1. There was this boy that I totally had a crush on for months.  But I was way too shy to ever go talk to him about it.  So sometimes my best friend would go scope things out to see if he might be interested.  One day I was telling her what to ask him when I turned around and there he was!  Standing right behind me!  How embarrassing!
  2. There was this school party where whole bunch of my friends were hanging out.  My friends and I started looking for my crush.  When we saw him at the end of a hallway, I started goofing off to get him to notice me.  Unfortunately I was dancing around a little too much and whacked my elbow on a fire alarm sticking out of the wall.  I started yelling in pain and then showed up at school the next day with cast on my arm from a fractured elbow!  Both my friends and my crush laughed at me for days.
  3. I was really tired one day in class and decided to take a little nap at my desk during biology.  When I woke up I noticed that my face felt a bit damp.  Then I saw the huge puddle of drool all over my desk- it covered all my books and papers!  Everybody noticed and started laughing.  I never slept in class again.
  4. I was at our high school’s basketball game with all my friends when I saw a boy I liked from another school on the other side of the gym.  I waved at him to get his attention and then got up to go say hello.  But as soon as he saw me, I tripped on my backpack and fell down the bleachers!  He and his friends laughed at me for a while.  But I still went to talk to him and he asked me out right after the game!
  5. One day I was sitting at lunch with my new boyfriend.  I reached in my bag to get my phone out and somehow 2 tampons fell out of my bag!  I tried to grab them and stuff them back in my bag before my boyfriend noticed, but he did.  Then he asked me if I was on my period right then in front of everyone!  The worst part is, all his friends were sitting around us and heard him!
  6. I was really flat chest-ed even when I was in high school.  And when this guy I had a huge crush on asked me to a school dance, I was so excited!  But I was nervous about looking like a boy so I went out and bought a really, really padded push-up bra.  The worst part is when he came to pick me up, all he could do was stare at my boobs.
  7. One night before I went to bed I put a green mud mask on my face.  As I was walking downstairs to get a glass of water, I heard my older brother and his hot friends in the other room.  I quickly hid in the closet, but their voices kept coming closer until they finally opened the closet door to find me in my nightgown with a green face!
  8. I was trying a new type of mascara that I’d never used before.  In my rush to get out of the house, I didn’t look in the mirror before I left.  So when I got to school, I noticed a few people giving me funny looks.  I went in the bathroom to see what the problem was, when I discovered that my mascara was actually green instead of black!  That’s the last time I ever buy a new mascara without looking at it first!
  9. I was with a bunch of friends one summer having a barbeque and water fight.  Somebody said something really funny and I started laughing and couldn’t stop.  Then I actually peed my pants because I was laughing so hard!  Luckily we were having a water fight so I just had my best friend soak me down so no one would notice the wet spot.  But a few of the guys noticed and to this day they try to make me laugh that hard again.
  10. I had been at work really late on a school night and so I was really tired in class the next day.  I fell asleep during my history class and woke up to hear everyone laughing at me.  I had started snoring really loud as I slept and disrupted the whole class!

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