Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Often times jaw-dropping results are achieved by a new hair cut, a new outfit or using really effective skin care.  Always choose products that compliment your skin tone, with quality ingredients.

A good moisturizer is key to healthy looking skin.  Your facial moisturizer should contain retinal, which comes from Vitamin A, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Also make sure the moisturizer is oil and fragrance free.  You should also use a moisturizer with SPF 15 for daytime use to help stop the damaging effects of the sun.  If your skin is moisturized properly, your make up, when applied goes on much smoother and blends nicer than if your skin is dry and flaky.  Dry and flaky skin can cause your makeup to go on very uneven.

Mineral makeup is the most exciting way to create a sheer glowing complexion and create a soft even color. Make sure that you choose a color that compliments you skin tone.  Mineral foundations are great for evening skin tones, covering freckles, blemishes and age spots.  They are also great for helping to hide the dark circles under your eyes, and making large pores disappear.

The best lipsticks are the ones that last, have the right colors, and are made with quality ingredients.  These lipsticks don’t only change the color of your lips but they are healthy for you lips as well.  Helping to keep your lips moisturized, smooth and soft is key to having beautiful lips.   If your lips are cracked and dry your lipstick will go on unevenly and it will also fade faster.  Even the smallest cracks around your lips will cause your lipstick to bleed.  Use a soothing lip treatment with sweet marjoram, lavender, and tarragon, which promote healing and also provides a smooth base for your lipstick.  With soft lips your lipstick will look and feel better than ever.  You should always carefully choose lipstick colors.  To do this you need to first find out if your skin tones are “warm” or “cool”.   If you are “warm” then the undertone of your skin is yellowish, if you are “cool” then the undertone is bluish.  Everyone is either “warm” or “cool”.  The warm colors tend to be earthy, such as coral, amber, brown, and brick red, sandalwood, taupe.  The “cool” colors tend to have names associated with berries, such as pink, raspberry, cherry, lavender, plum, rose, strawberry, and mauve.  Carefully choosing colors that are right for you can definitely cause jaw-dropping results.

Choosing the proper eye makeup is very important.  Remember you want to accentuate your eyes not cover them up.  Also knowing how to apply your eye makeup is very important for that jaw-dropping effect.   Make sure that you get the right color for your skin.  A small amount of glitter around the eyes will always turn a head or two.  Make sure when purchasing that glitter you get one that is for eyes and is hypoallergenic.

Adding some layers to your hair can definitely make a difference.  Pick a haircut that is right for the shape of your face and body.  Having the right haircut is very important.  If you have had the wrong haircut for your face and body shape, the right one can really get jaw-dropping reactions from friends and family.   The same applies to hair color, go darker maybe add some red or blonde highlights.   Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, or maybe just bring out the natural highlights in your own hair color.  Color is always fun to play around with and can also give you a very different look than what you are use to.

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