Keeping your grades up and still having a social life

As a teenager one of the hardest things to balance is that of school and social interaction. Being able to get your school work done, study for tests, learn material, do the required reading, attend classes and after school functions, all while having a social life can be difficult. Especially if you add in things like spending time with your family, going to church, having a job to provide you with some money, etc. So, how can you keep your grades up and still have a social life? Try the following:

  1. First you have to choose your class schedule wisely. You do not want to fill your schedule with easy classes that are going to do you little good, but you also need to remember you are a teenager, in high school. So, if you have room to take 7 classes, do not take more than 4 AP, or difficult for you classes. This does not mean the other 3 should be things like PE. However, they should be enjoyable, not so mentally taxing, or homework laden. A poetry class, a class on typing, or photography, etc. are all good choices.
  2. Do not over-involve yourself. It can be tempting to get involved in numerous things, but it can also overwhelm your schedule, and leave you with little free time. While involvement keeps you social, it also renders you unable to have freedom in that social life. So, choose a sport you enjoy, a club you want to join, and an extra-curricular activity that interests you such as dance, marching band, or theater, but do not try to do them all. If you do, you will have no time for anything else.
  3. Learn to be efficient and organized. Even someone taking 5 or 6 advanced placement courses, or concurrent enrollment, and who is doing a sport, can have a social life if they plan well and manage their time efficiently. So, if you are sitting outside the school after football practice, waiting for your ride home, do some of your reading, or get started on your math assignment. It is wise to never waste a minute of your time, instead be continuously productive. Have a game plan for each day so that you have the ability and time to go with friends to the mall if they call. A small notebook is a great tool, as it allows you to write down the tasks you need to complete, and when you intend to do so. If you have a math assignment, a chemistry lab report, and a paper on a book, you might work on your math assignment during lunch at school, with your friends in the class, then take notes about the book, and what you intend to write on, while you wait for rides, or if you get to a class early, and then write it and your lab report as soon as you get home so that you have the rest of the evening to enjoy yourself.

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