How to bust the boring routine and have a daily makeover

Getting new make-up can help you go from boring make-up routine to head-to-toe makeover because new make-up is exciting to put on and see the new look on yourself. Whether it is eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick or even nail polish, new color can have a dramatic effect.

It is very easy to get into a boring routine when it comes to make-up, buying something as small as a new lip-gloss can really make a difference.   If you are always putting on the same make-up every morning things get boring but if you spice things up with say maybe a new color of eye shadow, or a different shade of lipstick you can really make a difference in your appearance. If you find yourself not applying all of your make-up, say you only put on blush and mascara most of the time, but you have eye shadow and lipsticks, you just don’t take the time to use them, then you are probably bored with your make-up routine.  You are more likely to put all of your make-up on if you aren’t always doing the same boring routine.  If you always find yourself buying the same boring color eye shadow every time you go to the store, try to get different color, maybe something a little bolder say with some sparkles, or maybe something a little less subtle than what you usually wear and you will find that you are excited to try the new color, and see how different you look.   Buying different colors of mascara, eye shadow and even blush gets you excited to put these on to see a new you.  Try using a bronzer for your face and neck, or maybe sparkles around your eyes.   If you always wear black mascara try using a blue or brown one day maybe to match your outfit. Try eyeliner or maybe just change the color of your eyeliner. It is amazing how even adding eyeliner or changing the color of your eyeliner can make a huge difference in your appearance.  Maybe use black one day and experiment with blue or brown or green to match your outfit another day. If you normally use a liquid foundation try using a mineral powder foundation that is not so heavy.  You will be surprised at how different these two can look on your skin.

A new lipstick color can have a dramatic effect.  If you mostly have light colors try a darker shade or vise a versa.  Try using lip liner if you normally wouldn’t.  Maybe try a little darker lip liner that will compliment your lipstick or lip-gloss.  You could try a lip-gloss that has some shimmer to it or just a very shinny lip-gloss.

Try getting a manicure or pedicure and changing to color of nail polish you always use.  Or if you always wear a colored nail polish try using just a clear coat.  Maybe try doing a French manicure, they are very easy, you just apply white polish to the tips of your nails and put a clear coat over the top.  That can make a big difference.

Something a simple as a new perfume can make a big difference also if you always wear the same scent you probably don’t put it on every morning, you get bored with the same old smell, but if you buy a new scent you are usually excited to try it out and you are more likely to use some perfume everyday.

It is amazing how just changing something as small as eye shadow color or putting on lip-gloss or a different color of lipstick can dramatically change the way you look.   It is also fun to see how other people respond to your change.  Try to have a variety of colors on hand and always look for something new in the cosmetic department that would be fun to try.

Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Often times jaw-dropping results are achieved by a new hair cut, a new outfit or using really effective skin care.  Always choose products that compliment your skin tone, with quality ingredients.

A good moisturizer is key to healthy looking skin.  Your facial moisturizer should contain retinal, which comes from Vitamin A, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Also make sure the moisturizer is oil and fragrance free.  You should also use a moisturizer with SPF 15 for daytime use to help stop the damaging effects of the sun.  If your skin is moisturized properly, your make up, when applied goes on much smoother and blends nicer than if your skin is dry and flaky.  Dry and flaky skin can cause your makeup to go on very uneven.

Mineral makeup is the most exciting way to create a sheer glowing complexion and create a soft even color. Make sure that you choose a color that compliments you skin tone.  Mineral foundations are great for evening skin tones, covering freckles, blemishes and age spots.  They are also great for helping to hide the dark circles under your eyes, and making large pores disappear.

