Question: Is long hair better?

As a teenager you probably have some questions you wish you could have answered honestly by the opposite sex. The following is a look at a question asked by girls to guys, and their answer, free of the bias of catering to what you want to hear.

Question: It seems like most guys like long hair better than short on girls. Does it depend on the girl, or in general is one better than the other?

Answer: While every guy’s opinion is going to differ in some degree, as a whole, it seems that our gender is much more attracted to long hair. Long hair is almost always more attractive than short hair. So, don’t cut your hair.

Of course there are always some exceptions to that rule, but don’t think you are the exception, you probably aren’t. Celebrities that have short hair and still look hot have professionals doing their hair, make-up, etc. They dress awesome, and have a rockin’ body. So, if you are going to cut your hair short, you better have someone to do your make-up, wardrobe, etc. and get a personal trainer so that you have a rockin’ body to take our mind off of your short locks.

This doesn’t mean you can’t look good with short hair, you probably do, but you probably look a lot better with long hair. Even if you think you look better with your hair short, or think it is easier to do, and you look nicer when you have short hair, we don’t mind you just pulling your hair up when you are in a hurry, we like it long!

Honestly, long hair has so many benefits. You can wear it a million different ways, which we like to see, it keeps things interesting. It means you can have a pony tail, which is hot! Wear it long and straight, curled, up, down, braided, etc. We like that about long hair because it means a different look each time we see you. While short hair is cute, it seems like it has a lot less options, and is just not as fun, or attractive.

We like to touch your hair, and long hair is better for that. Unless you have unhealthy long hair that is all gross, long is best. Just be sure that you keep is shiny, silky, and soft. Split ends are not really very attractive, so healthy long hair is the qualifier.

Most guys are not big fans of the long hair past the butt. We want your hair to be long, don’t get us wrong, but we do not want to see your hair dragging on the ground. Unless you have incredibly beautiful hair that is super healthy and strong, having it past the top of your butt is just too long. In fact, most of us think that is kind of gross.

We want to be able to wear our hair longer without risking having hair longer than yours! We don’t want anyone to mistake us for dating another guy because you wear your hair too short. We also do not want you to borrow our gel. Long hair is a feminine characteristic, and we love it!

Say bye to greasy hair, without washing daily.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to your greasy hair!  That’s right—you can get rid of your greasy hair, and stop washing your hair every single day!  Just follow these easy steps to get the grease out and to save time in the shower.  This will save your hair in the process!

No matter how often you wash your hair, does it seem to get greasy just hours after you get out of the shower?  Greasy hair is a nightmare, and can be really embarrassing!  Plus it’s a pain to wash it once and even twice a day!  Luckily, there are some things that you can do to control your greasy hair.

First you need to know where greasy hair comes from.  There are tiny glands in your scalp called the sebaceous glands.  The way that your body moisturizes your hair is by having the sebaceous glands produce a kind of oily substance.  This oil is called sebum.  You want sebum!  It’s a good thing!  It’s not a good thing when your body won’t stop producing it!

Here are some things that you can do to control your grease, and cut down on the amount of sebum that your glands are putting out.

Choose a good shampoo that says that it’s for greasy hair.  Or you can choose one that is extra cleansing.  Clarifying shampoos are a good idea, too.

Avoid moisturizing shampoos.  Moisture is your problem—you don’t want to add more of it.

Shampoo the right way! If you’re like most of us, when you shampoo you probably scrub scrub scrub.  Especially if you’re trying to get the oil out!  What you don’t know, though, is that you’re actually telling your body to produce more oil!  You’re stimulating your glands, and they’re going to send more oil out into your hair.  So instead of scrubbing, be gentle.  Lather up, and then just lightly run your hands over your scalp.  Rinse and repeat.

Don’t brush too much! The more you brush, the more those sebaceous glands will be stimulated to produce oil.  And the more you brush, the more you move that oil through your hair.

