Healthier Diets For Teen Girls

Teen girls need to watch what they eat as many processed foods out there can be detrimental to their health. Unhealthy eating can set a life pattern of it and you often end up with obesity as a result of improper eating. As a parent, how can you help your teen girl focus on healthier eating habits? Sit down and talk to her about healthier eating and even consider having her help you in doing the shopping. This way you will both be able to purchase foods that you know she will eat and you can steer clear of the areas that are detrimental to your health like the soda, candy, and processed food areas.

Use the food pyramid to help you find foods that are healthier and foods that will be able to properly provide for your teen daughter. You can see which food areas need to make up a large part of her eating habits. Proteins are areas that a lot of teen girls neglect. You need to make sure that your daughter is getting her sources of lean meats in her diet. Some teen girls will go through phases where they want to try being a vegetarian. If this is the case, you will need to help her understand how to find proteins in other food sources. You must include protein in the diet as it helps to provide the body with essential amino acids. These food sources will provide for proper growth but they also assist your teen in giving her sustainable energy through the day.

Healthy eating also needs to include carbohydrates. This is another touchy subject with teen girls as they want to blame any fat they have on carbs. You need to properly explain good carbs from bad carbs and help her to see the importance of eating a balanced diet. She may like whole grain bread, which is a great start as you want her to enjoy the healthy carbs that aid in proper digestion and many other things.

Remove all the soda and sugary drinks from your home. Your teen girl should drink plenty of water and milk during the day. When she is able to focus on consuming beverages that build up her muscles and aid in giving her the nutrition she needs, she won’t feel as sluggish throughout the day and she will be able to maintain a healthier body. Milk is one of the things that needs to be consumed often, especially for teen girls as they need it daily to build their bodies properly.

If your teen daughter has had a sweet tooth, you may be able to help her out by getting her to turn to fruits when she wants something sweet. Fruits are great sources of natural sugars and they are great at offering you a balanced and healthier diet. She can try out a number of different fruits to see which ones she really enjoys and wants to incorporate into her diet.

Vegetables are vital to your diet. A lot of teens are terrible with eating their vegetables. You can find ways to hide vegetables in meals a lot! Just like when they were toddlers, you can disguise them in sauces and many other things. This will help your teen to get the nutrition that she really needs from the veggies without knowing she is eating them. Take her with you to the store to choose vegetables and create recipes together. Having her help you in the kitchen may be able to help her try out the foods as she is the one preparing them and it can overcome her fear of trying new things.

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