When are too many accessories too many?

Accessorizing is a fun part of fashion, and there are a lot of options out there for how you can accessorize. This makes accessorizing a great way to give yourself a style, and put a trademark on your sense of fashion. However, in some cases, because of the endless amount of options, it can be difficult to determine when you have enough, too many, or not enough accessories. The following is a look at when are too many accessories too many:

First, you have to consider your accessory options:








Hair clips


Hand bags




Some good rules of thumb:

Choose to enhance your outfit. When it comes to accessories, you want to add to an outfit, not steal the spotlight, or detract from the outfit. So choose your accessories wisely, and pick items that will go with multiple things so you can get plenty of use out of them. Accessories become too much when they are so bold, bright, or large that they take all of the focus. Your outfit is still the thing that matters, accessories just make them better, or make them fit the occasion. For example, a strappy sun dress is perfect for the pool if you wear it with flip flops and sunglasses, and great for a night out if you pair it with a long necklace and some strappy sandals.

Follow current trends with your accessories more than with your clothing. Accessories are a great way to stay hip. Throw out the small sunglasses and bring in the over-sized shades. Get rid of your jellies, and get some gladiator sandals. The idea is to stay current with accessories, and not to overdo it. Just because chunky bracelets, big shades, large hoops, cute hats, and large belt buckles are all in style, does not mean you should wear them all together. You have to realize that an accessory can really enhance  your look and fashion, but if you combine too many elements you take away from it. So, choose less than 3 items to wear. It is a good rule of thumb. If you have a hat, wear earrings and sunglasses, but not a necklace, belt, and bracelet too. If you want to wear a watch, add a few bracelets around it, and a cute pair of earrings, and forego the necklace.

Go for a signature look. When you accessorize, you want to use one piece that you can be known for. Whether you are known for your cute earrings, your scarves, or your hats, it is good to choose one thing you like, and wear it regularly. Then change up how you use the look. For example, if your signature is a scarf, sometimes wear it as a head wrap, other times as a neck scarf, other times as a belt, or maybe just tie it on your handbag to add some flair.

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