The social circles of high school

In high school there are all kinds of social circles. Some are more popular than others, some attract more people, and others are very exclusive. The social circles of high school play a large role in many teen’s lives. Where they are in the hierarchy of sociality matters. How many circles they can openly associate with is critical. Which circles they avoid is part of their identity. The following is a look at some of the social circles of high school:


This is the social circle most people are the most familiar. People with the same popularity level tend to stick together. The ultra-populars, nick named the “plastics” in a popular movie, stick together and associate very little in other groups. You have the regular levels of popularity, the people who are known and know people, but are not exactly popular. You then have the “un-populars.” These are the people who tend to be considered strange, weird, etc. often it is people who play magic games, or dress up like medieval warriors, or who do theater, or are nerdy.


The next social circle is that of common interests. A lot of your “group” is going to be determined by the things you have in common. For example, if you are in the running for valedictorian you may hang out with the other people in the running, as you have common academic interests. A lot of time, the commonality circle goes hand in hand with the popularity circle. Things that you have in common may characterize you as cool, nerdy, funny, fun, etc. The popular group may have money, partying, etc. in common. The nerdy group may have World of Warcraft, and Sudoku in common.


This is a social circle that often crosses the boundary lines of other social circles. If you do a sport you typically have friendships within the team you are a part of, and some of those people may fall in the really popular groups, while others may be average, or nerdy. Sports usually require you to put your personal differences aside and just be friends.


Often times in school social circles are formed by your personal values. People who value the same things in life often congregate together. This is why religion tends to create social circles. Within the same religion, you typically hold the same values and beliefs. So, all of the mormon kids in a predominantly non-mormon community might hang out together. All of the Jewish kids may sit together at lunch, or the Catholics, etc. In addition to holding similar values, you spend time with each other outside of school attending worship services, in youth programs, etc.


Sometimes friendships and social circles are formed because of your family history or standing in the town. The kids the grew up next to each other will be in the same social circle at times simply because of their history of friendship and proximity to one another.

Buying A Gift For A Teen Girl

If you have to buy a gift for a teen girl, you are probably dreading it! A lot of people have no idea where to start when they are searching for a gift and many others are unable to buy anything besides a gift card. Buying for a teen can be hard but with some creativity, you will get to know your teen better and you will see certain hobbies and interests that she has. This can assist you as you are hoping to buy her a gift that she will never forgot. It is a good idea to consider a gift card to her favorite store instead of trying to buy her a shirt or something as she may get offended by the choice of shirt that you choose or the size.

Since shopping for teen girls can be such a hard thing, a lot of companies have created online lists to help you out. Amazon is one of the sites that actually can help you browse by genre and age when it comes to finding the right gift for a teen girl. In addition to using these websites, you can also get some great ideas from articles and blogs. A lot of parents of teenagers will create lists, which can really help in finding the best gift ideas for teen girls.

How much can you afford to spend? Your budget is important to consider as you need to make sure that you do have plenty of money but that you are not spending too much money on her gift. Choosing a gift for a teen girl doesn’t need to be an extravagant thing. Some girls will really appreciate it when you offer them something that is heartfelt or handmade. Passing down an heirloom can be a wonderful gift that she will be able to cherish for many years.

The one thing that can be hard with teen girls is the trends that change often. You can see that she is really into a certain type of makeup line and then in a month, she is over this and onto to the next trend. It is hard to keep up! You need to plan on doing a little research and watching your teen so you can see what types of things she is interested in and to help you in picking out things you know she would appreciate. Most malls have certain jewelry stores and other places that are specifically centered around teens. Head into these stores and browse around to see if you can find items that you know she will appreciate.

Good cashiers in these stores deal with teen girls all the time and they can give you some great ideas on what type of gifts are popular right now and what types of items they see girls purchasing a lot of. You need to be able to have someone like this to help you out and to give you a second opinion when you are trying to find a unique gift for a teen girl.

