What kind of flirting do guys like?

While every teenage boy has varying preferences, in general they all like the same things. The following is a question asked by a teenage girl, and we posed it to a group of teenage boys for the answer.

Question: There are so many different ways to flirt, or to let a guy know we like them, and we want to know what kind of flirting guys like.

Answer: Guys like all flirting, but if you want to know what kind we like best, we can tell you in one word: Playful! Basically, while the sexy come-ons and whispered sweet nothings are well and good, what we really want is a girl to be fun and flirty.

By playful we mean that we want girls who are not too easy to get. We like playing the game. And we want a girl who has it mastered. Give us just enough flirting to get our attention, and then take it away so that we are left wondering if we imagined you like us. Anything that is too blunt or straightforward has a negative effect. A girl who walks up to us, brushes up against us, laughs at our jokes, touches our arm while she is talking, and winks as she walks away is enticing and mysterious to us. A girl who walks up and says, “I put out, so you should date me.” Is too obvious, and not nearly as attractive. Even if both girls are going to put out the same, and be the same as far as how fun they are goes, etc. we want the game.

So what are some examples of playful flirting? Well, let’s say we are watching a movie with a group of people, we want you to come over and sit by us, even if you have to squeeze in between other people. Take control, be confident, and funny about it. We also love massages. Don’t massage everyone or it is not flirting. If we are hanging out, and sitting around talking, get behind us and give us a back massage. It is nice of you, it provides that physical contact that is such a big part of flirting, and while it is sort of an intimate act, it is also something you can do for your sister, dad, or friend, so it is not too much. Another great thing you can do is just touch us while we are talking. You can swat at us and laugh at our joke, put your hand on our arm when we meet, put your arm around us, or even just rub up against us when we are standing around. The subtle arms brushing is really good. Jump on our back and have us give you piggy-back rides, or bump us with your hip to knock us over. All of that is good.

Playful flirting involves being fun. It means you have to get into what we are into. You might flirt with us by talking trash (playfully of course) while you play us in one on one basket ball, or playing mario kart on the wii, or something. The idea is to get us interested with fun, playful flirting that is not too forward.

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