of one skirt? Well, try a pencil skirt. Wear a nice cardigan with it and you are set for church or even a wedding, wear it with a little tank and some flip flops and you could be heading to the mall.
  3. A great little sweater. Sweaters are great for your wardrobe because they keep you warm if it is hilly, they add layers which is very stylish, and they also make you look more dressed up with some ease. A sweater is also a great way to wear a cami or tank without looking trashy. So, have a great plain sweater in your closet so you can compliment, layer, and keep weather appropriate.
  4. A white camisole. Do you have any shirts that are too short? How about a low cut front? A white camisole is great because it really expands your ability to wear clothes. You can simply stick it on under a v-neck shirt for a layered and modest look, or wear it under a great cardigan for a casual classy look. A white tank or camisole is one of the most essential articles in a girl’s wardrobe, so if you have nothing else on this list, make sure you get a white camisole.
  5. A pair of dark jeans. Dark jeans are slimming, can look dressy if they need to, and since they are jeans, they are hip and fun. So, get a great pair of jeans that fit your body right, that you feel good in, that are fun, and wear them. You can wear them with a blazer for a more formal night out, or with a tank or tee for a day at the beach or out with friends at the ball game. Jeans are so versatile, and comfortable, so make sure that you get a pair, and the darker denim is best because it looks nicer when you need to be, or want to look at little more dressed up.

Of course there are other things you can have in your wardrobe, and it is important to have fun accessories, shoes, bags, and jewelry to compliment all of the above items. It is also important to incorporate in some color, but as your staples, the above five items can’t steer you wrong.

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