How to get help when you fall behind in school

Sometimes life happens, even when you are in high school, and you get behind in school. You break up with your significant other, you get sick, you just can’t concentrate, or the class simply moves too fast. Whatever the reason, on occasion, everyone gets behind in school. So, if you fall behind in a class, or in all of your classes, what can you do to get help? Most students are too afraid to ask, or to admit that they are so far behind they need help, and so instead of getting help, they find themselves in a bad situation getting worse. Before you let things spiral out of control, consider the following tactics for how to get help when you fall behind in school:

  1. Your first option is simply to talk directly to your teacher. You do not have to give them you sob story, but you do need to let them know you are behind, and that it is your desire to get caught up. Ask them what they can do to help you, or how they would be willing to work with you. Most teachers will be reasonable, they will extend deadlines, offer help during lunch or after school, or will help you find a tutor, or someone to help you catch up. In most cases, this is all you will need to do to get the help you need. Of course, you will need to follow through, use the tutor, get the work done by the extended deadline, and show up for their help during lunch or after school.
  2. If talking to your teacher is not enough, or if they are unwilling to work with you to get you caught up, your next option is to visit your counselor. Explain the situation and the steps you have taken. Even if your reason for getting behind is stupid, the fact that you are trying to get back on track should warrant you some help. Your counselor can go to your teachers and work out some sort of arrangement where they will accept work late, and you can still get the credit, or they may let you make-up a test, or retake one, etc. They may provide a place and supervised study for you. They may arrange for a peer tutor, or some other help. Their job is to help you get through high school the best you can, and get you into higher education, so if you show you are willing to make an effort, they will respond in kind.
  3. If the counselor is unwilling to help you, or does not help you, the you move up the ladder once more and contact the principal directly. Let them know that you want to make efforts to get caught up. That you have fallen behind, and you do not want your future to be jeopardized, and would like to work out a way to get caught up and make-up work. This might mean summer school, or after school session for several weeks on end, but usually the principal will be willing to help you arrange some way to get caught up, get your grades up, and help you graduate, etc.

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