How to stop his wandering eye

If you are in a relationship, and his eye is wandering, you catch him checking out other girls when the two of you are out, there is only so much you can do. Even in a marriage you can’t stop someone from looking, so how can you expect it in a younger relationship? You are still a teen, and so you should not be getting too serious yet, but that does not mean you want his eye wandering. So, what can you do to stop his wandering eye?

•    You can ask him about it. Sometimes guys look because that is what they do. You look too, you are just better at it than he is because you know how to be discreet. He may not be looking because he is dissatisfied with you, but because he is a young guy. You have to realize you are still young, and so is he. You are around hundreds of people of the opposite gender each day. So, how can you really expect him not to look some? He is looking to figure what it is that he wants, not because he is looking for someone better or new. However, simply mentioning his wandering eye and the fact that you notice it will help him to control it more.
•    You can change something about yourself to try and grab his attention again. Sometimes things get a little stale. You are young, there are tons of new girls to look at each day, and if you have been dating a while, he may just want to look at his options a little. You probably do it too! So, change your hair cut, color, or style. Buy some new clothes, and get ready every day so that he never has a reason to look somewhere else. If you do not want his eye to wander, you better ensure he has a pleasing sight to look at in you.

These are really your only two options. The truth is, as mentioned above, stopping it is really not entirely possible, but limiting it is. You want to be the center of his life, but chances are he is not in a place in his life yet where he is ready to make that HUGE of a commitment, and you shouldn’t be either. You are young. He is surrounded by females, and expecting him not to look at them is silly. If more than his eyes wander, then it is time to really put on the stops. If his hands wander, or his lips wander, then you need to break up with him. However, if it is just his eyes, you should be grateful he is normal, has hormones, and is attracted to girls.

So, do not try to stop him from looking. Be glad that he is looking, and be glad that even when he is looking at other girls, he is coming back to you. What should that tell you? That means that he wants you. He knows his options, and he is choosing you still. So, instead of being less secure because he is looking around, you should be more secure.

Now, if he is checking out other girls when you are out on a date, or when he should be paying attention to you, then it is a problem. Then, you need to put your foot down. Then you need to call him out, ask for a change, or break it off.

When are too many accessories too many?

Accessorizing is a fun part of fashion, and there are a lot of options out there for how you can accessorize. This makes accessorizing a great way to give yourself a style, and put a trademark on your sense of fashion. However, in some cases, because of the endless amount of options, it can be difficult to determine when you have enough, too many, or not enough accessories. The following is a look at when are too many accessories too many:

First, you have to consider your accessory options:








Hair clips


Hand bags




Some good rules of thumb:

Choose to enhance your outfit. When it comes to accessories, you want to add to an outfit, not steal the spotlight, or detract from the outfit. So choose your accessories wisely, and pick items that will go with multiple things so you can get plenty of use out of them. Accessories become too much when they are so bold, bright, or large that they take all of the focus. Your outfit is still the thing that matters, accessories just make them better, or make them fit the occasion. For example, a strappy sun dress is perfect for the pool if you wear it with flip flops and sunglasses, and great for a night out if you pair it with a long necklace and some strappy sandals.

Follow current trends with your accessories more than with your clothing. Accessories are a great way to stay hip. Throw out the small sunglasses and bring in the over-sized shades. Get rid of your jellies, and get some gladiator sandals. The idea is to stay current with accessories, and not to overdo it. Just because chunky bracelets, big shades, large hoops, cute hats, and large belt buckles are all in style, does not mean you should wear them all together. You have to realize that an accessory can really enhance  your look and fashion, but if you combine too many elements you take away from it. So, choose less than 3 items to wear. It is a good rule of thumb. If you have a hat, wear earrings and sunglasses, but not a necklace, belt, and bracelet too. If you want to wear a watch, add a few bracelets around it, and a cute pair of earrings, and forego the necklace.

Go for a signature look. When you accessorize, you want to use one piece that you can be known for. Whether you are known for your cute earrings, your scarves, or your hats, it is good to choose one thing you like, and wear it regularly. Then change up how you use the look. For example, if your signature is a scarf, sometimes wear it as a head wrap, other times as a neck scarf, other times as a belt, or maybe just tie it on your handbag to add some flair.

