How to make your house the summer hangout

smiling girlSummer means school is out, time to hang out with friends, and, most importantly, time to figure out how to make your house the summer hangout this year!

How will you be making your house the place everyone wants to hangout this summer? The countdown has begun for how many days there are left of school. Time is ticking and summer will be here fast! So you need to start planning! Start planning and come up with ideas that will make your pad the place all of your friends will want to be this summer.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to make your house the summer hangout:

  • Make sure you are well prepared. Try to make your house as comfortable as possible when your friends come over. For example, if you and your friends like to layout in your backyard to tan, make sure you have a sprinkler going to cool you down and some ice cold drinks in a cooler or in your fridge. Also, if you have a patio, try to have some lounge chairs where you can all just sit and relax. Or, if you and your friends plan to watch movies, make sure you have plenty of treats, pillows, and blankets. Perhaps you would even have a few extra movies on hand just in-case your friends don’t like your movie pick. Being prepared will make your house the most comfortable place to be, and the perfect place for your summer hangout and some fun in the sun.
  • Plan a weekly activity. Once summer begins and school is out, plan one day/night that is a set night where you and your friends will hang out at your house doing one of your favorite activities. You could suggest making a scrapbook of the school year that is over with pictures and notes of fun memories. Or, maybe you could have a movie night where a couple of the girls bring their favorite movie and you can sit back, snack, laugh, cry, whatever! Just make it a fun time! That way, you are sure to have your crew over at your house at least once a week.
  • When plans come up, try to get everyone to meet at your house. No matter what the plans are that you are trying to make, always suggest meeting at your house. This makes your house a central location during the summer no matter what the case may be. So while everyone is figuring out what they want to do, they will all be hanging at your house while they are doing it.
  • Tell everyone about it. If you want to be sure your house is the summer hangout, you need to make sure you let all of your friends know! That way, when your friends are trying to make plans, they will know that they can always count on going to hangout at your house during the hot summer days. Try to remind them once in a while too so they don’t forget that you do want them there.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and invite your friends over. Even if you just want to hang out, don’t hesitate to call your friends. You never know, your friend might be sitting at home bored on some of the summer days just looking for something to do. Try to call your friends often and invite them over. (This will also help remind them that your house is a good place to hang out this summer.)
  • Be creative. Try to think of activities you can suggest when you and the gang are trying to decide what to do this summer. Write them down; keep them in a place where you will remember. Then, when you and your friends are making plans on who to invite, what to do, and where to go this summer, you will already have suggestions for what to do, and you will know where you want to do it!
  • Tell your parents about it. Let your parents know that you want your house to be the summer hangout this year. That way you can try to get their support. Happy parents mean they won’t try to run your friends out when they come home to see a home full of teenage girls!

These are some key suggestions on how to make your house the hottest summer hangout this year. Remember, summer is just around the corner. So start thinking about your plans to make your house the place everyone wants to be. Have some fun. Be creative. Make some great memories. Most of all enjoy your friends and summer.

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