Need A New Hobby? Here Are Some Great Ones!

A great way to fill up your spare time is with some new activities. Instead of turning to video games and television for your spare time, you need to consider getting into some other hobbies that will really assist in enriching your life. No matter what type of hobbies you choose to pick up, you need to be able to find hobbies that are designed to help you feel better about yourself. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and pushing yourself to find a new hobby or to take that critical step forward in doing something you have always wanted to try out. Here are some ideas to help you come up with your own hobbies.

Join a book club

One of the best ways to explore your creative mind is by joining a book club. You need to be able to look for books that are interesting to you and will really challenge your mind and cause you to “move” into a different world. As you use a book club to help you move along with the reading programs you will also be able to make new friends and will likely get in touch with people that have a lot of similar interests to you. A book club will allow you to really stretch your brain power as well so you aren’t always sitting around and doing the same old thing over and over.

Pick up a new sport

If you aren’t a fan of basketball, why not try out for a different type of sport? How about swimming? This is a sport that most people enjoy recreationally and it also gives you a chance to find a way to stay in shape without needing to spend hours on a treadmill! You can try out for a swim team if your school has one and you really think this might be something you would enjoy. Another good sport for girls is track. There are many other girls on the track team that you can easily become friends with and you will be able to create great relationships with them.

Learn to cook

One of the most rewarding things is to take a bunch of random things and create something from them. Cooking is actually a lot of fun and you can easily see how exciting it can be for you to create your own recipes and to share them with your loved ones. Consider cooking meals for your family! This is a great way to give your parents a break but it is also a great way to continue expanding on your new hobby.

Play music

Many teen girls love to listen to music and often walk around with their iPod permanently attached to their ears! If you love music, try taking some music lessons. You may surprise yourself to learn that you have a natural talent and gift for the piano or singing. Learning to play an instrument is a lot of fun and it is a great way to test yourself and to learn a new hobby that a lot of people deem impossible.

Learn a different language

With a world that is really starting to intermingle a lot, learning other languages is a great idea. There are some classes you can take in school to help you learn a new language. Study hard as this is a very difficult and challenging thing to do but learning a new language can be incredibly rewarding as well. Spanish and French are two of the most common languages that people learn and they can be a great way to help you market yourself in the future when you apply for colleges!

A Shoeful of Lotion for My Loving Brother

bottle of lotionMy little brother is such a butt head. The other day before school he hid my curling iron and wouldn’t give it back until I gave him my lunch money. So the next day before school I filled his shoes up with lotion. I filled them completely full but stopped where the laces tie. When he put his shoe on his foot was completely covered.

Coffee with a shot of dishsoap

girl looking upwardMy step brother moved back in with us after he decided he didn’t want to go to college any more. He is so lazy, all he does is drink coffee and chat on line all day and night.  So every time he makes a pot of coffee I sneak in the kitchen right before its done and put dish soap in it. It’s so funny he thinks some thing is wrong with his coffee pot and wants a new one. Maybe if he got a job he could buy one.

Skipping class and getting burned

girl with sun hat and glasses for the beachMe and one of my friends decided to cut class and go hang out by her pool all day. It started out just the two of us but soon ended up being close to ten of us. We were only going to cut one class but ended up missing the entire day. I hadn’t worn sunscreen and was red as a beet when I got home. My mom was like “what happened to you”? I told her in gym class I couldn’t run the track in the amount of time that the teacher wanted so she made me stay until I could. Causing me to miss almost all of my classes that day. She believed me and felt sorry for me. So sorry she let me stay home from school the next day.

Hair and Gum equals mess

girl with a bad hair dayMy entire family went camping over the Memorial Day weekend. We were riding motorcycles and four-wheelers. I was driving one of the motorcycles and my cousin was on the back. She has super long hair and didn’t have it tied back so it was flying everywhere. When we hit a  bump, the gum I had been chewing flew out of my mouth. I didn’t really even think about it until later that evening when my cousin was freaking out because she had a great big wad of gum completely stuck in her hair. My aunt ended up having to cut it out. I never told my cousin it was my gum in her hair she would have killed me.