Wear what works for you

While it would be great to wear high fashion all of the time, is that really a good idea when you are babysitting for the neighbor, or cleaning the garage with your dad? If your lifestyle does not call for ball gowns, then don’t buy them, instead buy and wear what works for you. Designer labels, and high end clothing is appealing, but not practical for the average teen who spends their day on a school bus, in a classroom, and hanging out with friends. Prada next to Jansport is a bit of a fashion faux paus, so instead of always trying to be in the newest, best, top designer world, wear what works for you, your body type, and your lifestyle.

Here’s how to assess what works for you:

First, make a list of all the places you have been in the last week of your life, and take note of the places you typically spend your time, such as at school, and in your friend’s basement playing video games. Once your list is complete, think about the type of clothing that is most appropriate for a lifestyle of this kind. What would you be most comfortable wearing, and what would be out of the norm?

Second, determine what your basics should consist of. If you spend a lot of time in active sports, etc. then your basics will include some workout clothes, sports bra for girls, etc. If your activities are more along the lines of tinkering on cars, your basics should include a pair of coveralls. So, as you determine your basics, consider personal activities and interests . What do you need for them?

Third, do not give up style for comfort, or comfort for style. It is possible to both look and feel great in your clothes. Choosing itchy fabrics, or jeans with no stretch is going to be uncomfortable. So, determine what comfort level you need, and only wear clothes that fit that assessment.

Fourth, consider your body. Even if skinny jeans look amazing on some girls, if you do not have the body for them, DO NOT WEAR THEM. Trends are trendy, but no matter how with the times you are, if the clothes do nothing for your figure, you won’t feel good in them. So, figure out what cuts and styles work well for your body type and figure. If you just do not know, take a friend along, and ask them to be honest.

Fifth, have an idea or a model you want to follow. Once you figure out what styles work for your life, and what you like, and how comfortable you have to be, as well as what cuts and colors work for your body, it is time to get a “look”. The most famous fashion icons all were known for their looks. You are not fashionable just by wearing designer clothes. You have to look very put together. So, find a look you want to emulate, and refer to it when putting together outfits. You can use a celebrity, a magazine spread, or whatever works for you.

The role fashion plays in the life of a teen

Fashion is not just for models, or those with large incomes. Fashion is a part of everyone’s lives, some more so than others. For a teen, fashion often plays a big part of their life, socially, personally, and even emotionally. The following is a look at the way fashion plays a role in the life of a teen.

Expression of their identity: Clothing is an integral part of a teen’s identity. Would the popular cute girl be as cute if she wore clothes from salvation army? Would the nerd be as nerdy if he dressed like an Abercrombie model? Your identity is often wrapped in your clothing. It is like your clothes define you as a teen. In many instances this is the case, or at least in part. While it is possible to have an identity completely separate from your fashion choices, the teenage years are often extremely superficial in nature. This means that first impressions are often the impressions that last. Because your first impressions are usually based on, or made by the way someone looks, fashion is a critical element of identity.

An outlet for their feelings: Clothing is a way that you have an outward expression of how you feel on the inside. You can often tell a story through your fashion choices. For example, the free spirited girl can wear flowing skirts, peasant tops, and gladiator sandals. The boy with a traditional and conservative outlook on life may wear slacks, oxford shirts, and sweater vests. The girl who is not sure who she is may have an eclectic style of hippie one day, preppy the next, grunge the next. Your clothes not only help you express who you are and how you feel, but they often form your identity in the eyes of others. The person who always wears name brand is the “rich kid”. The person who always is found in work out attire is “the athlete”. Clothes are more than a way to cover nakedness, and as a teen, they often become the outlet of self-expression.

A social circle qualifier: One of the most difficult realities for some teens is that fashion often acts as a social circle qualifier. Without the right look, you won’t fit in to certain groups, especially the popular crowd. In the teen years, fitting in is usually really important, and while it can be overrated, it still acts as a catalyst for many choices. The girl who wants to get noticed by the guy may wear a revealing top, or a short skirt. The guy who wants to show off his muscles may wear a tight tee, or a wife-beater. Many of the friends a teen makes, and the circle within which they associate is made up of people who dress the same, or have similar fashion choices. It is not often you see the designer label girl hanging around with the girl who bought her clothes from the local thrift shop. This is not because one is necessarily better than the other, but simply because in the world of teens, fashion matters socially.