Use a light conditioner. Even though your hair is oily, your ends can still get dry and damaged.  So just use a light conditioner, and just rub it into the ends of your hair.

Start washing every other day. At first, your hair will revolt and become even more greasy!  But if you cut down on your washing, eventually your hair will adjust and won’t produce as much grease.  This can be a little bit rocky for a week or two, though.

Choose your products wisely! Lots of hair styling products make your hair greasier.  This doesn’t have to happen, though.  Choose products that say that they are greaseless or oil free. They won’t weigh your hair down, and then can cut down on grease.

It’s all about the powder, baby. If you’re having real problems with greasy hair, you can apply a small amount of baby powder to the roots.  Then shake it through your hair so that the baby powder disappears (and you don’t look like you have dandruff).  The baby powder will absorb the oil and grease around your roots.

Lemon juice. Wash your hair in lemon juice and water.  This will help dry your hair out.  And an added benefit: it will give your hair a nice, healthy shine, without that greasy feel!  Some people even use vinegar, and say that it works wonders.  Just make sure that you rinse well so that you don’t smell like vinegar all day long!

Quick fix for a great hair do

Want a great hairdo, but don’t have hours to spend in the bathroom?  Here are some fantastic quick fixes that can transform your hair into boring and blah into fantastic and exciting in just a few minutes.  This means your mom won’t yell at you for being in the bathroom too long!

Start in the shower

You can start saving time in the shower.  Instead of spending a long time trying to work up as many suds as possible, just make sure that you wash your scalp.  Take a small amount of shampoo, massage your scalp, and then rinse.  Louise O’Connor, owner of OC61 Salon, says that the water will be enough to get the shampoo through your hair.  Clean hair, and you’re already saving time!

Next, it’s time to move to your conditioner.  Instead of rinsing out all of your conditioner, leave in a little bit.  Keeping in a small amount of conditioner can actually help you repair your dry and frizzy hair.  How?  The conditioner will coat your hair cuticles, and will help weigh your hair down.

How to dry your hair

Chances are that you usually towel dry your hair pretty vigorously.  Then you get out the blow dryer and go at it until your hair is perfectly done, and pretty fried.  And you’re almost late for school.

Instead, just dry a few spots of your hair—the parts that absolutely have to be styled.  If you have bangs that have to be done, or cowlicks that must be tamed, then salon owners say that you should take care of those.  But don’t worry about the rest of your hair—it’s going to air dry just fine.

Are you worried that if you don’t use your blow dryer, you won’t have any volume?  Never fear!  There are lots of different products out there that can create volume in seconds without the work of the blow dryer.  Use a simple spritz, like Graham Webb Thick Infusion Spray, and spray it all over your damp hair.  Put in a headband or your sunglasses.  By the time you get to school, you’ll have great volume, with no work!

Sleek and smooth—in seconds.

If you’re going for that hot sleek and shiny look, then you probably spend a lot of quality time with your straightening iron every morning.  Well, it’s time to move on to another relationship: your conditioning spray.  After you get out of the shower, and your hair is still damp, then spray conditioning spray all over.  Then pull out a beanie or a tight knit hat and pull it over your hair.  Leave it on for 15 minutes—go eat breakfast, finish your homework, put on your makeup.  You can even go back to sleep!  Then pull off your hat, and you have sleek and smooth frizz-free hair with no work at all!

Start with your haircut

Lots and lots of layers are in right now.  But lots and lots of layers, while they make for hot hair, make for lots of time in the bathroom every morning.  You can get the look you love without all of the hassle of the layers!  You can get a haircut that is mostly the same length, but with a few well placed layers you can highlight certain areas of your face and create a cute, up-to-date look.  Fewer layers mean less time in the bathroom, say salon owners.

Bring out the accessories

Cute accessories not only make you look great, but they can save a lot of time too!  Headbands and clips are really in right now.  You can find really cute headbands and clips for not very much money.  And they only take a few minutes in the morning!  Tease your hair a little bit, and then slide in either a clip or a headband for a finished look that still lets you eat breakfast and catch your bus!