One History Class

girl blowing bubbles wearing a cap and sunglassesIn history class I sat behind this rude, stuck up girl, Trina. She was just way snooty like one day I asked if she had heard what assignment the teacher had just given and she said “Maybe next time you will listen”. I had to ask someone else to tell me! And ask her to pass a note, was like asking her to chop off her left leg. So almost everyday I would be chewing gum and roll real teeny pieces into balls and lightly toss them into the back of her hair! No worries though I only did it for half the school year.

Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, What gaming system is best?

gaming systemsIn the world of gaming there are only three powerhouse systems: the Wii, the Play Station 3, and the Xbox 360.  So, which system do you need to score the all night gaming parties, the respect of friends and peers, and the best all out gaming around?

Girl’s choice is definite the Nintendo Wii.  (FYI that’s pronounced “we”)

Why the Wii?  Well the totally cool commercials say it all.  Don’t you want two crazy Japanese guys to show up on your doorstep?  No, that’s not it.

First, take a look at the potential gaming list.  The all time favorite The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess hits the top of the list.  Remember the old skool Zelda?  That game was seriously cool, well it is back in excellent form.

It also scores with all the sweet Mario games.  It’s got Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario.  Everyone loves Mario; what’s a gaming system without him?

Then there’s the coolest part of the Wii: the Wii Sports.  These are the best party games around.  Get the friends together and have some serious tournament partying with the Wii’s remote controls.

There are no cords here or big ugly step pads to get in the way.  This is all about sleek, style, and lots of skill.  Nintendo’s Wii offers tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing.  Check it out: boxing!  How cool is that?  And we’re not talking about the old style of sports games.  We’re talking about interactive gaming.

The Wii has this super new, super cool one handed remote.  No more of this using two hands, all ten fingers, and toes if they can be spared!  The remote really is amazing.  The thing is wireless and it detects motion in three dimensions.  That’s totally revolutionary.

Need another reason to go with the Wii.  How about the Mii?  What’s that?  It’s the sweet way to create a little self profile on the Wii.  Make the character look just like you from hair color to height.  It’s the fun way to keep track of who’s who during play.

The seriously awesome part of the Wii is that being good and enjoying some quality game time doesn’t mean having to spend hours and hours of trying to figure out which combination of buttons does what.  It’s much simpler than all that other garbage.  To play the bowling game, just pretend to be in a bowling alley and give the ball a good toss.

Other benefits of the Wii include the fact that it’s small and can easily fit in with all the other stuff around the TV area.  It’s not some huge system that will take up a bunch of space.

The Wii also works with all the old Nintendo GameCube games and that’s a serious plus for anyone who’s a long time Nintendo guru.

Not convinced?  Well try it out at a GameStop or GameCrazy store.  Take it for a spin and see if it doesn’t get ya hooked.  It has hooked millions of other people, so don’t be surprised when it sucks you in.

So, score big with your fellow gamers by jumping in with the Nintendo Wii.  This game system is totally hip and won’t disappoint.  It is THE system to have for big parties with lots of friends.  But it is also a killer system for flying solo.

It’s totally got the beat down on the PS3 and Xbox 360.  These systems don’t have as cool as games.  How many games do we need that feature ugly aliens that squirt blood when they are killed?  Let’s skip all that garbage and head straight for the good stuff.

The Wii is totally the girl’s choice for gaming.

Who’s on your five? What cellular network should you choose?

teen texting on her cellphoneIt seems like most cellular networks are just trying to rip everyone off.  They all have those huge contracts with insane fees for cancelling.  What’s the deal with that?  So are there networks out there that are better than others?  What cellular network should you choose?

Check into networks that have those pay as you go plans.  Those are a really hot deal for teens who want to avoid long contracts with nasty fees.  One of the cool things about the pay as you go deal is that no credit check is required, a total plus for those of us who don’t have credit yet.

TMobile’s prepaid cell minutes can be “refilled” online too.  Talk about convenient.  Just type in the mobile number and enter the account info and wa-la instant communication.  Not too shabby for a cell phone bill.