The basics of teen fashion, what you need to know

As a teenager, staying hip and in the fashion trends is likely important to you. However, it can also be very expensive, especially if you are having to replace your whole wardrobe. In order to stay in style, and have flexibility in your wardrobe, without the high cost, consider having the basics or essentials that you need, and then adding accessories, and a few trendier pieces. This means that your core pieces will not change with the trends, but instead you will supplement with some of the fun items like novelty tees, or the ultra-trendy clothing that by next year will be long gone in the fashion world.

The following are some tips for what basics you need to have a wardrobe with a backbone that can be supplemented with trendier items. Of course, depending on where you live, your core basics may vary, as different climates call for different articles of clothing. However, in general, here are some items every teen girl should have in her closet:


You want to have at least two pairs that fit you perfectly, and that are a classic cut, not a huge flare, or a tight bottom, but consider a boot cut or straight leg. You also want to ensure that they are a medium wash, as dark and light tend to change with the trends. These are to be your basic pairs, so you want to keep things basic with them, do not have bedazzled pockets, or funky stitching, just go with the basics.


There are occasions when you will need something other than jeans, so have a pair of trousers that are going to fit you nicely and that are in a neutral shade.


It is smart to have a pair of khaki shorts. Not too short or long, and not with embellishments. A pair of basic denim shorts, again not too short or long, will serve you well as well.


When it comes to t-shirts you can have a closet full, and only wear a few. For your core wardrobe you need Three solid-color –shirts, choose your 3 favorite colors to wear, or, to stay safe, choose white, black, and gray. In addition, do not choose any funky necklines or cuts, just a basic short sleeved tee.


No matter where you live there is likely a time when you need a jacket, consider having a neutral shade button-down oxford, a well-fitted denim jacket, and a neutral colored zip front sweatshirt. Blacks, brown, whites, and grays are always good color options.


Shoes really add to outfits, and are a fun place to find diversity and mix things up, however, there are some basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The shoes you should have include boots, sandals, flats, and a pair of workout type shoes.

Summer fashion trends for teens

During the school year fashion is a very important part of who you are, what crowd you hang out in, and whether or not you are accepted in social circles. Summer is no different, it just happens to be more laid back. The following is a look at some of the summer fashion trends for teens:

Apparel that can be worn at formal and informal settings. As a teen you do not want to have to worry about changing when you go from a day out with friends to a night in with your parents and their dinner guests. So, part of the fashion trend is wearing clothes that work both casually and formally. This means for girls summer dresses that can be worn with flip flops while out with friends, and can be dressed up with a necklace, earrings, and a pair of heels, when at a more formal affair. Multi-functional pieces are really in, they not only save you money on your wardrobe, but they make life easier, freeing up your time to enjoy the sun.

Fabrics that don’t need ironing, special care, and do not require following special washing instructions. Let’s face it, as a teen you have better things to worry about than how to wash their favorite sweater so it does not shrink. Clothes that can be tossed in the wash with your socks and underwear are a plus, and a trend. While the look of more delicate or fussy fabrics is still often desired, it can usually be achieved with cottons.

Designs that reflect your personality, the bold and even sometimes rebellious side of being a teen. Out are the days of stuffy, uniform like outfits, and in are the days of bold graphic tees, bright colored leggings, scarves with bold patterns, big earrings, big handbags, and grunge jeans. One of the biggest fashion trends for teens this summer is simply that they are their own person, not a miniature version of their father or mother. Thus, clothes are very “teen”, not something you would see a parent, or even college aged kid wearing.

Patterns that enable you to flaunt your great teen body. For boys, v-neck shirts that show a little bit of the chest, jeans cut snug at the waist to show the narrow hips, and well balanced upper body. For girls, anything that shows their well-toned bodies. This means shorts, tight fitting shirts, tanks, etc. The idea is to flaunt it if you’ve got it, but not in a way that says you are easy, slutty, etc.

When it comes to summer clothing, simple is often best. The accessories you see the most are sunglasses and shoes. It is hot, and you are often out at the beach, the pool, or being active in some other way, so lots of accessories get in the way. So, a simple sun dress, a great fitting t-shirt, and some denim shorts, etc. can go a long way.

Revamp your style with a quick fix

As a teenager, fashion is an important part of your life. Your personal style will influence who your friends are, how you feel about yourself, and often how others feel about you. There is a lot of pressure to look your best, and have a style of your own. The problem is that as a teenager, chances are you do not have an endless budget for clothing and accessories. So, the following is a look at how you can use what you have and add in a few extras to revamp your style quickly and easily.