Popular short hair products

Knowing the popular short hair products that are out there can help you style your short hair so that it looks great every day!

There are tons of different products out there.  But not all products are the same.  There are certain products that are created just for short hair and whatever style of short hair you have—curly, spiky, layered, whatever.  The key to buying the right product for your short hair is knowing your style and your hair type.  Is your hair coarse or fine?  Do you need volume?  Do you want to control frizz?  Do you want more curl?

Talk to your stylist about what products will be best for your hair type and your hair cut.  Your stylist will have great ideas for the best products for your hair.  But if you’re into trying something different, or you don’t want to pay a fortune for salon products, look over this list of popular products for short hair to see what can give you a great do all day, every day!

Matrix Vavoom Smoothing Gel

Vavoom Smoothing Gel is great for both smooth and sleek short hair, or messy bed head styles!  Vavoom Smothing Gel works great in humid weather, and can control frizz no matter how awful the weather is.  You won’t even need hairspray.  You can also use the Vavoom Smoothing Gel to create a messy look that doesn’t need hairspray to control it, unless you want to go really spiky!

Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick

Styling sticks are a great way to control and style both wet and dry hair.  You can also use styling sticks to give your hair that much needed volume.  Styling sticks can even help you get rid of all that frizz, and will hide your split ends!  Another benefit to styling sticks is that you can just throw them in your backpack, and whip it out between classes or whatever for when your hair needs a quick fix.

With styling sticks, you just put a little on your fingers, and then rub your hands together to warm up the product.  Use as much as you want.  This styling stick is great because it can make your hair extra spiky without any other help.  It can also make your hair softer, if you don’t want to use hairspray.  And as an added bonus, this styling stick adds great shine to your hair!

ARTec Textureline Volume Gel

Got short hair that’s also short on volume?  This volume gel is a great way to get easy volume that gives your short hair that much needed lift.  Just work the gel into the roots of your damp hair, and then work into the rest of your hair.  You can blow dry your style.  But since this volume gel is so strong, you can even just air dry!  The natural ingredients (juniper, ylang-ylang, chamomile, soy, tea tree, and more) give your hair great shine and body.

American Crew Pomade

Yeah yeah yeah.  I know what you’re saying.  American Crew is for guys!  But having great hair is all about breaking rules and being willing to think for yourself!  So trust me on this one!  American Crew Pomade is a fantastic way to give your hair great shine.  What’s better, it is one of the best texturizers out there.  This pomade will give your hair really good control, whether you have spiky short hair or layered short hair.  All you have to do is take a small amount, rub it between your hands, and then apply to your hair.  Instant style, instant shine!  Who would’ve thought that something meant for a guy would work so well for a girl?

Long tresses, what products to use to spice up your do

Do you love your long tresses, but you’re looking for some products and sort of way to spice up your do?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Long hair is beautiful, but it can tend to get boring really fast.  Here are some of the very best products for long hair, that can transform you into dull and lifeless into fantastic and sexy!

Whenever you are choosing products for your hair, make sure that you think about what type of hair you have.  Lots of products are made just for long hair.  But then you need to think about your long hair.  Is it curly?  Does it tend to get frizzy?  Do you have soft waves?  Or are you stick straight?  Do you have a lot of layers?  Do you want texture?  Do you need moisture?  Want volume or want to reduce volume?  Knowing your own hair will help you choose the right products for your own long locks.

You should also ask your stylist for advice on what products to use.  Your stylist knows your hair, and also knows some great tricks of the trade.  But if you don’t want to spend a fortune on products sold at the salon, use these fantastic little supermarket substitutes.  Have salon worthy long and luscious hair for a fraction of the price!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum

This magical little product works wonders when it comes to tackling the biggest problems that people have with their long hair.  Are you struggling with frizzy long hair?  What about those pesky fly aways that you just can’t seem to keep under control?  This serum will take care of it all, while adding incredible shine and beauty to your long hair.

