1. Soft caress of fingertips on ivory,

notes dripping with inspiration

The music sores through unending passages

fervently rising and falling with every forte

desperately trying to break free

from each vein running rampantly through

The music comes in silences but then,

lightening strikes and thunder fills the ai

souls sore to new heights

and passion emerges from within

rendering unfathomable emotion

uncontainable desire to overcome

the monotony of conforming rhythm

holding back the sweet melody off life…a life lived

  1. How?

How can I ever be

the type of person I’m expected?

I want to do so much with life

yet I’m never respected.

Those whom I encounter,

laugh and scoff at me.

Like crimson paint,

they spill my blood with words.

They mock and taint

my dreams with scorn.

  1. We Are One

Bombs, planes

they’re all the same…

they change one’s life

or accentuate the death.

Can I say I’m sorry?

That I feel your pain

I don’t know who’s to blame

but I do know we are One.

We are all Americans,

turbans, rosaries, veils…

Just because I am different

doesn’t mean I am sinister

I shall vanquish

this veil that separates

our worlds, they shall merge

forever to be One.

  1. Liberation from fear

liberation from the mask I wear

to hide myself from the scornful eyes around me.

Freedom from control

all of this is mine now.

I can run without

looking behind,

I can move forward without regret and oppression

  1. Everyone talks about it

as if it is something that can be bought or stolen-

But it can not be stolen- for that,

that is the cause of its lack

steal my money, my rights and

my life, what am I to do-

retaliate?  so much for …

that longed for…peace.

  1. The longest night of the year

in the company of a perfect stranger

yet a feeling of complete content

the vast  darkness engulfing

sea and sky fuse together

creating an enormous window to the unknown.

Secret wishes shoot through the heavens,

catalysts for concordance among all

A sly look, and a single word-go

reveals one’s hidden thoughts instantaneously

yet how to put in words poses problematic

the jumbled thoughts and conflicting desires

impossible manifestations leading only to disappointment

like the rising tide, coming and going

enter stage right – only to leave too soon

a lingering embrace provokes something more

a quick stolen wish at the end…

…of the longest night of the year

  1. Abandoned sanctuaries longing for fulfillment

crosses reaching to the vacant masses

empty pews and abandoned altars

entombed by cobwebs and hallow promises

the only patrons are those that scurry

across the age encrusted cracked concrete

a phantom chorus of forgotten saints

raise their silent voices toward heaven

only to be absorbed into fading frescos and

magnificent sculptures eroded by time’s torrential tears

body and blood long since gone stale

eternal flames of offerings extinguished

remnants stopped, frozen by time

  1. You don’t like what I say?

So go ahead- lock me up

My voice sounds louder than ever

I will draw people to my side through my words

Because of you- all because of you

and the constraints you give-

My voice is the thunder

from which you cannot hide

  1. Waiting for the verdict

it will change my life

for good or worse

the answer will come

its too late now,

to change the past

to go back and redo

what I should have done

what can I do

but sit and wait

the people come and go

but I remain here,

in the monotonous routine

of waiting, hoping, sighting

the answer still has not come

how long must I wait?

10.  Along the empty streets

without motivation or destination.

I pass by shadows

I have gone to the depths of hell

But in the strength of the moment

I have emerged stronger.

I don’t want to suffer pain any more

or believe that the skies are falling

nor that the rivers lose their water

I believe only in my desires

the ones that no one knows.

I trust my heart alone

to take to me to where I belong.

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