Comfort and style, choosing cute but comfy shoes

Shoes are one of the best ways to dress up a dull outfit, add style to your aging wardrobe, or just have fun. The problem is that many of the cutest shoes are not so comfy. While those pointy toed shoes with high heels look stunning, they can also cause big blisters and major foot pain after a day of wearing them. So, how can you choose cute, but comfy shoes? Try some of the following:

  1. Get the right size. One of the reasons girl complain about their shoes hurting their feet is that they have purchased the wrong size of shoe. Too small means cramped feet and uncomfortable shoes. Too big means sliding around, and that friction leads to blisters. If you have wide feet and you buy slim shoes, your feet will feel compressed. Etc. While shoes have sizes, so do pants and we all know just because the pant says size four does not mean it will fit like the size four you are already wearing. So, when you buy pants what do you do? You try them on. Do that with shoes. Make sure if you have wide feet that you buy wide shoes. Make sure you get the right size, and walk around the store with them on. Do not just stick them on your foot, take a lap. This way you know if you can handle wearing them all day at school.
  2. Get material that breathes. Your feet have to be confined to shoes, but that does not mean they have to be confined to rubber shoes. To make your feet comfortable, get cute shoes that are made of fabric, leather, etc. Do not go for the synthetics, but the natural materials. Your feet will be happier, and your shoes will stink less because your feet will sweat less.
  3. Choose the right height. Cute shoes come in all shapes and sizes, as well as heights. You need to choose the right height for your activity. There are tons of really cute flats available today, and those are perfect for school where you will be walking around. Get a few pairs of heels for weekend fun, but make sure they are wedged, or have support so that your feet aren’t killing by the end of the night. Sandals with sequins and beads can look dressy but still be comfortable. Choose classy, comfy, and fun.
  4. Think color. You can get really comfortable shoes, and make them cute and fun by getting great colors and patterns. So, instead of the bright white or pure black loafers, try lime green. No one will think Grandma shoes when you wear them.
  5. Go for quality. One of the best ways to get comfort and style with shoes is to buy some of the higher end quality shoes. You can find tons of cute shoes at Payless, Wal-mart etc. But chances are 50% of them will hurt your feet. So, check out the shoes at Nordstrom, or at least get the higher end brands from Payless and Target. Your feet deserve attention, and if you always buy the shoes that are on sale, you will always need to keep buying shoes because none of yours will feel right on your feet. They will be cute, no doubt about it, but what comforts are you willing to give up for cute shoes?

Now that you know how to find cute and comfortable shoes, get out there and have a blast shopping for shoes. After all, that is what girls (at least some girls) do best.

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