Simply apply to your hair, whether damp or dry.  Comb through your hair.  Then style it in order to see a world of difference with your long locks.  No longer will they be boring and dull, but now they will be shiny, full of body, and also full of control!

Frizz-ease Anti-frizz Serum

The Frizz-ease line of products are fantastic and inexpensive ways to pump up the style of your long hair.  This serum controls frizz and fly-aways, just like the Biosilk Serum.  You can spray it into your damp hair and then style.  Or you can keep it on hand with you at all times, and spray it onto your hair for a quick fix and to control mid day frizz.

Citrishine Shine Spray

This little beauty is a favorite of stylists everywhere.  With a citrus fruit base, it is a great and natural way to add beauty and shine to your long tresses.  Just spray onto damp or dry hair for a great style or a way to finish off your hair.  This spray is a perfect way to control frizz that crops up in the middle of the day.

Angel by Thierry Mugler Celestial Hair Mist Spray

Wondering how you can finish off your style?  Well, look no further!  Celestial Hair Mist Spray will finish off your long hair styling with a great scent, great shine, and really good control.

L’Oreal Vive Curl Defining Spray

If you’ve got long hair that’s also curly, this is one product that you can’t do without.  One of the biggest problems with long curly hair is keeping those curls defined.  Too often you just end up with a frizzy mess!  But this Curl Defining Spray will help you keep your curls beautiful and bouncy all day long!  Simply apply to your damp hair, and then finish off your style with another application.  Frizz be gone, and hello beautiful curls and sexy waves!

How to tweeze your eyebrows for your face shape.

Knowing how to tweeze your eyebrows for your face shape is the key to having great eyebrows.  Jealous of Jessica Biel’s beautiful brows?  Are you wishing that your brows were as perfectly groomed as Hilary Duff’s?  Well, before you pull out those tweezers and go to town on your own brows, there are some things you need to know about how to create perfectly shaped brows that fit your own face!

While you might think that Angelina Jolie’s brows are to die for, you can’t copy hers unless you have the same face shape she does.  But you can have brows that look just as good, but are great for you!  Just follow these simple steps to figure out what brow shape is right for your face, and how you can have eyebrows like the stars.

1.  Determine your face shape.

Pull back your hair.  It’s time to really look hard at your own face without any hair in the way.  If your face is oval, then your forehead will be wider than your chin.  Your face tapers from your large cheekbones down to your chin, which is oval instead of pointy.

If your face is round, this means that it’s as long as it is high.  Your widest point?  Your cheeks.

If you have a heart-shaped face, this means that you look sort of like Reese Witherspoon.  Like an oval face, your cheekbones are wide, but instead of an oval chin, your chin is pointed.

Square faces have a square jaw—think Gwyneth Paltrow—and you have the same width from your forehead to your cheeks to your jaw.  Nice and strong!

People with long faces have cheekbones that are as wide as your jaw, but your chin can be pretty prominent.

And last, but not least, the diamond face.  Not too many people have this one, but if you do, you have lots of angles, your temples are wide, and your forehead is short.

Now that you’ve figured out what shape your face is, it’s time to move on to your brows!

2.  Determine the brow shape for your face.

The key to tweezing brows that match your face is really the placement of your arch.  Look carefully at your face, and make sure that you don’t tweeze too much!  You can always pull out more hair, but you can’t put your hair back in!

People with oval faces, like Jennifer Aniston, can basically do whatever they want with their eyebrows!  So find your favorite celebrity, look at their brows, and go to town!

What about square faces?  If you have a face like Brooke Shields, then your goal is to have eyebrows that balance your nice jawline.  This means that your eyebrows’ arches should be right about the square of your jaw.  This will make your face look symmetrical.

If you have a round face like Kirsten Dunst, then your eyebrows should have a pretty high arch.  This will make your face look thinner.  Place the center of your eyebrow arch closer to the end of your eyebrow.  The end should be short.  This will make your face look slimmer.

