Frizz attack? Make your hair sleek.

Are you going through a frizz attack?  Don’t freak out!  By following these simple tips and easy steps, you can transform your hair from huge and frizzy to sleek and shiny.

There are a number of different things that you can do to control and transform your frizzy hair.  The first step is to moisturize your hair.  Most frizzy hair is caused by damage and breakage, rather than the natural state of your hair.  So by giving your hair a huge dose of moisture, you can fix the frizz.

Begin by taking some intense conditioner and working it into your hair.  Beauty experts recommend using an intense conditioner like Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and A-G’s Varnish.  Take a dime sized amount of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and a few drops of Varnish and mix them together in your hand.  Then apply the combination to clean and damp hair, and work it through your hair evenly, from roots to tips.  Air dry your hair.

Use an intense and deep conditioner and shampoo every time you wash your hair.  Buy one that says that it is specifically for extra dry hair.  This will help repair your hair and keep it healthy after you get all the damaged hair cut off.  A really good conditioner is Structural Balance Hydrating Reconstructor.  Make sure that you leave your conditioner in your hair for a while before you rinse it out of your hair.  This will let the conditioner really work itself into your hair.

If you have time, you can give yourself an intense salon deep conditioning treatment at home!  After putting your conditioner in your hair, get out of the shower and wrap your hair with a hot towel.  Sit like this for five or ten minutes.  Then get back in the shower and rinse your hair.  Don’t rub your hair dry.  Instead, experts say that you should just gently blot out the extra water out of your hair using your towel.

You might want to purchase some leave in conditioners that you can keep in your hair, and can even spray in your hair later on in the day.

There are a ton of different frizz control products out there that you can try out.  Serums are especially good for frizzy hair, because they’re not as messy.  Try the Aerostraight spray.

Another way to control your frizzy hair is to take a bunch of Velcro rollers to smooth out your hair.  Roll one inch sections of hair into the rollers, using a size based on the amount of lift that you want.  You can also smooth out your hair by applying to heat to it with a blow dryer while it’s still in your rollers.

If you want smooth and shiny hair, straightening irons are another great option.  Make sure that you use some sort of hair protectant, because using a lot of heat every day is going to seriously damage your hair.

Are there certain hair cuts that you can get to help stop frizzy hair before it happens?  You bet!  If you have hair that is usually dry and frizzy, then ask your stylist to give you a more blunt cut.  If you want layers and texture, which are really in right now, then ask your stylist for point cut layers.  Lots of times, stylists razor cut your hair, or use thinning shears.  The problem is that these techniques actually weaken the tips of your hair, which is a great way to encourage frizz!

If you get your hair trimmed often, then you will be able to control the frizz that comes with damaged ends.

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