The best lipsticks are the ones that last, have the right colors, and are made with quality ingredients.  These lipsticks don’t only change the color of your lips but they are healthy for you lips as well.  Helping to keep your lips moisturized, smooth and soft is key to having beautiful lips.   If your lips are cracked and dry your lipstick will go on unevenly and it will also fade faster.  Even the smallest cracks around your lips will cause your lipstick to bleed.  Use a soothing lip treatment with sweet marjoram, lavender, and tarragon, which promote healing and also provides a smooth base for your lipstick.  With soft lips your lipstick will look and feel better than ever.  You should always carefully choose lipstick colors.  To do this you need to first find out if your skin tones are “warm” or “cool”.   If you are “warm” then the undertone of your skin is yellowish, if you are “cool” then the undertone is bluish.  Everyone is either “warm” or “cool”.  The warm colors tend to be earthy, such as coral, amber, brown, and brick red, sandalwood, taupe.  The “cool” colors tend to have names associated with berries, such as pink, raspberry, cherry, lavender, plum, rose, strawberry, and mauve.  Carefully choosing colors that are right for you can definitely cause jaw-dropping results.

Choosing the proper eye makeup is very important.  Remember you want to accentuate your eyes not cover them up.  Also knowing how to apply your eye makeup is very important for that jaw-dropping effect.   Make sure that you get the right color for your skin.  A small amount of glitter around the eyes will always turn a head or two.  Make sure when purchasing that glitter you get one that is for eyes and is hypoallergenic.

Adding some layers to your hair can definitely make a difference.  Pick a haircut that is right for the shape of your face and body.  Having the right haircut is very important.  If you have had the wrong haircut for your face and body shape, the right one can really get jaw-dropping reactions from friends and family.   The same applies to hair color, go darker maybe add some red or blonde highlights.   Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, or maybe just bring out the natural highlights in your own hair color.  Color is always fun to play around with and can also give you a very different look than what you are use to.

Blisters and burns, how to take care of mistreated skin

How to take care of burns

1. You should run cool water over the burn for about 10 minutes to stop the burning process, do not use ice or cold water since they can potentially cause further damage to the skin.

2. Carefully blot the burn dry with clean towel and cover the burn with a clean loose dressing. If the dressing is too tight it could stick to the burn and cause pain.

3. Apply ointment to the burn, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, or a burn cream. Never put any kind of ointment with petroleum jelly on a burn as this will hold the heat in and cause the burn to blister.

4. Mild burns with reddened skin that have not blistered can be treated with a topical burn ointment or spray to reduce the pain. If a burn does blister you have a greater chance of it becoming infected, and you should seek medical attention.

How to take care of sunburn

A very good natural sunburn treatment is aloe vera.  Aloe vera will have an immediate cooling effect on the skin; it also forms a protective layer that will seal in moisture into the skin, which will help the sunburn to heal faster. You can buy aloe vera gel with lidocaine that will give you instant relief.  Tea is another way to treat sunburn.  Brew a pot of tea and wait for it to cool, once it is cool apply to the sunburn with a sponge. Taking vitamins for the first few days after getting sunburned can promote faster healing of your damaged skin.  Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and Vitamin E in liquid or capsule form, will help healing from the inside out.  Using lotions with these vitamins can also help with peeling. If your sunburn starts to blister you need to immediately see a doctor for professional treatment.  A baking soda bath can help relieve sunburn naturally.  Add about a cup of baking soda to a bath filled with lukewarm water, and soak for as long as you would like. Make sure that all affected areas are submerged for this treatment to work best. Pour the bath water over your body using your hands or a soft washcloth. Dab onto burned facial areas gently or splash the water directly onto your face. Rinse with cool water to remove any remaining grit, and moisturize with either after-sun lotion or aloe vera. You can also take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce swelling and help ease some of the pain.  Even if you have not gotten sunburned, it is important to care for your skin after sun exposure. After a day at the pool, re-hydrate skin with moisturizer, preferably one without alpha-hydroxy acids, which will cause your skin to peel.

How to take care of blisters

Blisters that are not caused by burns can be treated at home if they are not too bad.

First you need to thoroughly wash your hands and put on latex gloves.

Next you need to clean gently around the blister with a mild soap of solution.  Then you need to sterilize the tip of a needle by soaking it in a disinfectant like alcohol.

Next carefully slide the tip of the needle into your skin at the base of the blister.  Make sure you leave the top of the blister in tact so it can protect the skin. Then take your finger and gently push the fluid out. After all of the fluid has been removed apply antibiotic ointment to a piece of gauze and cover the blister. Be sure to check the blister once a day and watch for signs of infection: redness around the blister, swelling, pain, and pus. If any of these symptoms occur you need to see a doctor immediately.