Heart shaped faces, like Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts, should try to make their faces look a little rounder and softer.  Try to add some curves to your brow.  This will make your face look a little less pointy.

Diamond shaped face?  Look to Katherine Hepburn for inspiration.  You want a rounder eyebrow.  This will make your face look softer.  Or you can have an emphasized center arch.  This approach will make your face look thinner.

And finally, the long face.  You want to style your eyebrows like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and go with a flatter curve.  This will make your face wider, and it won’t look as long.

Getting a new cut to show off your face.

So you want a new haircut, maybe one that will go well with your face this time.  Who doesn’t?  A great haircut can change your entire look, the way you feel about yourself, and can give you that revamping that you have always wanted.  But how can you know which haircut is going to look good on you?  Just because Reese Witherspoon or Scarlett Johansson look fantastic with their long and short layers doesn’t mean that their cut is going to transform you into a blonde bombshell!

Well, it’s time to start working with what you already have, which is great hair and a great face.  Once you determine what your face shape is, then you can find a haircut that will emphasize your best features and really let your inner beauty shine through!

Here’s a quick look at the different types of face shapes and what kind of haircut will look best with each one.  Don’t forget to find a picture to take with you when you go to your salon!

Oval face

If you have an oval face, think stars like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.  Oval faces work with tons of different kinds of haircuts, so you can have a lot of fun.  Make sure that you have layers that fall around your chin, your cheekbones, and your mouth.  Layers will highlight different features, so pick your favorite one and then go for layers that will accentuate it.

Don’t get any short layers cut around the top of your head.  This will give you a lot of volume up top, which will make your face look really long.  Also, if you have particularly thick hair, or it happens to be curly, then you will want to avoid blunt cuts.  Otherwise you’ll look like me all through high school: a pyramid.

Styles that are really popular for oval faces are shag cuts that are shoulder length, choppy and texturized bobs, and long, soft, wavy curls.

Heart-shaped face

If your face is heart shaped, you’re in good company!  Think Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel Bilson.  There are a number of different cuts that you can get that will take the focus from your chin to other facial features, like your eyes and your cheekbones.  Experiment with sideswept bangs.  These will direct attention straight to your eyes and cheeks!  Also, you will want a nice, strong part and hair that goes down at least to your jaw.

If you want to keep your hair long, then include some nice layers that rest along your cheekbones.  If you want to go short, then keep the top layers longer.  You want soft layers, not choppy ones.

Long or oblong face

Celebs who have your face shape are people like Sarah Jessica Parker, Giselle Bündchen, and Ashlee Simpson.  Like them, you’ll want a style that can shorten your face and make it a bit wider.  The best way to do this is with sideswept and long bangs.  Also, you can make your face look wider with a chin-length cut.  If your hair is curly or wavy, you’ll have an easy time adding width, as long as you avoid short layers on the top.  Otherwise you’ll just make your face longer!

A really popular style right now is really long layers.  If you want your hair long, don’t forget some layers around the face to soften the effect.

Round face

You have the same face as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Bosworth, Fergie, Oprah, and Cameron Diaz.  Celebrate your good luck by getting a cut that hits right below your chin or gives you some top volumes.  Think about soft layers that taper off into wisps.  Also go for long or sideswept bangs, if you must have them.

Square face

Celebrate your jaw!  Get a cut like Mandy Moore, Demi Moore, or Gwyneth Paltrow and emphasize that jawline!  Go for a lot of texture with curly hair or choppy hair.  You can also play with sleek styles, à la Gwyneth, or really short and spiky!

Frizz attack? Make your hair sleek.

Are you going through a frizz attack?  Don’t freak out!  By following these simple tips and easy steps, you can transform your hair from huge and frizzy to sleek and shiny.

