Modesty and style can they be compatible

Yes, it is possible to be both modest and fashionable at the same time. In fact, there are a number of companies that have emerged in recent years just for that reasons. You can find any one of these to be not only really cute and in style, but also modest as well. With longer shirts, higher neck lines, longer skirts, etc. the following five clothing companies are sure to please:

  • Modbe
  • Layers
  • ModBod
  • Undertease
  • Shade

However, you do not have to buy clothes from those five stores to have modest and stylish clothing. The following are some tips for how you can be stylish while maintain a modest wardrobe and appearance:

  1. Have fun with different fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, etc., you can mix and match these to add depth to your outfits and look great while being modest.  You can also have a lot of fun with colors, different colors such as peach, greens, etc. come into season and style during certain parts of the year. With so many combos, you can come up with many modest ensembles. Play with different shapes, you have form fitting dresses, bag like, boxy, etc. Have fun with your clothes.
  2. 2.    Layers are a fun way to make your outfit better, more modest, and more stylish too… with jackets, tanks and tees, whatever you like or have, you can layer your clothes. This is super popular right now, and a great way to make your clothes look more pulled together, like an outfit!
  3. Buy some new clothes every now and then to mix in with your older clothes. You don’t need to go crazy on the clothes, but make sure you have enough clothes for the school year. Also, remember, if the clothes are modest, and classic, you can make them more stylish with accessories, and they will be clothes you will want to wear for several years, or until they don’t fit. So, in the long run you will spend far less on clothes, and still be modest and modern.
  4. If you have a favorite store and find that most of the clothes they have in store are immodest, you can look at their website. You will be able to see what clothes are the most stylish, because they are new, and you will also be able to look into their clearance and find items that are modest, or you can look on the newer sections of the site, but limit your viewing to the modest clothes. This way you won’t be as distracted by the immodest wear.
  5. If you have a small budget to work with, but want to update your wardrobe and stay modest, try Kohl’s, Target, or even Walmart! Kohl’s is best with clothes, and Target is best with shoes. Walmart is pretty cheap with everything, and has great jewelry and accessories.
  6. To stay modern while being modest, dress modestly, and modernize your outfit or make it more stylish with cute shoes. You can get shoes with studs, sequins, beading, metallic, strappy, heels, flats, etc. Have fun with your shoes, and update those more often, but keep staple modest pieces as your clothes, like white, black, brown, a great skirt, a great blazer, and of course, a great trench. Also, stock up on cardigans and sweaters. These are stylish, and can take a cute immodest tank, and turn it into a great modest outfit.
  7. Also, if you are trying to be modest, and you wear something over a tank, make sure it is comfortable and weather appropriate so that you are not tempted to take it off.

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