Sick of red and splotchy acne? Reduce the redness.

Are you sick and tired of having red and splotchy acne?  Join the club!  Acne affects basically everyone!  It’s a normal part of being a teenager, and everyone has to suffer through it.  But, just because you get acne doesn’t mean that it has to take over your life!  There are a number of different tricks that you can use to reduce the redness that comes along with bad acne.  These tricks range from kitchen cupboard remedies to expensive treatments, so pick and choose the one that fits your lifestyle!

Start by looking at your makeup.  Make sure that all of it says that it’s noncomedogenic.  This means that it won’t irritate your sensitive facial skin.  If any of your makeup or skin care products does not say this, then it’s time to toss them because they clog your pores.

First of all, you can try the medicated solutions.  Several dermatologists that I’ve talked to have actually said that Neutrogena products are the best ones for helping with skin problems, including acne redness.  Neutrogena is available at your local supermarket or drug store.  They have a number of different products that are engineered just to help reduce acne and its redness.

Proactiv is another really popular way to go.  This treatment option is more expensive, but I have a number of friends who swear by it.  Proactiv is a complete acne treatment system, but you can purchase certain medicines instead of the whole deal.  The Proactiv toner is a great way to reduce redness and swelling that comes with bad acne.

If you have mild acne and not too much redness, then here are a couple of home remedies that will work for you:
?    Make a paste of water and baking soda.  Apply it to your face or other affected areas at bedtime.  Leave it on all night.  Try this nightly for a week or two.
?    Buy some tea tree essential oil.  Put a few drops on a cotton ball, and apply to the affected areas.
?    A mixture of salt and olive oil.  Make a paste out of it, and wash your face with it (I know, even though it’s olive oil).  Start out daily, and then move to two or three times a week.

?    If you can find it, emu oil works wonders.  It will clear up your acne, reduce your redness, and get rid of any acne scars that you already have.

?    A good way to dry up your oil and your acne is to use a lemon slice.  Just rub it on your face every night.  (Lemon juice is also a great way to cut down on greasy hair!)

?    Use a good toner.  There are a number of great toners that you can buy at the store.  But if you want to go for a home remedy, there are a bunch of things you can try!  Look at witch hazel, or hydrogen peroxide.  Milk of Magnesia also can make a fantastic facial mask.

?    Look for a gentle cleanser that will treat acne but won’t be too rough on your skin.  A good option is Clean & Clear oil-free dual action moisturizer.  It has salicylic acid, which is in all acne medication.  But it doesn’t have so much that it will turn your skin red.  Use for at least a month to notice improvement.

?    Alpha hydroxyl skin lotions also will help cut down on redness and take off all those nasty dead skin sells.

?    Use eye drops!  They are made to cut down on redness in your eyes, and they will work for your face!  Make sure that they have tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, and apply with a Q-tip.

Make your lips more luscious.

Luscious lips are always in.  But unfortunately, hardly any of us are blessed with the natural full lips of a Scarlett Johannsson.  Does that mean that you are sentenced to a lifetime of thin and boring lips?  No!  This is what makeup is made for!  Following these simple tips, you can have luscious lips in no time!

1.  Know your lipsticks.
The first thing that you need to do is understand your different kinds of lipsticks.  This will help you figure out what kind of lipstick will be best for you and the look that you want!
?    Matte lipstick
Matte lipsticks are pretty true to color.  But they are flat and have no shine to them.  If you use a matte lipstick, you will want a lip balm to go underneath to keep your lips moisturized.  You will also want a lip glass to put on top so that you have the great color of the lipstick, and the shine of the lip gloss!  The best of both worlds.
?    Frosted lipstick
Frosted lipsticks are cool and shimmery.  They have great little particles of shiny stuff in them that makes your lips look great.  These lipsticks are really good to use at night if you’re going out with friends or going to a dance.  But if you have sensitive lips, you might want to avoid them.
?    Satin/sheer lipstick.
If you’re new to the lipstick world, this is right where you want to start.  The lipsticks are actually a cross between lip gloss and lip stick.  If you open up the tube and they look really dark, don’t worry!  They always look darker in the tube.  But they have a lot of oil in them, so that you can always have a glossy look.
But remember, with these lipsticks, you’re going to be putting your lipstick on pretty often because they wear off quickly.
?    Cream lipstick.
This lipstick can either come in glossy or matte.  But the great thing about cream is that it won’t dry your lips out like matte will.  So you can get the look you want with the moisture you need!

