Camping with friends, why this is a great summer activity

marshmallow roastingCamping with friends is such a great summer activity. People go camping for a lot of different reasons. It may not sound like much fun when you first think about it. But there are some great reasons why camping might be something you and your friends might really enjoy camping as one of your summer activities.

One of the major reasons why camping with friends is a great activity is because it helps you get away from the chaos of city life and every day events. No matter where your desires take you, whether it is in the scenic mountains or the desolate desert,   camping is a great way to truly relax and take a time out from your normal life.

Camping with your friends can put your emotional well being and your friendship on a completely different level, which is why it is such a great summer activity.  Things flow a lot smoother when you are in nature. It is a completely different atmosphere when you are in the great outdoors. And since there aren’t the usual distractions you have at home, like the phone ringing off the hook, your cable television, or plenty of noisy cars, it is much easier to focus on just hanging out, sitting back, and letting nature completely revive you, refresh you, and relax you. It is the perfect environment to hang out and enjoy one another’s company.

This brings up the next reason why camping with friends is a great summer activity. Camping can be a great bonding experience which will result in great memories for many years to come.

Picture this: It is a quiet evening in the great outdoors, you’ve already eaten dinner, and now you and your friend are just sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. The only sounds you here are of the wood chips crackling in the fire. You start telling stories and before you know it, you and your friends are sharing deep dark secrets and telling each other things you never thought you would share with anyone. Before you know it everyone is crying and you are all feeling all the love you have for one another. You all feel closer than ever and you feel so lucky to have the best friends in the world! What a great memory that would make!

Camping with friends can also be a great summer activity because there can be a lot more to it then just going to sleep in a tent or a tent trailer. There may be some hiking you can do, or bike trails to ride on if you take your bike. You might even be able to play with some outdoor toys you wouldn’t normally play with. If you camp by a lake, some campsites offer rentals on wave runners that would be a blast to play with if your family doesn’t already own some. You could even look into renting a three or four wheeler, and taking that with you on your camping trip. Can you picture how much fun you and your friends would have with some of those outdoor toys? Of course you will need to remember to be safe and follow the legal age limits of operating those toys. Safety is first. And it will guarantee you a fun time.

There is one really great reason why camping with friends is a great activity that often goes unnoticed. You truly get to appreciate the commodities you have at home. When you go camping, you go without a lot of the convenient things you have at home, like plumbing, and electricity, and your comfortable bed! Once you go camping, you realize how much you truly appreciate what you have. And when you come back from your trip, you and your friends will have a new appreciation for your home sweet home.

Camping with friends is a great summer activity because it broadens your horizons. It can give you great memories to look back on. It can take you away from all of the pressures you might have in your life. And it can be a ton of summer fun! Talk to your friends and your parents and start planning your camping trip today!

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