Cingular offers the `go phone’ which is a pay as you go plan as well.  You gotta love the go phone because it has something special.  With the go phone, any left over minutes can be rolled over when the plan is refilled before it expires.

But watch out, because snoozers are loosers in this game.  Be careful with pay as you go plans, because if they aren’t refilled about every 90 days or so the cell number can be reassigned!  No one wants to lose their cell number!

One of the hottest phone plans right now is through TMobile.  Their latest deal is the five favs plan.  These are super hot deals.  TMobile lets people pick five friends who they can call anytime for as long as they wants without getting the beat down from mom and dad to get off the phone and stop wasting minutes!  Hurray!  Talking to Mr. Hottie all night long has never been this good.

Five favs plans also come with regular minutes for talking to all those other people out there.  So just pick the favs, pick the minutes, and on you go.

TMobile’s five favs is the way to go for people who have like five friends they talk to all the time.  But, sometimes the five favs plan isn’t the best deal.  Favs plans cut out the free mobile to mobile deal.

If all the groupie chicas are on one network, like Verizon, then stick with that network.  It can save big dollars in the long run.

Whatever cell network ends up getting your vote, be sure to sign up for unlimited texting.  Totally make sure to ask specifically about that part of the deal when signing up.  Cell phone companies like to be sneaky and then charge ridiculous fees.  That’s where they make most of their money.
There’s nothing worse than getting an enormous cell phone bill with overtime charges for hundreds of text messages.  The parents won’t like that either.

A good tip to keep in mind is that the loudest bark doesn’t always have the biggest bite.  TMobile has tons of advertising about their five favs.  But check this out, Alltel has a similar deal.  They have cell phone plans called My Circle.  My Circle plans have 10 cell phone lines or landlines that can be called for free any time!

That’s twice what TMobile offers!  Of course the drawback is that Alltel isn’t everywhere like TMobile. Some places don’t have Alltel offers.  But the idea is still to see if there are any smokin’ local deals that beat out the big dawgs.

At the end of the day, TMobile is definitely one of the hotter networks out there.  They have good coverage nationwide, they have the sweet five favs plans, and they have pay as you go.  Plus, they have a little bit of that “it” factor that goes a long way.  Just be sure to watch your back, cell phones networks are only in it for themselves!

The latest and greatest in the cell phone world

pile of cellphonesFinally ready to get into the text messaging loop?  Well, then you’ve got to get the latest and greatest in the cell phone world.  Why not check out the Motorola Razr with a TMobile plan?

The Motorola Razr is a sweet phone.  It is super thin and easily fits into the front pocket of your fav jeans.  No one wants to carry around a cell phone that makes them look like they’ve got a tumor growing on their leg.  So check out the Razr for a sleek chic connection.

The Razr comes in awesome colors too.  Some phones stick to the same old boring black and silver.  Not the Razr.  This “it” phone comes in the hottest shade of pink.  It’s got glitter and glam written all over it.

Speaking of glam, this phone also takes awesome pictures with a 4x zoom.  Sneak a shot of the boy of your dreams and put him on the phone wallpaper.  Flip it open and enjoy a 2.2 inch color display of the hottie in your dreams.

If that’s a little too bold for your style, have no fear there are plenty of wallpapers to download online.  Yup, the phone connects to the internet.  Connect up and grab the latest and greatest ring tones, wallpapers, songs, voices, and music.

Oh, and of course the phone is the king of text messaging.  Get this, you can even type out a message and then send it to everyone in the phone book at the same time if you want.  Now that’s getting in on the text messaging loop.  Gotta love the quick and quiet way to stay in touch.

If AOL instant messaging is your thing, have no fear the Razr can handle that too.  Just hook up and you are set to go.  Stay in the loop with text messages and AOL instant message.

The Razr is a flip phone, but don’t worry the external display makes it easy to screen phone calls. When you hear the phone ring, check who’s calling before flipping.  Don’t flip it if it’s not worth it!

If something cool is going down, bust out the video clip action.  That’s right, the Razr takes video!  How cool is that?  What a great way to capture those unbelievable moments.