2.  Start your guns…it’s time to apply!
Alright.  It’s time to apply your lipstick.  Here are some basics for luscious lips, along with some tricks of the trade.
?    Start by putting some lip balm on your lips.  This will keep them moisturized.  It will also help your lipstick stay on.
?    If you are going for a dark color, or if you want your lipstick to stay on a long time, then put a little bit of foundation on your lips.  This will let your color stick to something!
?    It’s all about the lining.  Lining your lips will give you a definite shape and will give you volume.  You don’t want a really hard “outlined” look.  Instead, just use really small strokes.  And don’t worry about lining the corners—otherwise you’ll look like a grouchy old woman.
?    The best way to make your lips look full and luscious is to take a clear lip gloss and dab it right in the middle of your bottom lip.
?    If you have small lips, then go for a medium shade lipstick.
?    If your mouth turns downward—I always look like I’m in a bad mood because of this—then just grab a little bit of light reflecting concealer.  Put a tiny amount in the outer edges of your lips.  This will turn the light away from these shadows.
?    Don’t forget that it’s all about balance!  If you have dramatic eyes, then you want a much calmer lip.  And vice versa.  Don’t go overboard—then nobody will see how beautiful you are and they’ll just be thinking about how much makeup you’re wearing!

Makeup makeover, choosing the right make-up colors for your skin

Is it time for you to have a makeup makeover?  If so, the first place you need to start is with your colors!  While there are tons and tons of exciting colors out there for you to choose from, the trick to great makeup is choosing colors that work with your skin.

But what is your skin color?  And what makeup colors will match your skin?  Will you ever figure it out? Don’t worry!  Here are some expert tips from the makeup pros to help you navigate the confusing world of makeup colors and skin tone.  Good luck, and happy experimenting!

Step 1: determine your skin tone
The easiest way to figure out what your skin tone is is to pinch the skin under your arm.  You pinch here because it doesn’t get too much sun, and so you can see what your natural skin color really is.  Once you’ve pinched, look at the colors.  Is the tone pinkish-blue, peachy, yellowish, reddish-orange, or reddish-blue?  Look carefully.  Once you’ve decided what the skin tone is, you can start choosing makeup colors.

Step 2: choose your foundation, your powder, and your blush
When you are choosing your foundation, powder, and blush, you want to match your skin tone as much as you possibly can.  This is so that you don’t look fake and like you’ve painted on your face!

If you want an easy way to choose your foundation, try out L’Oreal’s True Match system.  This makeup is engineered to match your skin tone, and you can choose from cool, neutral, and warm.  Then they tell you which blush and even which eye makeup colors will work best for you!  This is the way to go if you don’t want to spend tons of money on really expensive department store makeup.

No matter which brand of foundation, powder, and blush you choose, remember this: the more natural, the better.  You don’t want to look like a doll or a clown!

Step 2: have fun with your colors!

There are four color families when it comes to makeup.
Coral: orange colors, with a little bit of red.
Rosy: red pinks to cherry pinks.
Violet: any purples that have blue in them.
Earthy: yellows, browns, bronzes, and amber colors

If you want a natural look, then you should choose colors that have the same colors as your skin.  So if you have reddish skin, go with rosy.  Cool skin?  Violet.

If you want a really out there look, go with colors that contrast with your natural coloring.  If your skin is pinky, go for blue instead!  Or you can try out brown.  Or if you are more reddish, try out a nice green eyeshadow.

Step 3: application tips

Choose just one feature that you want to highlight, and emphasize that.  So if you have dramatic eyes, go easy on the lips.  Otherwise you’ll be way overboard!

