Teen pregnancy

One of the risks of having sex as a teenager is that of teen pregnancy. The following is a look at some of the facts about teen pregnancy:

The realities of teen pregnancy:

While it may initially be exciting and even something to look forward to, the reality is that most people do not have children in their teen years for good reasons.


You are in school. You must decide what you are going to do. If you stay in school, you will likely undergo the ridicule of peers. If you drop out you stunt your ability for economic growth. If you decide to do home school or something similar you have to be motivated.


You have to consider the expense. Having a baby is very expensive. In addition to the cost of pregnancy check-ups, and the birth, hospital stay, etc. you have to get clothes, diapers, and other items for the baby. You also have to get immunizations, etc. The costs add up fast, and will be overwhelming to someone without a job or with a job that is minimum wage. It can be overwhelming to couples with real careers.

Long term:

Will you and your partner stay together? Will you break up? Who will the baby live with? Where will you live? Are your parents going to let you stay with them? Are you going to need to get a job? Are you going to be able to find a sitter for your baby when you are in school, at work, etc.?

The realities of teen pregnancy are simple, it is not like having a toy, or a doll, it is a person who has to be fed, changed, bathed, and cared for. You can’t leave them home so you can go out with your friends. You can’t hope everything will just work out. You have to provide for their needs, and have a plan. In other words, you have to grow up and be responsible. This is not easy, and it isn’t something that is natural for a teen, who is primarily a selfish creature, to do.

Where to get help: If you are a teen and you get pregnant, your first place to get help should be your parents. They may be angry, but in the end they should come around and support you. The next place you can turn is your church or other groups you are affiliated with. You can also get help from places like Planned Parenthood, and other agencies set up to help teens with unwanted pregnancies.

Your options: As a teen who gets pregnant you are given options, you can abort, place for adoption, or keep your baby yourself. All of these options are difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to grasp the long term consequences of. Initially most teens lean toward keeping their baby, but emotions can cloud your judgment. So, talk with an adult who has your best interest in mind. Consider your values. Consider others. Abortion is something that goes against many people’s religious and personal beliefs, but they do not want to keep the baby either. Adoption is a wonderful option as it gives other people a chance to have babies when their bodies limit them from being able to do so.

How to prevent unplanned pregnancy: Abstinence is the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancy. If you are not going to do that, then talk to an adult and get yourself on birth control. They are not full proof, but they will lessen your chances of an unplanned pregnancy.

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