Certain teen girls are really into makeup, hair, and jewelry. Others are not into these things at all and they may appreciate books or a Kindle. You should look at her hobbies and try to get her something she will appreciate and will actually use. Giving her gifts that she can use to decorate her room are other ideas that often work well.  Unique picture frames for her walls are great as she can fill them up with pictures of her friends. Unique furniture can also be a fun gift for a teen girl.

Video iPods what you need to know!

ipodTaking electronics to a new level, the video iPod is the biggest and bestest in the world of digital audio players.  It totally has the smack down on all the other gadgets out there today.  So listen up to all of it’s great qualities.

Although the iPod video started out with three models, one version got the axe pretty quickly.   So the two main models are the 30 GB and the 80 GB version (the 60 GB is the one that got axed).

What do 30 or 80 gigs mean to the world?  It means taking videos, TV, photos, songs, and music videos every where we want to go!  That’s right, buy all your favorite movies on iTunes and keep them handy for viewing pleasure in the iPod video.  How rad is that?

The 80 GB iPod is really mind boggling.  This sucker can hold like 20,000 songs; who can even name that many songs?  It holds 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video.  Mixing and matching songs, videos, and photos is no problem either.

Didn’t catch the last episode of 24?  Dying to know who was kicked off on American Idol?  Get it on the iPod video and watch it on the way to school!  What could be more cool than that?

It is really jaw dropping that so much power can weigh so little.  What’s with these textbooks that are warping our backs?  iPods carry five times the information and they fit in the palm of the hand!  Someone should get on top of this.

Just in case you were wondering, iPods don’t have to speak English all the time.  They come in several other very handy languages.  If you are tired of English, try the iPod in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, or maybe Turkish.  They thought of everything when they designed this dazzling device.

Accessorizing an iPod video has never been so great.  This little gadget can turn into a sweet stereo system that fills the whole house with those 20,000 songs that it’s storing.  There’s also the camera connector.  Use this accessory to easily transfer all those sweet shots from summer vacation right onto the iPod.

In case your iPod gets cold, they do offer brightly colored socks to keep it warm.  What’s up with that?  They come in purple, green, orange, pink, blue, and gray.  They are available on the website.

Perhaps your iPod is a little higher class than a knit sock.  If so, maybe your iPod prefers a little more stylish look.  You should seriously consider choosing to dress it in a leather case instead.  Those are also available on the website.

Any down sides to the video iPod?  It’s hard to find them, but if we looked real hard we might be able to drag something up.  It only comes in black or white, which is not the end of the world when there are cool brightly colored socks to put it in instead.

The 80 GB model will set ya back $350.  It’s a little pricey, but the escape it offers from boredom en route to school, work, home, and from parents is well worth it.  Besides, everyone has birthdays right?  And Christmas comes around once a year too.

So all in all, the video iPod is a killer cool device and well worth its weight in gold.  It has so much storage space it’s really unbelievable.  It is totally hot for vacationing too.  Long car trips or long lines at the airport can be a whole lot more fun with a little video iPod action.  Get your hands on one asap!

Heartbreak and lies, how to get over a player

He was such a jerk! He lied to you, used you, and left you hanging out to dry. When you get played, it can be really painful. It is even worse when you have sincere feelings for the guy who played you. So, how do you get over a player? How do you get over a player when you aren’t even mad that they played you because at least you had a chance? When you still like the guy who played you, and you can’t just hate him, what can you do to get over him?

Acknowledge. It is not fun when you still like someone who played you. It is even worse when you just can’t hate them enough to get over them. But what you can do is love yourself enough. You have to face the fact. He played you. He does not like you. He did not choose you because he was attracted to you, and there is no hope for a real relationship. The things he said were lies. He said what you wanted to hear so he could get what he wants to get. So, you have to recognize and acknowledge that to him you were a number, an item to cross off a list. So, this is not a reflection on you, but him, and that you still have hope for a successful relationship, but not with him. He won’t change, and you can’t change him. This is fact. This is something you NEED to acknowledge. Quit lying to yourself so that you will feel better. Fact the facts.