When putting on eye makeup, start out by putting a base color all over your eye.  Choose something like white, bone, or toast.  It needs to blend in with your skin color.

Next, go for the color.  If you want to enhance the color of your eyes, go for neutral.  Blue eyes?  Gray, heather, or taupe works.  Green?  Camel, heather, or taupe.  Brown?  Sable or mocha.

If you’re looking for eye liner, your best bet is darker colors.  If you don’t want the darkness of black, try out charcoal, navy, or mahogany.

And what about mascara?  Go for black.  Unless…you are really fair.  Then black mascara is going to stand out way too much.  If you have light skin, light hair, and light eyelashes, then brown mascara is the way to go.

Get tan without getting cancer

So you want a tan.  Who doesn’t?  Tans look great all year round, but especially during swimsuit season.  And who wants to show off just how pasty white they are?  You want a tan, but you also want the best of both worlds: a tan without the danger of cancer.

Is a tan without cancer an oxymoron?  Fortunately, today it’s definitely not!  Over the last few years, beauty companies have come out with tons of different ways that you can get a tan without the cancer dangers that come with lying outside for hours, or in a tanning bed for twenty minutes.

The sunless tanning market is pretty hot right now.  There are more and more sunless tanning options available.  And the best way to go is with a combination skin moisturizer/sunless tanner.  This combo gives you a steady color change over a few weeks so that you naturally build up sunless tanner for a more natural look.  What does this mean?  No more funny orange streaks!  Instead, you have moisturized skin and great, natural tan color.

Sunless tanning moisturizers come in pills, lotions, and sprays.  The best ones come with something called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA.  The government has only approved the effectiveness of sunless tanners with DHA.  DHA works because it has special molecules in it that react with your skin in a way that actually changes the color of your skin cells to brown!

Old spray-on tanners really were just a spray-on tan: you covered yourself in orange.  But these new-fangled tanners actually work with your skin so that your brown color is natural.

Some of the most popular sunless tanners/moisturizers are products like Dove Energy Glow Lotion, which looks really natural.  Or you can try out Jergens Body Glow, which is fantastic because it won’t streak like nasty spray tanners.  Olay Everyday Sunshine is another really popular moisturizer/tanner option.  Finally, try out L’Oreal bronzer.  This is a natural way to add a tan, especially to your face.  There won’t be any orange, and no streaks.

Some people prefer to use a spray on tan.  Fortunately, these have gotten better and better over the last few years.  Lots of tanning salons offer spray on tans that have the same DHA that is in the best tanners/moisturizers combos.  Spray on tans last for a little while, and will eventually wash off.

If you don’t want to take a trip to your local tanning salon, there are lots of products that you can pick up at your local store.  Some of the best and most popular products are Banana Boat Air Brush Tan.  It’s extra easy to apply, and it won’t streak or leave you orange.  Rimmel also has a great spray tan that you can find at Target or at other drug stores.  It does take longer to apply than moisturizer combos, but you can change your look and your tan level from day to night.

You also might want to try off Garnier Ambre Solaire.  This is a great option if you have a big party to go to tomorrow, and you don’t have time to build up a tan using a moisturizer/tanner combo.  You won’t get streaks, but it will dry to a beautiful tan.  It will also last for a few days, so you can keep it on for the entire weekend!  Just don’t hit a pool party with it…or at least don’t hit the pool!

No matter how you get your tan, if you use bronzers, moisturizers, or spray, remember that none of them will protect your skin from cancer.  So you should always wear a really good sun block that has a high SPF rating.  Otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk!

Fast and fabulous makeup tips!

Read on for some fast and fabulous makeup tips!

Foundation tips
1.  Find a foundation that matches your coloring.  The closer the better!
2.  If you have a hard time finding the right shade, chose three that you think will work.  Apply the one you think is right to your jawline.  Then put the lighter shade above, and the darker shade underneath.  Whichever one fades into your skin is the color for you!
3.  Keep your loose powder available all the time!  If you feel oily during the day, you can use an oil absorbent powder to get rid of that shine!

