Outdoor exercise programs for teens

It is often much easier to workout if you are going somewhere while doing it, or in beautiful scenery, or at the very least you get to feel the sun on your skin, or the wind in your hair. Working out in a gym, on a treadmill, or a stair stepper can be tedious and monotonous, especially for an active teen. Thus, the following is a look at some great outdoor exercise programs for teens.

Outdoor exercise program 1: The focus of this exercise program is to build your endurance, and get a cardio workout in.

Monday: Jog at 9 minute mile pace for 30 minutes. Focus on keeping proper form and a steady pace. Your first mile and last mile should take the same amount of time.

Tuesday: Go on an hour hike. Carry a backpack with water and some healthy snacks like granola, nuts, or dried fruits. A backpack with some weight in it will help you to get stronger.

Wednesday: Do speed intervals on a trail or scenic road. Run 5 minutes regular pace, 4 minutes tempo pace (meaning a faster pace), 3 minutes regular, 2 minutes tempo, 1 minutes regular, 2 minutes tempo, 3 minutes regular, 4 minutes tempo, 5 minutes regular. Then stretch and cool down.

Thursday: Play a sport with friends, soccer, basketball, or even volleyball are all great options. Just be sure to put in a good effort so that you get a good workout out of it.

Friday: Find a stadium or a steep hill. Today you are going to do stairs or hills to build your legs, butt, and endurance. Run up, walk down. You do not want to injure your knees by pounding too hard down a hill or down steps. Do 5-10 sets depending on your fitness level.

Saturday: Do ten build-ups where you run 100 yards, starting at a gradual pace, and building up to a full sprint. Jog twenty minutes or swim for twenty minutes. Do a cool down and stretching session.

Sunday: Go for a walk, or rest and recover.

Outdoor exercise program 2: This exercise program will focus on strength building.

Monday: Get a jogging stroller from a neighbor with kids, and push a kid while on a run. This will help you build your strength by adding weight to a cardio workout. Run for 45 minutes.

Tuesday: Run stairs at your school stadium. Carry some 2 pound free weights as you run the stairs. Do 5 sets of stairs at consistent speed. Then do 50 pushups.

Wednesday: Find a hilly mountain trail and go on a leisurely paced hike. Be sure to stretch well before and after.

Thursday: Tread water for 25 minutes, do a 5 minute warm up swim and 5 minute cool down swim.
Friday: Roller blade for an hour, take a friend a long to make it more fun!
Saturday: Play a sport with friends.

Sunday: Rest, recover, consider a walk or some light weight reps, but do not do a hard workout.

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