How can I break up with you and still be able to date your friends?

Teenage girls are full of questions about boys, and now they can get some answers. The following is the answer from a teenage boy perspective to the question: How can I break up with you and still be able to date your friends?

Question: How can I break up with you and still be able to date your friends?

Answer: You can’t. Boys are pretty territorial, and whether he dumps you, or you dump him, friends of the guy are off limits. We know it is a double standard, but we can date your friends, and you are just going to have to live with it, but you can’t date ours, at least not for a LONG time. So, don’t bother trying to figure out a way to date our friends after breaking up with us. You can’t! It is kind of like a boy rule that once you have dated one, you can’t date others.

Simply puy: We get to date all of your friends, but you can’t date ours.

Why? There is no real logic to it other than we call it the “no leftover policy.” Most guys do not want to be compared to their friends when it comes to how good a kisser they are, or what kind of boyfriend they are. They also do not want to be called out for taking someone else’s “sloppy seconds.” Whether you dump him or he dumps you does not have any bearing on whether or not it is okay to date his friends.

So, what can you do if you are really interested in his friends? Wait. The best remedy for it is to break up in a congenial manner so that there is not a lot of trash talking going on. You don’t want him trash talking you to his friends, or they might not be interested in you. Then wait until he has found someone new, or at least 6 months to a year has passed since you two dated. If you can keep a friendship going, then you give everyone enough time to think of you more as a friend then as someone else’s girlfriend, ex or otherwise.

If you stay friends, and there is a 6 month time gap or a year or so, you can then date our friends, but you have to give us time to find someone new. No guy wants to be dumped for his friends. No guys is going to be okay with having you tell him without words that his friend is better than him. So, once he has a new girl friend, or is at least dating a lot and getting a lot of girls interested in him, he won’t care as much if you date his friends, and his friends won’t be as worried about how he will react.

The biggest thing to remember is that guys put guys first most of the time, and if you dump him, his friends will consider it a treasonous act to date you.

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