If I am not gorgeous, what can I do to get your attention?

Teen girls are often insecure about their looks, and the main reason is because boys are superficial in nature, and tend to like the pretty girls first and foremost. So, this brings up a common question amongst teen girls, if you aren’t the pretty girl, or one of the most attractive girls at your school, or wherever, what other options do you have to get a guy’s attention. The following is the question asked by a teen girl, with the answer from a teen boy.

Question: If I am not gorgeous, and not the prettiest one in my group, what can I do to get your attention?

Answer: We are obviously going to go for the pretty girls because that is what we are initially attracted to. So, if you are not gorgeous, you still have to do something to look good. If you are over weight, or have acne, or something that is detracting from your looks, make sure you draw the attention away from that and toward what you do have to offer. So, always get ready. You will want to do  your hair, and make sure you look as good as you can with the help of products and make-up because if you aren’t naturally gorgeous you have to help your cause.

It helps if you dress sort of sexy, because guys like dirty. While personality matters, we are more likely to go for the slutty fat girl than the funny fat girl. It is just the way it is. So, if you face or body don’t do much to recommend you alone, play up your good parts to catch our attention. For us teenage boys, there really is no such thing as too much cleavage, or midriff, or leg. Show some skin to get our attention or the girl who is pretty is going to get it. That does not necessarily mean you have to put out, but it does mean you have to get our attention in another way.

Funny girls are good too, but you do not want to be funny as a crutch either. If all you have to recommend you is that you are funny, we probably won’t ever go for you. We might hang out with you, but not in a way that is dating, etc. So, be funny, and someone who is always looking stylish etc.

Being outgoing and cool will eventually get our attention. It is going to take some time because that instant physical attraction is not going to be there. Give us something else to be attracted to, like a great personality, and be patient and persistent until we notice it. A good way to help us notice your personality if you aren’t really pretty is to just be really involved. Get involved, do pep rallies, powder puff football, etc. so that we see you a lot, and take notice of you because of the sheer number of times we hear about you or see you around.

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