Long tresses, what products to use to spice up your do

Do you love your long tresses, but you’re looking for some products and sort of way to spice up your do?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Long hair is beautiful, but it can tend to get boring really fast.  Here are some of the very best products for long hair, that can transform you into dull and lifeless into fantastic and sexy!

Whenever you are choosing products for your hair, make sure that you think about what type of hair you have.  Lots of products are made just for long hair.  But then you need to think about your long hair.  Is it curly?  Does it tend to get frizzy?  Do you have soft waves?  Or are you stick straight?  Do you have a lot of layers?  Do you want texture?  Do you need moisture?  Want volume or want to reduce volume?  Knowing your own hair will help you choose the right products for your own long locks.

You should also ask your stylist for advice on what products to use.  Your stylist knows your hair, and also knows some great tricks of the trade.  But if you don’t want to spend a fortune on products sold at the salon, use these fantastic little supermarket substitutes.  Have salon worthy long and luscious hair for a fraction of the price!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum

This magical little product works wonders when it comes to tackling the biggest problems that people have with their long hair.  Are you struggling with frizzy long hair?  What about those pesky fly aways that you just can’t seem to keep under control?  This serum will take care of it all, while adding incredible shine and beauty to your long hair.

Simply apply to your hair, whether damp or dry.  Comb through your hair.  Then style it in order to see a world of difference with your long locks.  No longer will they be boring and dull, but now they will be shiny, full of body, and also full of control!

Frizz-ease Anti-frizz Serum

The Frizz-ease line of products are fantastic and inexpensive ways to pump up the style of your long hair.  This serum controls frizz and fly-aways, just like the Biosilk Serum.  You can spray it into your damp hair and then style.  Or you can keep it on hand with you at all times, and spray it onto your hair for a quick fix and to control mid day frizz.

Citrishine Shine Spray

This little beauty is a favorite of stylists everywhere.  With a citrus fruit base, it is a great and natural way to add beauty and shine to your long tresses.  Just spray onto damp or dry hair for a great style or a way to finish off your hair.  This spray is a perfect way to control frizz that crops up in the middle of the day.

Angel by Thierry Mugler Celestial Hair Mist Spray

Wondering how you can finish off your style?  Well, look no further!  Celestial Hair Mist Spray will finish off your long hair styling with a great scent, great shine, and really good control.

L’Oreal Vive Curl Defining Spray

If you’ve got long hair that’s also curly, this is one product that you can’t do without.  One of the biggest problems with long curly hair is keeping those curls defined.  Too often you just end up with a frizzy mess!  But this Curl Defining Spray will help you keep your curls beautiful and bouncy all day long!  Simply apply to your damp hair, and then finish off your style with another application.  Frizz be gone, and hello beautiful curls and sexy waves!

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