There are a number of different things that you can do to control and transform your frizzy hair.  The first step is to moisturize your hair.  Most frizzy hair is caused by damage and breakage, rather than the natural state of your hair.  So by giving your hair a huge dose of moisture, you can fix the frizz.

Begin by taking some intense conditioner and working it into your hair.  Beauty experts recommend using an intense conditioner like Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and A-G’s Varnish.  Take a dime sized amount of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and a few drops of Varnish and mix them together in your hand.  Then apply the combination to clean and damp hair, and work it through your hair evenly, from roots to tips.  Air dry your hair.

Use an intense and deep conditioner and shampoo every time you wash your hair.  Buy one that says that it is specifically for extra dry hair.  This will help repair your hair and keep it healthy after you get all the damaged hair cut off.  A really good conditioner is Structural Balance Hydrating Reconstructor.  Make sure that you leave your conditioner in your hair for a while before you rinse it out of your hair.  This will let the conditioner really work itself into your hair.

If you have time, you can give yourself an intense salon deep conditioning treatment at home!  After putting your conditioner in your hair, get out of the shower and wrap your hair with a hot towel.  Sit like this for five or ten minutes.  Then get back in the shower and rinse your hair.  Don’t rub your hair dry.  Instead, experts say that you should just gently blot out the extra water out of your hair using your towel.

You might want to purchase some leave in conditioners that you can keep in your hair, and can even spray in your hair later on in the day.

There are a ton of different frizz control products out there that you can try out.  Serums are especially good for frizzy hair, because they’re not as messy.  Try the Aerostraight spray.

Another way to control your frizzy hair is to take a bunch of Velcro rollers to smooth out your hair.  Roll one inch sections of hair into the rollers, using a size based on the amount of lift that you want.  You can also smooth out your hair by applying to heat to it with a blow dryer while it’s still in your rollers.

If you want smooth and shiny hair, straightening irons are another great option.  Make sure that you use some sort of hair protectant, because using a lot of heat every day is going to seriously damage your hair.

Are there certain hair cuts that you can get to help stop frizzy hair before it happens?  You bet!  If you have hair that is usually dry and frizzy, then ask your stylist to give you a more blunt cut.  If you want layers and texture, which are really in right now, then ask your stylist for point cut layers.  Lots of times, stylists razor cut your hair, or use thinning shears.  The problem is that these techniques actually weaken the tips of your hair, which is a great way to encourage frizz!

If you get your hair trimmed often, then you will be able to control the frizz that comes with damaged ends.

Dull, dry hair? Make it shine.

Do you have dull, dry hair?  Do you wish that it could be smooth and shiny?  Here are some great and easy tips that will transform your hair in no time from boring and dull to shiny and full of life!

Your very first step is to deep condition your hair.  Your hair will love you for this!  Buy a really good intense conditioner that is specially made for really dry hair.  Apply it to your hair, working it in from the very roots all the way to the tips.  Then get out of the shower, and wrap your hair in a hot towel.  Sit like this for a while.  You can read a book, do your homework, call a friend, whatever.  But while you’re doing your thing, your hair will be enjoying a spa treatment at home.  After a while—ten to thirty minutes—rinse your hair out, and let it air dry.

One of the major problems with dull hair is that there is a ton of buildup on the hair itself.  This buildup, which is from your gel, your hairspray, and even your shampoo and conditioner, makes your hair look dull because it can’t reflect the light.  You should use a clarifying shampoo regularly.  This will clean your hair and remove all of that nasty, dulling buildup.  Let the shine begin!

After you have washed and deep conditioned your hair, it’s time to start using shine

enhancement products.  There are a ton of different things out there that you can buy either from your salon or the local supermarket.  Shine enhancers usually come as sprays.  Look for one that doesn’t have any alcohol in it, because alcohol will dry your hair out and make it even more dull and even frizzy.  Shine enhancers work by actually covering the outside of your hair so that it reflects the light better.

