What do you want in a girl?

The male mind is a complex, but simple machine. Teen girls tend to give males more credit than is due. This is why so many teen girls wonder about what guys want in girls, etc. So, stop wondering. Teen girls ask, and teen boys answer.

Question: What do you want in a girl?

Answer: Every guy has a slightly different version of this, but they almost all come down to the same thing.  We want someone who is gorgeous and fun. But let’s get a little more specific.

As a person, we want someone we can take home to the parents, that they will love, but that I can take out with my friends too. She has to fit in either way. The guys have to like her, and be okay with her tagging along when we all hang out, but my parents have to like her too. She has to be someone who can be the prom date, and the study buddy.

Physically: Athletic, but knows how to dress up and look great. She has to have a figure, and look good when we want to go out on the town. Basically we like long legs, big boots, a nice rear, and a flat stomach. We want a girl to like four wheeling, long boarding, going to the beach, playing volleyball, and wrestling around, but we also want them to wear make-up, dress fashionably, and be able to wear high heels.

Mentally: She has to be able to hold her own in a conversation, but not be dominating. We don’t want to be talked over too much, or be outdone. Basically we want you to be smart, but we want to be smarter. No guy likes feeling dumb, and we will if you are too much smarter than us, or correct us, and stuff. So, if you want to be the girl we like, be common sense smart, but not so book smart that it is nerdy, and NEVER correct our facts or our grammar, especially not in front of our friends.

Emotionally: Stability is important. I do not want someone who is emotional all of the time. I mean, if your Grandma dies, I will be your shoulder to cry on, but if your dog dies, really? Instead, realize that guys do not really talk about feelings, and we don’t particularly like hearing about them all the time either. Share, but don’t over-share. Big turn-off!

Besides being physically attractive, the number one thing we want is for you to be happy about you. She has to have confidence. Confidence is sexy. A girl who isn’t confident in her self is not going to score very high on our card. We can’t stand a girl who needs constant reassurance that she is great, we want someone who knows she is great.

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