Don’t let it happen again. Shame on him for fooling you once (or playing you once), but shame on you if it happens again. You know now, so don’t go back to him. It does not matter what he says, he has said it all before and look what happened. So, now you are in the driver’s seat, you know what happens when you go for him, and that puts you in power, it is now your choice to get played or not. So, don’t. If you do your heart will not heal as quickly, the cut will be deep, and you will lose a lot of your confidence.

Get rid of stuff, do not reminisce. When someone plays you, they tell you want you want to hear. Playing someone is a manipulation. So, you probably have songs he dedicated to you, poems he sent, instant message conversations saved, notes kept, messages recorded, etc. To get over him and heal after the heartbreak and lies, you have to get rid of the notes, the complimentary conversations, the letters, emails, texts, etc. Even if it made you feel great, you need to get rid of it. It is those little compliments, poems, emails, and texts that are what got him into your heart in the first place. To get over it, you have to get rid of them. Toss them, don’t just store them away. You might even want to burn them, it can be very therapeutic. Wash anything that smells like him, and give away, donate to a thrift shop, etc. anything he bought for you or gave you. Reminders do not make it easy to get over someone, especially someone who broke your heart and gave your confidence a blow because they played you.

Do not try and talk to them about it. If you try and talk to them about it, you present a new challenge. You become a target to get played again. Also, you do yourself a huge disfavor by dwelling on something outside of your control. So, you know they played you, you know they lied, and guess what, they know it too, but part of being a player is never admitting you play the girls you play. So, they aren’t going to tell you they were using you, they will tell you that they really did like you, things just did not work out, blah, blah, blah.and guess what, you get hope where hope should not be, and you get heartbroken again instead of better. You do not need the ultimatum end from him, you should set it yourself.

Being one of the guys, is it worth it

What could be more fun than being on the ins with the guys, hanging with the whole group, and hearing their secrets? Many girls want to be one of the guys so that they get guy attention, but the question is, is being one of the guys really worth it?

You do get to spend your time with the boys, enjoying their company, and having them call you, etc. So, what is the downside? Well, you are one of the guys, so you are not dating material, and so, if you like one of the guys in your group, you are pretty much out of luck. Guys have a way of being unable to see the forest through the trees. So, if you want to be a forest, you can’t be a tress.

Whether or not being one of the guys is worth it, depends on what you want from the guys.
If you want to see them all the time, then being one of the guys is worth it.
If you want the guys to give you public attention, then being one of the guys is worth it.
If you want them to call you regularly, and invite you to hang out, then being one of the guys is worth it.
If you want to be part of the guy group, then being one of the guys is worth it.
If you want to hear their secrets, then being one of the guys is worth it.
When you see them it will be for fun, not romance, and you will be looked at as one of the guys.
When they give you public attention it will not be to show they like you, or make another girl know they are off the market, it will be because you are one of their buds.
When they call you, it will not be to chat for hours on end, or even to really see how you are doing, it will be to hang out, and get together with the group.
When you are part of the group, you are not dating the people in the group, you are someone who is in the group and will date outside of it.
When you hear their secrets, they will be about other girls, they will be about someone else, not you.

So, being one of the guys is only worth it if you do not want to date, do not like, or don’t think you will ever have a crush on one of the guys. If you think you can handle seeing and hearing out the guys dating other girls, and ignoring you. If you can handle them asking everyone else to the dance, and not you. Then sure, being one of the guys is great.

There is another downside. When you are just one of the guys, many other guys, not in the group, do not recognize your affiliation. So, that means not only are you ignored as a girl by the guys in the group, but also by other guys. You are surrounded by guys all of the time, why would you be interested in them?

Being one of the guys is a lot of fun, and it is nice to be part of a group, no matter what group it is. However, you will want to really weigh the options. If you are the girl friend of someone in the group, do not fool yourself into thinking you are one of the guys. You aren’t. And, if you ever break up with your boyfriend, chances are you won’t stay one of the guys, or possibly even be friends with “the guys” any more. So, don’t set yourself up for disappointment. If you don’t want to date, and you just want friendships with guys, then being one of the guys is worth it. But, if you want more, then it is not going to be worth it to you.