The Motorola Razr also comes with all of the other standard features like an easy to use phone book for all your contacts, an alarm clock for early mornings, a calendar for important dates, and voice recording for easy dialing.

Are the parents worried about phone usage while driving?  Well, the Razr has speakerphone and Bluetooth technology. And that means lots of hands free for better driving.

Speaking of parents, if you need a little extra ammo to convince them..fill them in on the TMobile fav five plans.  These plans let you pick five friends who you can talk to nonstop for free.  Yup, unlimited minutes to five friends and you can change them every so often.  So when you boyfriend gets the boot so does his spot in your fav five.  Awesome.

If that isn’t enough to convince the enforcers, then try a batting your eyes, saying puh-lease, and telling them about the pay as you go plans.  These are sure to parent-pleasers.  There’s no worrying about the dreaded “overtime” minutes, because there aren’t any!

So, the moral of the story with cell phones is get the Motorola Razr.  It’s got everything you could want, and it’s durable, functional, and all that important stuff.  Bust out all the stops with the parents, or grandparents, and get into the communication loop!

Say cheese! How to choose the right digital camera

woman looking at her picturesChoosing the right digital camera can seem like a real drag.  Not because digital cameras aren’t the bomb, but because of all the techno gobbly-gook.  What is the business with all of these pixels, resolution, and LCD stuff anyway?  Well read on for a quick update on how to choose the right digital camera.

One of the biggest deals with the whole digital camera thing is the number of “pixels”.  Cameras these days have millions of pixels so the term pixel has been changed to megapixel – mega stands for million.

Yeah so what?  Well, the pixels are what make the picture clear, so more pixels equal a better picture.  And more pixels in a camera mean it’s a better camera (unless of course it’s a bad hair day..).

Any camera with at least 4.0 megapixels is going to take great pictures, unless of course the intent is to take the picture and blow it up to life size and hang it from the ceiling.  (Blowing up a picture and keeping good quality needs a few more pixels.)

Lots of cameras come in 6.0 and 8.0 megapixels, if the moolah is available then go for it.  If the cash isn’t handy then 4.0 does just fine.

So, besides the pixels look at the camera’s optical zoom.  The zoom is, well, how much the camera can zoom in on the target.  Most cameras have like a 4x optical zoom.  That means it can zoom in on an object and make it four times bigger.  Really 3x or 4x is enough for most basic photo shoots.

Ok, so ever heard of an LCD monitor?  It’s like one of those mystery words that are used in all sorts of electronic gadgets.  There are LCD TVs, computer monitors, and yup camera monitors.  LCD stands for liquid crystal display.  Yeah, still gobbly-gook huh?  All it really means is that the screen for seeing something is thin and flat.

So, digital cameras have the screen that shows what the picture is going to be – that’s the LCD display.  Digital cameras all have a different sized screen and it’s one of the things often talked about when trying to choose the right digital camera.

Here’s a big kicker with digital cameras.  How does the camera transfer the picture?  A picture isn’t really any good until it goes somewhere right?  I mean, what good does a picture of your fav hottie do if it’s stuck in the camera?  Exactly.

So, digital cameras need to connect directly to either a computer or a printer.  The camera usually comes with a cord that connects into a USB port on the computer or printer (not that it matters, but in case you were wondering USB stands for universal serial bus – yeah more techno gobbly-gook).

Lots of cameras now do away with the cables altogether and use this sweet wireless connection to transfer pictures.  The less mess with cords the better right?  (And you don’t have to even know what a USB port is, let alone what it stands for.) These cameras use Bluetooth technology or WiFi (which basically means wireless).  These are a total must for the latest and greatest in the world of digital cameras.

Wireless means that the camera can download, print, and save photos to the comp while you are actually taking the picture.  Oh, and get this, wireless can even send photos to cameras or phones like a camera phone.

One more thing to look for when choosing the right digital camera is the size.  Cameras come in sooooo many sizes these days.  So it’s more about what a person likes and how they will use the camera.  A small one can fit in a tiny trendy purse, or a bigger one can slip into a backpack.  All that matters is that the digital camera can go everywhere it needs to be.