Tip one: When you buy clothes, buy things that are not going to go out of style quickly. The basics you have become the foundation and bones of your wardrobe, and you stay up with the style by adding a few key pieces, accessories, etc. So, your first tip is to go through your wardrobe and pull out anything that is specific to a trend, past or present. Leave only the things that have worked and will work for a long time. These are things like white shirts, a great pair of jeans, a summer sweater, a black dress, etc.

Tip two: Remake when you can. Trends come and go, and in some cases, a few slight changes to things you already own will update them, and give you a lot more room in your fashion budget. For example, designer pockets on jeans have become very popular. Gone are the days of having a basic pair of jeans with basic stitching on the pockets. Now you have to have a design. Well, you can create designs on the pockets of jeans you already have. Take some sequins, patches, buttons, or even tear, file, or age the pocket to give jeans a whole new look. Grunge is a popular look, so age some of your jeans by fraying the bottom, use some sandpaper or a file to give areas a more worn look, or add a few well placed holes.

Tip three: Accessorize. One of the fastest ways to revamp your style, without spending a lot is with a few key accessories. For example, a white t-shirt and jeans is a classic look, bring it up to date for a shopping trip to the mall with a long beaded necklace, a headband, and an oversized handbag. Change that look for a night out at a concert by wearing some brightly colored flats, hang a pair of colored shades on your neckline, and pull your hair up and accessorize with a bandana. Dress the same look up with a pair of heels, a more delicate necklace of silver or gold, a flower clasp in your hair, and a lightweight sweater. Change your accessories, not your clothes.

As you can see, you probably have most of what you need or want, and you can get the look that is popular in the moment with a few simple steps.

Popular teen fashion looks

Part of having style is having a signature look, or sort of themed wardrobe. Eclectic styles where you jump from preppy one day to hippie another can be hard to maintain. In addition, it often leaves you feeling unsatisfied and wondering who you really are. Style defines you. It is like an outward expression of what you are feeling on the inside. Are you bold? Are you traditional? Are you a free spirit? Choosing a look or at least a type of look you want to go for will help you make fashion choices, and be more comfortable in your own skin and clothes.

The following are some popular teen fashion looks that are easy to adopt, and fun to wear:

The Grunge Look: This is one of the easiest looks to pull off, as it does not require a whole lot of money. It is also popular because it reflects a laid back personality that is more concerned with inner beauty than outer. To achieve the grunge look, go for straight hair, longer is better, flats, sneakers, converse, etc. usually in bold colors, and possibly with writing on the soles. You want cotton t-shirts, or flannel checkers. You can wear trousers, like Dickies, or other brands that are informal. You want to wear things with holes, fraying edges, cut offs, hoods on shirts, sweatshirts that are cut off, etc.

The Layered Look: Layers are a great way to take some basic pieces and give them life. This is a fun look if you have a large wardrobe, and aren’t sure how to put it to the best use. To layer you need shrugs, sweaters, vests, jackets, short sleeved and long sleeved shirts, shirts with different lengths and necklines. The options for tops are endless. You can wear a tank over a T-shirt, you can wear a shrug over a tank, you can wear a t-shirt over a long sleeved or ¾ sleeved shirt. With the bottom half you can add leggings under a skirt or shorts. You can wear boots over leggings, etc.

The Gypsy Look: To achieve this look you need lots of colors, prints, and flowing clothing. The most popular is the flowing long skirt, but you can also wear peasant tops, and bright scarves. In addition you want long earrings, and chunky jewelry. This is a great look for the girl who loves to accessorize. To get the gypsy look right, you have to add accessories, from bangle bracelets to dangle earrings.

The Hippie Look: This look is making a comeback, but with a twist. Bright clothing, tie-dye, wrap arounds, etc. are all popular, but instead of a tie-dye shirt with bell-bottoms, pair it with skinny jeans. Instead of a wrap-around skirt with an oversized shirt, pair it with a tight t-shirt and razor back vest.  Add in headscarves, long necklaces, bandannas, strapped and flat footwear and flowers around the neck and you have the hippie look down pat.

Phones are fashion accessories

During the teen years fashion is very much a part of your identity. It is through your fashion choices that you express a lot of who you are. Do you live on the edge? Are you traditional? Your sense of fashion, the clothes you wear, and the way you express yourself speak volumes about your beliefs, your hopes, etc. However, there is one aspect of teen fashion that is starting to go on the rise, and says as much about you as your clothing choice, that is your phone!

