Snow on the Car

Over Christmas vacation I was grounded from driving my car because I had broke curfew one evening. A couple of days after Christmas Day, me and two of my friends were so bored and the mall was having way good sales, sales so good it would have been a crime for us to miss. My parents had taken my car keys away but they forgot about my spare set. They both were at work and would never know. After a few hours of shopping we arrived back to my house with plenty of time to spare. Except there were tire tracks in the snow because the driveway hadn’t been shoveled. So we got out the shovels and quickly shoveled the entire driveway. Just as we are finished I realize my car had been covered with snow before I had taken it out, so we started shoveling snow on to the car, trying to level it off with a yard stick. After all that I was “busted” anyway. My parents said they knew I had taken the car out because I wouldn’t have shoveled the driveway just for the “fun” of it.

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