Cheek color tips
1.  One of the problems that lots of people have is that their blush makes them look like a clown!  Instead, you want to contour your cheekbones with your blush.  Use a slightly darker shade and apply it from your earlobe down to your mid-cheek.  You can also use lighter colors to highlight.  2.  There are lots of great and cute cream blushers and highlighters that will make you look fresh and dewy.  Experiment!

Eye makeup tips
1.  Choose colors that match your coloring.  Decide whether you want to go natural or dramatic.
2.  Don’t forget that dark colors will bring your features back, and light colors will highlight your eyes!
3.  Apply a light and neutral shade over your entire eyelid.  Think bone or cream.  This will be your base for your work.
4.  Apply the medium shade on your lower eyelid.
5.  You can create more depth by putting the darkest shade in your outer corners of your eyes.  This will make you look dramatic!
6.  A lot of companies sell eyeshadow in combos that put the three shades that you need together.  Look for these to make matching your shades even easier.
7.  Apply your eyeliner by starting at the center of your eye and then working towards your corners.  Move slowly!  Play connect the dots with your eyelashes so that you don’t have any gaps or wiggles in your eyeliner.
8.  When choosing an eyeliner color, go darker.  Try brown, navy, charcoal, or black.  Choose the color that matches your eyeshadow the best.
9.  Don’t forget the mascara!  While almost everyone can pull off black, if you are really light, you should go with a dark brown.  Otherwise you might look a little bit like a clown!
10.  A great way to make your eyes pop is to choose a complementary shade.  So if you have blue eyes, experiment with green eyeshadow!
11.  If you have dark eyes, or even lighter brown eyes, dark eye shadow will make you look smoky and sexy.  It’s a great way to really look extreme!

Tips for your lip color
1.  Choose a lip color that matches your coloring.  If you have cool coloring, you can’t use the same lip color as your friend with reddish skin.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear red lipstick!  It just means that you need a lipstick with different undertones.
2.  Use a lip brush!  It will help you control your lipstick.  And it’s more fun to put on!
3.  Start by putting foundation or powder over your lips.  This will help your lip color stay on longer.
4.  Don’t forget the lip liner!  Take your time and put it on carefully.  Otherwise you won’t look finished.
5.  Choose a lip liner and a lip color that match each other!  Otherwise you’ll get that strange ring around the mouth look.  Not cool!
6.  Lip gloss is a great way to make your lips look luscious without the hassle of putting on lip stick.  You can also put lip gloss over your lipstick to enhance the color.

No More Craters, Minimize your Pores

Do you have really large skin pores and want to get rid of them?  There are a couple of ways to get the pores on your face to stop looking like big craters!  For smaller, healthier skin pores, try a couple of these suggestions:

1) Wear a mud mask or a peeling mask. In order to maintain healthy skin pores, you should wear a facial mask about once a week.  If you wear facial masks more than once a week, it can bring out extra oils and cause zits to appear.  Mud masks or peeling masks are especially good at minimizing your pore size.  One great mud mask is the NuSkin Glacial Marine Mud.  It dries quickly and rinses off easily.  Another good peeling mask that can help reduce the size of your pores is Freeman’s Cucumber Melon and Ginseng Peeling Masque.

2) Apply toner to your face after cleansing. Toner is a great way to help reduce the size of your pores.  You should apply toner to your face after washing it with cleanser.  Toner should be applied with a small cotton ball and not with bath tissue.  This way, you will avoid getting little flecks of tissue in your pores, which can aggravate them and cause them to get bigger.  There are a couple toners that you can try to help minimize your pore size.  Neutrogena’s Alcohol-Free Toner is geared to help refreshing your skin and minimizing your pores.  Another thing that you can try as a replacement for toner is witch hazel, which you can buy at most drugstores.  This product also works well to keep the size of your pores down.

3) Try nose strips.  If you have large pores on your nose, you might want to try nose strips.  These strips can help get rid of blackheads and whiteheads in your skin, which can help your pores become healthier and smaller.  Pond’s Clear Pore Nose Strips are available for a reasonable price at most grocery and drug stores.  You get these strips wet with water, place them on your nose for a minute until they dry, and then pull them off quickly.  The blackheads and whiteheads in your pores will get pulled off with the strip!

