Get tan without getting cancer

So you want a tan.  Who doesn’t?  Tans look great all year round, but especially during swimsuit season.  And who wants to show off just how pasty white they are?  You want a tan, but you also want the best of both worlds: a tan without the danger of cancer.

Is a tan without cancer an oxymoron?  Fortunately, today it’s definitely not!  Over the last few years, beauty companies have come out with tons of different ways that you can get a tan without the cancer dangers that come with lying outside for hours, or in a tanning bed for twenty minutes.

The sunless tanning market is pretty hot right now.  There are more and more sunless tanning options available.  And the best way to go is with a combination skin moisturizer/sunless tanner.  This combo gives you a steady color change over a few weeks so that you naturally build up sunless tanner for a more natural look.  What does this mean?  No more funny orange streaks!  Instead, you have moisturized skin and great, natural tan color.

Sunless tanning moisturizers come in pills, lotions, and sprays.  The best ones come with something called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA.  The government has only approved the effectiveness of sunless tanners with DHA.  DHA works because it has special molecules in it that react with your skin in a way that actually changes the color of your skin cells to brown!

Old spray-on tanners really were just a spray-on tan: you covered yourself in orange.  But these new-fangled tanners actually work with your skin so that your brown color is natural.

Some of the most popular sunless tanners/moisturizers are products like Dove Energy Glow Lotion, which looks really natural.  Or you can try out Jergens Body Glow, which is fantastic because it won’t streak like nasty spray tanners.  Olay Everyday Sunshine is another really popular moisturizer/tanner option.  Finally, try out L’Oreal bronzer.  This is a natural way to add a tan, especially to your face.  There won’t be any orange, and no streaks.

Some people prefer to use a spray on tan.  Fortunately, these have gotten better and better over the last few years.  Lots of tanning salons offer spray on tans that have the same DHA that is in the best tanners/moisturizers combos.  Spray on tans last for a little while, and will eventually wash off.

If you don’t want to take a trip to your local tanning salon, there are lots of products that you can pick up at your local store.  Some of the best and most popular products are Banana Boat Air Brush Tan.  It’s extra easy to apply, and it won’t streak or leave you orange.  Rimmel also has a great spray tan that you can find at Target or at other drug stores.  It does take longer to apply than moisturizer combos, but you can change your look and your tan level from day to night.

You also might want to try off Garnier Ambre Solaire.  This is a great option if you have a big party to go to tomorrow, and you don’t have time to build up a tan using a moisturizer/tanner combo.  You won’t get streaks, but it will dry to a beautiful tan.  It will also last for a few days, so you can keep it on for the entire weekend!  Just don’t hit a pool party with it…or at least don’t hit the pool!

No matter how you get your tan, if you use bronzers, moisturizers, or spray, remember that none of them will protect your skin from cancer.  So you should always wear a really good sun block that has a high SPF rating.  Otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk!

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