Should you play hard to get?

Many girls feel that they should play hard to get. So, the question is, if you are into a guy, should you play hard to get, or not? The answer to that question really depends on what you are looking for.

So, what are you looking for?
1. A relationship?
If you are looking to have a relationship with the guy you are into, then you should play hard to get. At least some. You do not want to play too many games, but you do not want to just lay it all out on the line right away either. So, play hard to get. If you are too easy to get, some of the fun gets lost. So, you lose your appeal before your guy friend has a chance to get to know your opinion, personality, etc. So, if you want to have a chance with the guy, you have to give him a chance to see more to you, and if you lose your appeal before that happens, it will be too difficult.

Most guys want what they can’t have. And, that is the reason that they want it. So, until they find other reasons to want you, you need to play hard to get. So, don’t kiss them for a while, but make sure they know you are interested. Don’t call them. Don’t always return calls right away. You want to show them that they are not all you have going. You have more to your life than them, and you aren’t going to put them first.yet!

When do you stop playing hard to get? If you play hard to get too long, there will be a point when he says, “Ok, I like her, but clearly she does not feel the same because I am not getting anywhere.” So, he will give up. So, if you want him to like you, but not give up, you need to play hard to get just long enough, but not too long. Stop playing hard to get once you have established that he is interested in you, not just the idea of you. How do you know? He has invested some money in you. Calls you. Talks to you in public. Has asked you on a few dates. After he does this, you can stop playing hard to get and let him know you like him as well.

2. A hook up?
If you are looking to get a hook up, then playing hard to get is a terrible idea. When you play hard to get, you take things a little bit slower, not faster. It is the opposite of the result you are looking for. So, when you meet a guy, you can act a little disinterested in order to grab his attention, and get interest in you. But once you have his attention, drop the act. Playing hard to get when you are looking for a hook up is an oxymoron, so know when to use the playing it hard to get card, and when to just get some.

3. A few dates?
If you are not looking for anything serious, you just want to date some and have some fun, then playing hard to get is a joke. You don’t be easy, but don’t be hard either. You need to be approachable. Be just hard enough to get their attention and be desirable (most guys want what they can’t easily have), but don’t be to big of a challenge, or they might chicken out. So, let them approach you, make them call, but take their calls, and go out with them when they ask. Or, be upfront with them at the beginning. Tell them that you would like to hang out, but you aren’t looking for anything else.

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