A cell phone is the newest fashion accessory, and can tell people a lot about you. Let’s take a look at how:

The functionality of the phone. Phones are no longer just for making calls. Today you can check your email, change your Facebook status, bid on an auction on eBay, compare prices on an item you are shopping for, balance your checkbook, listen to music, and more. The phone you choose, and the capabilities it has says a lot about who you are. If you are a plain Jane type of girl who is not into the frills, a basic Razor might be the phone for you. If you are the life of the party, and constantly in contact with friends, a phone like the G1, with a full keyboard for easy texting, may be just the thing. If you are a busy bee, and need information at your fingertips, an iPhone is probably for you.

The popularity of the phone. Phones, just like clothes have specific trends or patterns. For a long time flip phones were the thing, then sliders, then phones will full keyboards, and now smart phones that do everything. How popular the phone you get is says a lot about you.

The newness of the phone. If you are really concerned with appearances, then getting the newest, coolest phone is probably important. After all, your phone goes with you everywhere, and has to go with every outfit. You wouldn’t want someone to think you hadn’t updated your phone in a while.

The way you personalize the phone. Besides the actual phone you choose, and the things that it can do, the plans it can be part of, and the way it works with trends, there are a lot of ways to make your phone uniquely yours. The following is a quick look at how phones are no longer just tools, but fashion accessories.

Skins: You can put skins and covers on your phone to bring out your personal style. There is everything from animal print to neon, and everything in between. Do you love comics? You can get a superhero skin. Do you love flowers? You can get a floral cover. Do you love a popular teen idol? You can get a Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, or Zac Efron phone cover.

Ring tones: You do not have to settle for the ring tones that come on your phone. Part of making your phone a unique fashion accessory is changing the ring tone to fit your personality. You can get the Mario Brothers ditty as your ring tone. You can use a popular song. Or, you can even create your own.

Applications: Many of the smart phones come with applications you can put on your phone, everything from a movie time checking application to an insurance claim application. Make your phone uniquely yours with applications for your lifestyle.

How to make a great outfit

There is a real difference between having clothes on and having an outfit. An outfit means you have a look that is put together and fashion forward. An outfit leaves you feeling confident and looking your best. An outfit is an expression, and a way to tell others that you are really something. The following is a look at how to make a great outfit.

  1. Start with one piece. It can be shoes, a belt, a shirt, a pair of jeans. Find something you love and feel good in to build your outfit around. If your outfit has a central piece, it will look for cohesive and put together, even if you throw on old jeans and a t-shirt, if there is a theme or some sort of tying it together factor, which you get naturally by choosing a piece to build around, your outfit will be great. The great thing about starting with a single piece is that it is usually not too hard or overwhelming to think of one thing in your closet that you love. Even on your worst days, those days where you feel like you have NO clothes, you can find one item, even a scarf, that speaks to you.
  2. Build around your favorite piece. Whatever piece you have chosen will act as the item that pulls it all together. So, for example, if you have chosen a pair of flats, you would want to choose colors from your shoes to select your shirt. You would want to find a belt that will match or go with it. You would want jeans that are the right length for the shoe you choose. If you wear high heels, for example, your jeans can be longer than if you wear flats. So, select one thing, and build around it using logic and color to put together a great outfit. You will find that things are ruled out naturally, and makes your decisions much easier to make.
  3. Keep things simplistic. Often the understated outfit is going to get more attention then the one that shouts “Look at me.” Think about the styles and outfits you admire, and do not go over the top when you make a great outfit. Most great outfits can be peeled down to a great pant that you feel good in, cute shoes, a top that goes, and a nice piece of jewelry or other accessory. You do not need to add so many elements, just look for a few bigger pieces, and let them speak for you.
  4. Accessorize wisely. Accessories can add to an outfit or take away from it. A shirt with sequins, beading, or a similar bold design is likely to not need a necklace, and a necklace would detract from the clothing. However, a simple shirt with a classic cut, in a solid color may great benefit by adding in a nice chunky piece of jewelry. So, consider the outfit as a whole, and whether or not an accessory will help.
  5. Find flexibility in your outfit. You may need to wear the same thing to a job interview as you do to the mall with your girlfriends later, so an outfit should be easy to shift from informal to formal, etc. And one that can is always a good outfit!