Another thing that you can do to make your dull hair shiny is to brush it.  Gently.  Emphasis on the gently!  Gently brushing your hair with a softer brush will loosen any dead skin in your scalp and will also make your hair cuticles lie flatter.  Flat cuticles equal good light reflection, which means shiny hair.

If you have curly or wavy hair, then it’s going to be even harder for you to get that shiny hair that your friends with straight hair have.  That’s because straight hair reflects the light a lot better than curly hair does.  But don’t despair!  If you have curly or wavy hair, using shine enhancers can help you make your hair nice and shiny.

Also, air dry your hair instead of blow drying it.  This will help keep your hair moisturized.  When you get your hair cut, ask your stylist to point cut your layers instead of razoring them.  Using a razor will make your hair more frizzy, and will make it harder for your hair to reflect the light.

Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, having bad ends will make your hair dull!  So go get your hair trimmed regularly!  Keeping your ends healthy will make your hair look healthy.

If the store remedies just aren’t working for you, or you like to go natural, there are a lot of different things that you can do at home to make your hair shiny!  Try adding about 40 to 50 drops of honey to some water.  Then apply to your hair, let it stay on for a while, and then rinse.  You can also use a last rinse of lemon juice and water to give your dull hair some shine.

Avoiding at home color disasters

So you want to color your hair without paying a fortune at a salon?  Before you slam that box of dye on your head and get it all over your bathroom, read these important tips on how you can color your hair but avoid at home coloring disasters.

We’ve all seen the at home dye job disasters.  Splotches of dye here and there, but with some blonde showing through that strange red color.  To avoid looking like you just dipped your head in Kool-Aid, and to make sure that you actually get your dye through all of your hair, including the back, and the roots, it’s important to follow these no-nonsense tips.  Good luck, and happy coloring!

Don’t take the plunge—yet

There’s a little secret about dying your hair yourself.  This secret is especially important to know if you like to experiment with your hair and your style.  You don’t have to go permanent.  That’s right—there are tons of different semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes that you can buy at your local grocery store.  Going with a temporary color, or even a semi-permanent, is a great way to test drive a color.

Temporary hair color usually says that it will wash out in a certain number of shampoos.  But if you’ve never dyed your hair before, chances are that it will come out way before then.  But at least you will see what your hair looks like dark brown, or bright red, or black, or even blue, for a little while!

Do your research.  It’s homework time!

So you really want to take the plunge into a permanent color change.  If you’re afraid of commitment, this is not the place for you!  A permanent dye job is going to last a long, long time, no matter what.  So make sure that you are choosing a color and a dye that is going to be right for your hair and your complexion!

It’s time to start researching.  Look online or talk to a stylist about what colors will look good with your complexion.  For example, my skin is pretty olive in color. If I’m not tan, then it’s yellow.  There are certain colors that look pretty awful on me—like red hair, for example.  And during the winter, when I get pale, really dark hair makes me look like some sort of crazy Goth.  I’m better off sticking with my natural blonde.  Talk to pros about what colors will look good with your own complexion.

Find out what you need to do to get the color you want.  If you want to go lighter, for example, you will probably have to have more chemical processing than if you just want to dye your blonde hair black, or your brown hair darker.  The wilder the change, the more complicated the procedure is going to be.  If you’re going for a really extreme change, then you might want to think about actually going to a salon for the dye job.

Dye away!

Now that you’ve chosen a gentle dye and the right color, it’s time for your dye job!  Here are some tips to follow to avoid disaster at home.

n  Don’t leave the dye in too long!

You might think that the longer you leave in the dye, the stronger the color will be.  But the truth is that the longer you leave in the dye, the more damage you will be doing to your hair.  And you might end up dying your scalp.

n  Rinse, rinse, rinse!

One of the top rules: rinse your hair all the way!  Otherwise the dye that you leave in will change colors, and it can damage your hair and your scalp.

n  Wear gloves.

n  Follow all of the directions.

The manufacturers know what they’re doing.  Some steps might seem silly, but it’s important for you to follow them.

n  Don’t mix dyes.