What to do when a guy breaks your heart

It does not matter if it is your first love, or your thirty-first, heartbreak is heartbreak. When a guy breaks your heart, there are natural tendencies, useful things to do, and complete wastes of time. So, what should you do when a guy breaks your heart? Try some of these, many girls in your same situation have found that it helps to.

  1. Write it out. Do you have a diary? A journal? Heartbreak is terribly hard thing to go through, and not much fun. It can be confusing. The best way to sort your feelings, and get them out of your head, and hopefully heart, is to write it out. Spend a few minutes, or hours if necessary getting your feelings out on paper.
  2. Remind yourself about what things bugged you. No guy is perfect, but when he breaks your heart it is hard to see them as anything else, you miss them, you want them, and you don’t care if they are a bad kisser, they hurt you. So, to move on, and heal your heart, you need to remember the things you disliked. This is not a bash session, or a time to lie to yourself and say he was never good enough for you (although chances are he wasn’t), it is time to say that even though he broke your heart, there were things about him you disliked. His hair style? His car? The way he danced? The way he ate? Find something.
  3. Go out for ice cream. Comfort food is comforting. So indulge in that double chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate sprinkles and chips. Give yourself time to indulge your cravings. Mourn while you eat, and when your ice cream is gone, it is time to stop mourning. (So, if you need to mourn for a while, you better get a big dish of ice cream.)
  4. Give it time, but don’t wait around. We all have heard that hearts take time to heal, but sometimes time can be your enemy when your heart gets broken. You have to learn to let your heart have time, but to also get back up on the horse right away. So, start dating again. Call the guy you thought about occasionally while dating Mr. Heartbreak. Don’t rush into a rebound relationship, but don’t sit at home on weekends either. You do not have a guy in mind? Get dressed up, get your nails done, and go to the mall, the club, the beach, wherever you go to meet new guys. Remember, you are appealing, and even with a broken heart, he should go for you!
  5. Stop talking to them. This is not childish, it is smart. If a guy breaks your heart, then talking to them, seeing them around with a new girl, and hearing about their happy life is just going to make you insecure and make it harder to move on. So, be the one he hears about instead of trying to find out how he is, what he is doing, etc. And, if he calls, let him know you are moving on, and that you don’t want to have contact, at least for now.
  6. Get a make over. Sometimes the best thing to do when someone breaks your heart is become a new person with a new heart. You can’t just let things go, but sometimes a clean slate is always best. So, buy some new clothes, get a new cut and color, and indulge yourself some. A makeover can do wonders for healing a broken heart. It can give you a fresh view on life, and a new found confidence in your ability to break hearts instead of have yours broken.


  1. Aliceisinwonderland says:

    My boyfriend cheated on me and none of these ridiculous ideas work. I’m freaking bawling my eyes out because I loved him. we did everything together. Please try to give better advice. I probably sound like a douche but its true

    • You are young. There are 7 billion people on earth and you’re going to let one absent-minded teenage boy ruin your life? Here’s a solution, DON’T. He’s obviously not the one so while God is busy writing your love story just sit back, relax, and enjoy your teenage years. Trust me, they go by fast!

  2. Soterriblyconfused says:

    This one guy broke my heart, but I let him. I didn’t realize he wasn’t good enough for me. This stuff is helping me get it.

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