4) Steam your face! Steaming is another way to help reduce the size of your pores.  By placing your face in a steamer, you can loosen up a lot of the debris which clogs your pores.  Place a pan of boiling water on the stove, and lean your face over the steam that rises from the pan.  Hold a towel over your head and the pan so that the steam will not escape! After steaming your face and getting rid of all of the debris, splash some really cold water on your face.  This will shrink your pores down quickly, and they will stay healthy because you cleaned them with steaming.

5) Try a concealer. Concealers also can be used to help cover up large pores on your face.  After using some of the above steps to minimize your pore size, you can dab a little bit of concealer on your skin to help cover up your pores.  If you have large pores, the best type of makeup for you to use is non-comedogenic.  This type of makeup does not clog pores, so you’ll be able to prevent your pore size from getting bigger.

6) Don’t pick at your pores! One of the best things that you can do to not clog your pores is to avoid picking at them.  This will just aggravate your face and make your pores become even larger and oilier.  Plus, you should especially not use your fingernails when touching your pores, because they can carry dirt and debris which will aggravate your pores even more.  Instead of picking and popping your pores, try some of the steps listed above to minimize your pore size (and get rid of those craters!)  in a healthy and beautiful way!

Make your Zits Disappear

Have you got really bad acne?  Everybody’s skin type is different, and sometimes things that need to be done to get rid of your zits sometimes can only be determined by a dermatologist.  However, there are a couple of basic skin care steps which usually can help make your pimples disappear.

1) Wash your face in the morning and night with a facial cleanser.  Regular bar soap really doesn’t cut-it for your face.  There are different kinds of facial cleansers available, and you might need to experiment with a couple to see what works best for you.  There are two main ingredients which you can find in acne facial cleansers.  Some cleansers, like Proactiv Solution and Clearasil use the main ingredient benzoyl peroxide.  Depending on the skin type, this often can work really well in making your zits disappear.  However, for some people it can also prove a little irritating, which is why some other cleansers have salicylic acid (or a salicylic/beta-hydroxy acid combo) instead.  NuSkin’s Clear Action Foaming Cleanser and Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne wash both contain salicylic acid.  Other over-the-counter pads like Stri-dex also have salicylic acid.  So, if a benzoyl peroxide cleanser like Proactiv doesn’t work for you, try a cleanser with salicylic acid instead.

2) After washing your face, use a toner and moisturizer on your skin.  Toners are a great way to make your zits disappear!  They prevent future zits from popping up by wiping away any extra dirt and oil on your face.  Use a clean cotton ball when applying toner to your face – using tissue or toilet paper can leave tiny flakes of paper which can irritate your skin.  Then, make sure that you put a moisturizer on your face as well.  If you have combination to oily skin, use a light moisturizer for your skin type.  Your skin needs to have the right balance of moisture – too little or too much moisturizer on your face can cause zits too.

3) Use “spot treatments” on your zits!  There are acne “spot treatments” that you can use to help shrink your zits down too.  NuSkin has great treatments for the day and the night.  The Day Treatment is clear so that people can’t tell you’re wearing it, and the Night Treatment is a more concentrated formula that has a yellowish color.  These spot treatments also contain salicylic acid.  Other spot treatments can also be found at local drugstores and over-the-counter.

4) Oral medication also can help make your zits disappear.  Sometimes your acne is so bad that you need to have some type of oral medication or antibiotic to help get them to leave!  In this case, you will probably need to see a dermatologist to find out what the best thing is for you.  One other thing you can try, however, is a product called Nature’s Cure.  This homeopathic product comes with all-natural ingredients in tablet form.  These tablets come with a type of “spot treatment” for your face, and there are formulas for both boys and girls.

Above all, one of the most important things to do to make your zits disappear is not to pick and them or pop them.  This can not only cause scarring on your face, but it can further irritate you skin and cause new zits to also appear!  Plus, the oils from your fingers also can cause more zits when your touch and pick at your face.  It’s better to just not mess with your zits that way, and just let the treatments do their thing.  Hopefully some of these suggestions will help your pimples to disappear!